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How Not To Use Your Twitter Business Account…

How Not To Use Your Twitter Business Account…

How Not To Use Your Twitter Business Account…

Not too long ago, the Twitter account for The Walking Dead tweeted out a major spoiler after the mid-season finale aired on the East Coast.  A great many people including myself were pissed off by this.  However, there were a lot of people that had no problem with the spoiler.  I’m guessing their logic is, “Fuck everyone else, I already saw it!”

Here’s the thing, they learned from their mistake and promised not to do that again.  But, was it really a mistake?  It happens all the time, specially in sports.  In fact it just happened to me again, this time with the Hall of Fame Game.  I was about 30 minutes behind everyone else watching it live.  I prefer to watch TV from the DVR so I can skip the commercials.  I try hard to avoid social media at times like this because I know some fucking idiot is going to post a spoiler.  However, sometimes, it’s just unavoidable.  Some times I have to jump online for a second and check a social media account for something completely unrelated. Never fails, someone has posted a spoiler to whatever it is I was watching.  It is so damn frustrating.

So, now that game or show is ruined because some fucknut network person had to tweet the ending!  But, should the networks do that?  A lot of people think they should, they have that “fuck you” attitude for not watching it live.  I tend to disregard those people because their fucking stupid or at the very least shallow.  But, the networks, when they tweet out the spoilers, they aren’t doing anyone, any favors at all.  In fact, they’re actually hurting themselves by doing it. So, in my opinion, no they shouldn’t tweet out the spoilers directly.

When a network or the like, posts these kinds of things, they show that they have a really poor concept of what their social media accounts are for.  TV and sports is a business.  They worst thing they can do is tweet out a spoiler.  The reason why is simple.  They don’t make any money by giving away that information on Twitter.

Let me explain.  Let’s say, I’m a football fan and I’m watching the first game of the pre-season on the NFL Network.  For whatever unrelated reason I have to check my twitter feed.  I open up Twitter and there it is, the score to the game I’m watching on my DVR.  Well, as a customer, I’ve now learned that I can’t follow the NFL Network on Twitter because they’re going to ruin every game like that. If I can’t follow them, I don’t see all of their other tweets.  Now, they no longer have a chance to make any money from me.

The solution to this makes every happen and it’s better for their business.  All they have to do is post a link to their site.  A simple tweet like, “You won’t believe who won? Click Here to see!”  Anyone that wants to know can click and see it.  Anyone that doesn’t want to know is safe.  They have kept me as a follower and more than that they got everyone that wanted to know the score to visit their site, and what is their site filled with besides the score?  Advertising!  It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on social media, if you can’t get them to you website, you’re wasting your time on social media.

So yes, I get it when someone jumps into the conversation saying the obvious. it just pisses me off.  I fucking know I can avoid social media and maybe not have the game or TV show I’m watching ruined.  My point is bigger than that.  My frustration is at the idiots who are running a business account on Twitter and failing at it because they don’t understand how to effectively use their Twitter account.  And, I can’t help but get angry at the people who jump into a conversation that I have specifically directed at a person or business.  Then to top it all of their response is doesn’t solve the problem at all.  They offer up a smart ass answer.  It’s pathetic.

There are probably thousands of people that didn’t appreciate having the game spoiled by the NFL Network and they didn’t say anything because maybe they felt it’s their fault for being on social media.  It’s not their fault.  It’s not my fault I had to jump on to social media.  It’s the fault of the network or business for being clueless as to how to run a successful social medial campaign for a business.

I’m All About the News…

I’m All About the News…

I’m All About the News…

I watch a lot of news.  Read a lot of it online.  I check my sources before I post things. I pride myself on it.  While I see some friends make ridiculous posts on Facebook and Twitter about everything from politics to pseudo-science.  I’m the guy that will stop and research what they have ignorantly and sometimes quite innocently claim is fact.

I don’t fact check my friends posts as much any more just because I have a life, I was spending all day researching their idiotic posts and it was just driving me crazy.  And, to be honest, I know it was pissing them off.  No one wants to look like an idiot and it’s hard sometimes to correct someone and not make them look like a complete dumbass.  And, it’s even harder to to correct someone and not make yourself look like a complete asshole.

So last night as climbed into bed I was scrolling my notifications on my cheap and old Samsung tablet.  I pretty much only use it as TV.  It sits on my nightstand and I use it primarily to fall asleep to a TV show or movie.  However, as I am scrolling through all the news updates I had received throughout the day, picking and choosing the ones I want to click on to read more about I can’t help but think all the bad news there was today.  I think maybe I spend too much reading and watching the news?  Maybe I take life too seriously?  Maybe I take myself too seriously?

As I continue to scroll through my alerts it’s then that life reminds me that I’m not always such an uptight and raging intellectual asshole.  As I come to the end of alerts, there it is, a reminder that no matter how smart I think I am, no matter how sophisticated I kid myself that I am.  At the end of the day, I’m just a guy that still finds a good fart sound funny…



That Time My Parents Thought I Was Digging Their Graves…

That Time My Parents Thought I Was Digging Their Graves…

That Time My Parents Thought I Was Digging Their Graves…

I was about 12 years old at the time and my parents had done something to piss me off.  I have no idea what it was.  I went to my room, mumbling the usually stuff under my breath that all kids do and then slammed the door.  After a few minutes, I was still so pissed off that I went outside and  into the backyard.  We had a pretty big backyard that was mostly weeds I had to mow every so often.

I wanted to build an underground fort with a tunnel!  I thought it would be cool so I started digging!  I got one hole started and then a few feet away I started to dig another.  I had no idea that my parents had taken notice of what I was doing.  I was just a kid trying to make a cool underground fort with it’s own little tunnel. But, they saw something completely different.

I had always been a huge horror movie fan.  I was into special effects makeup and I was always “killing” myself or doing other gruesome effects to surprise my parent when they came home.  So when I ran past them to go outside and started digging two holes side by side they looked at each other and thought, the same thing.  “Great, he’s digging our graves.” and then they laughed about it.

It’s funny how times change.  Back then, I was just being a kid and completely unaware of how my actions looked to others.  My parents never had any real concern that I was going to kill them but it did make for a good laugh at the time.  However, if I was a kid in today’s world, I think my parent’s response would be of shock and concern for my mental health.

There’s been so many cases of kids killing their parents, kids shooting up schools that it’s just instilled in us now.  Times were just different then.  For example, I recall many times as a young child, just 8 years old and being allowed to walk around Disneyland by myself.  My kids are college age now but even back when they were that young, I would never have let them walk around by themselves.  I don’t care how safe Disneyland is.  I just wouldn’t even consider it.  And yet, when I was a kid, it just wasn’t even a consideration that it might not be safe.  It was Disneyland, the happiest and safest place on earth.

Anyways, I never finished the tunnel.  It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be and after a couple of hours of diffing in the hard, rocky earth that is Rialto, CA, I had had enough of digging and went back inside to watch another horror movie.  As I recall, I think I was going to watch Friday the 13th part 2 or maybe it was the Howling for the 100th time? I think about trying to dig those tunnels a lot because always wished that I had finished them.  Now, knowing that my parents had for a second thought I was digging their graves, it really would have been nice to have been able to show them a tunnel instead of just telling them that’s what I was doing.

On the other hand, had I known at the time, that they had thought for a moment I was digging their graves, I would have gone with it.  Not with the intentions of harming them of course.  But, the creepiness factor alone of digging graves in the back yard would have been priceless had I thought of it.

Spent The Day On The Colorado River

Spent The Day On The Colorado River

Spent The Day On The Colorado River…

I hadn’t planned on this trip.  My parents had been expecting some friends for a visit and they had made a reservation for a pontoon boat for the day.  The day before their friends were to arrive they called up and cancelled.  It was too late to cancel the reservation so they asked if I wanted to go.  I hadn’t been out on the River since moving out here so I thought it would fun.

Not really fun.  It was hot and boring with moments of interesting scenery.   I did however snap a few photos, here’s a few…