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The GOP Insanity Seems To Have No End In Site

The GOP Insanity Seems To Have No End In Site

The GOP Insanity Seems To Have No End In Site…

There truly does seem to be no end insight to the GOP insanity we see today. “The GOP has become a disturbing place full of hate, fear mongering and stupidity on a level that is just staggering.” I said those words just a few seconds ago on Twitter in response to someone’s post.  I am not a liberal, I have said this over and over again but I lean towards the left and I honestly don’t see a time in the near future where I will be voting for a republican candidate.  Actually, as the right devolves into a dark pit of hate and blatant stupidity I don’t think I will ever again vote republican.

I don’t like to call the GOP stupid or cowardly but they have made no serious attempts to separate themselves from the literally bat shit crazy Tea Party and right wing Christian conservatives.  I call them stupid and cowardly because that is in fact what the party had devolved into.  Yes, stupid and cowardly. I say this because they have gone far beyond simple ignorance.  Ignorance can be understood and even on a small level accepted.  Ignorance implies an incorrect understanding of the facts or a lack of knowledge of them.  Stupidity on the other hand is flat out ignoring the facts because a person or people simply just don’t want to accept them. The truth is out there but the GOP refuses, as a whole to accept it.  And, when it comes to cowardly. We have republican leaders out there that are basically good people but are literally afraid of not only the stupid within their own constituency but also of their right wing peers. They are afraid to stand up to them, plain and simple.

Several years ago I had a debate with a republican friend on a forum.  It was during a time when Bush was running for his second term.  There was a lot of GOP bullshittery afoot.  Rush Limbaugh was up to his normally verbal diarrhea and beating his chest with the usual hypocritical vigor.  I had spoken out about the lies that President Bush was telling the people and the GOP’s consistent denial of the facts on everything thing from Global Warming to WMD’s.  I had just left the republican party.  I wasn’t, at this time, disgusted with the GOP but I was disappointed in them. I had voted for Bush in the first election and it took about two years before I could finally admit to myself that it was the biggest voting mistake I had ever made. I didn’t want to vote for John Kerry in the upcoming election but I wasn’t going to vote for Bush, not again. Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  My republican friend tried to convince me that every party has it’s crazy but the republican party doesn’t listen to them.

He truly believed that the GOP kept the Christian conservative right, in check.  They pretended to listen for show but didn’t really listen.  I disagreed. I explained that it might have been that way once but it isn’t any longer.  The winds were changing.  Bush and Cheney were already promoting hate and fear masked as patriotism. The country knew without a doubt that Bush was full of shit but when it came time to vote, ignorance and fear won the day and Bush, the worst president in modern history was re-elected.

The GOP continued to devolve as the next election came near.  This time it was Obama on the ticket.  Again, I had to vote for him. Not because I believed in him but he was running against Senator John McCain.  There was a time when I had a great respect for McCain but after 8 years of him basically voting for everything that Bush was selling, my respect wavered.  When he chose Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate the respect was gone, at least the political respect I had for him. His pandering for the women’s vote was pathetic.  Though I would have accepted the pandering had he put an ounce of thought into his choice for a female running mate.  It’s obvious to anyone that Sarah Palin doesn’t have the philosophical depth of a puddle let alone the brains to be the VP. I mean to call her stupid, is an insult to stupid people. Sarah Palin, in my opinion, was the key turning point. Before it was bad. After her, the level of GOP insanity began to grow in leaps and bounds.

So I voted for Obama and I was glad I did.  He’s been amazing and what blows me away is the absolute level of denial the GOP has of this fact. The republicans and democrats both wanted healthcare reform. The GOP wouldn’t lift a finger to help make a better healthcare plan. Hell, Obama’s plan was very similar to Mitt Romney‘s but the GOP did everything they could to shut down Obamacare. Even now, years later these idiots are still trying to shut it down.  They could have offered something? Anything? But, no. Sen. Mitch McConnell openly admitted that their only goal was to make President Obama a one term president.  They did this during the most devastating recession this country had seen since the great depression. They even found fault when Obama had Osama killed. How can you even say that? The GOP insanity just keeps growing and growing.

The GOP did nothing to help the American people. Nothing! They stuck to their game plan.  They promoted hate and fear though ignorance and lies.  This can be seen clearly through birth of the Tea Party.  If you’ve ever heard these people talk, it’s terrifying! The leaders they have chosen to believe in, without question, are either too stupid to know any better or are smart enough to know that sacred, stupid people are the easiest to control. The more hate and fear they preach under guise of patriotism, the larger groups like the Tea Party become.

Now, the GOP insanity has become accepted. Trump and Ted Cruz are leading the pack!? Trump has made the most racist, misogynistic statements, he has lied repeatedly about everything from his economic plan to something as simple as the number of people that attend his appearances.  Then there’s Ted Cruz who I don’t even think can legally be president because the law very clearly states that you have to be born in the United States to be the president. Unlike the lies told about Obama through the ridiculous “birther” movement. Ted Cruz really wasn’t born here.  This isn’t disputable.  He openly admits that he was born in Canada. Even his own damn father is fucking crazy. Even if you ignore the fact that he used to be a fucking communist for real he Rafeal Cruz believes his son is one of the Christian anointed kings prophesied that will bring about the great transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous. I am not lying, there is list after list of the fucking insane things shit his dad has said.

Hell, Ted Cruz along with a few other republican candidates attended a Christian summit held by a pastor that believes gays should be put to death. Right after the pastor said that in his speech, Ted Fucking Cruz walked up on stage and shook this crazy fucks hand.  Ted Cruz is right behind Trump in the polls! This is further proof of the GOP insanity that has taken control.

There is with in the GOP party an unapologetic acceptance of hate. When Trump called all Mexican immigrants rapists, there was no apology. He has continued to double down on the rhetoric, time and time again.  Cruz, Jeb! all of them are flat out telling lies and promoting stupidity. All you have to do is pick any conservative publication and read the comments. They are filled with hatred, stupidity and lies. We’re talking conspiracy theories, hate speech, opinions presented as facts. These people are frightening and the only thing we can do is to vote democrat across the board.  Every vote for a republican is a vote supporting hate, fear and stupidity. Because if we don’t democrat, this GOP insanity will continue for decades to come.

Below are some links used in the creation of this rant.  And, as usual, don’t take my word for it.  Check the facts. Research what I say and if you find fault, please let me know so that it may be corrected as soon as possible.

Can We Stop Blaming The Academy For It’s Lack Of Diversity

Can We Stop Blaming The Academy For It’s Lack Of Diversity

Can We Stop Blaming The Academy For It’s Lack Of Diversity…

It’s another Academy Awards season and another year that people are screaming about the lack of Diversity in the Oscar nominations. The Academy has a lot of problems however, it’s lack of diversity isn’t one when it comes to deciding who gets nominated.  I know, that’s hard to believe. I know we all want someone to blame but we need look no further than the filmmakers themselves and the studios behind them. They produce, primarily films staring white people, by the hundreds. That is the problem. We need to stop blaming the Academy when it’s not their fault.

What it comes down to is simple math. There are hundreds of movies the Academy has to choose from each year. Of those films, only a handful of them have non-white actors in them.  And, of that handful of films, only a few of them have non-white leads.  So when it comes time for the Academy to start sorting through the films, there’s a pretty good chance that a lot of good acting by actors of all colors including white actors are going to be unseen or ignored.

Let’s say there’s a hat with a 1000 names inside it.  Those names are all the actors and directors that made movies this year. Of those names, the Academy can only pull out 15 names. Now, of those 1000 names maybe 20 of them are non-white actors and directors.  What do you think the chances are that a non-white name is going to be pulled out of that hat? Stop blaming the Academy because “Hollywood” doesn’t make more movies with non-white leads. The Academy can only judge from what they’ve been handed.

If they Academy does anything in an attempt to make the Oscar’s more diverse than the whole thing becomes meaningless.  That being said, as I understand it, the majority of people that make up the Academy are “old and white” as I have heard countless “liberals” scream over the past few days. I think that this is a vary valid point.  I think it’s absolutely pathetic and everyone, not just liberals should be upset over this. However, the Academy could be made up of all non-whites and it wouldn’t change the diversity of the Award nomination that much.  We know this is true because when nearly every single movie released is directed by a white guy and stars mainly white actors, all the results are going to be the same year after year. History has shown this to be true.

It’s easy to blame the Academy. There is so much wrong with them.  The lack of diversity within its members. There is a lack of categories that we care about.  When is the Academy going to recognize comedy and horror? These don’t even exist to the Academy.  That’s something the Academy can change. What they can’t ever change are the movies that are released each year.  They also can’t change who stars in those movies or who writes and directs them. You can blame the Academy for a lot of things but please, stop blaming the Academy for it’s lack of diversity with regard to the nominations because it’s not really their fault. Hating on the Academy for it’s lack of diversity is like hating on 2 + 2 for always equaling 4.  You get out of it, what you put into it.  You want different results, feed the equation new numbers.

If You Are Going To Hate Cops, Do It For The Right Reasons

If You Are Going To Hate Cops, Do It For The Right Reasons

If You Are Going To Hate Cops…

I don’t hate cops.  In most cases I believe that anyone stupid enough to refuse a cops lawful orders is a dumbass.  I believe that part of doing a cops job is having the ability if not necessity to enforce the law.  When people fail to comply with the law, it is probably going to lead to some kind of violence.  Sometimes that violence is going to be excessive and sometimes, it’s going to be criminal.  But, sometimes, it’s just the way it is. Violence is always ugly and sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. As citizens, we have to look at these instances with an unbiased eye.  Most importantly we have to understand that cops are human and they make mistakes.  They are not supermen capable of shooting guns out of people’s hands or shooting them in the leg.  Basically, if you are going to hate cops, do it for the right reason.

What do I mean by all of that?  Well, when you are forced to make split second decisions we have to stop hating cops for not making the best decisions.  We have to accept that sometimes cops are going to make mistakes and it’s never going to change. For example, when a cop is faced with someone pointing a gun at them.  If the gun looks real, and the cop shoots that person, no matter how old that person is, you can’t blame the cop for that at face value. Yes, it’s brutal and it ugly and it’s a tragedy.  It doesn’t mean that it was criminal.

Now of course I believe it should be investigated. Absolutely! Did the toy gun look in question look like a super soaker or did it look a real gun?  Did the cop believe the person with the gun was a threat to public safety?  Would a reasonable person believe their life was in danger? Did the cop think the gun was a threat to their own safety. Did the cop believe that lives were at stake? If so, the cop sadly, did the right thing.  Sometimes, doing the right thing is tragic.

I am not trying to say that the cops are always justified, they are not.  For example, just the other day a cop in Phoenix, AZ shot and killed a person for throwing rocks.  I am not lying.  Some guy was throwing rocks at a police station.  He also throw some rocks at a patrol unit and broke a window.  A cop was hit on the hand by a rock and for that, the cop shot and killed the man.  Now, I will admit that, I don’t have all the facts of the case. My opinion is based solely upon the facts at hand. At this time, I see NO justification for the shooting. What that cop did was commit murder.  He should be arrested and tried for the crime. I don’t know why no one is protesting in defense of the rock thrower.  There must be a reason no one seems to have a problem with this shooting? There are no hashtags, no one screaming that the shooter be fired? Color me, perplexed!

Why do I believe this shooting was murder and the “toy gun” scenario is not?  I don’t understand how anyone could not see the difference but I will explain it, nonetheless. In the first scenario, the cop thought the toy gun was real.  The cop shot the person, because he or she believed by doing so they were protecting the public and themselves from serious harm or even death. That’s when it’s justifiable to shoot someone.  When it comes to shooting someone because they are throwing rocks, chances are, no one is going to be seriously injured when the throwers alleged targets were all property.  Chances are no one was going to be killed be cause someone was throwing rocks at cop cars and cop buildings. The cops new the man was throwing rocks.  They didn’t believe those rocks we hand grenades or that those rocks we going to be used as a deadly weapon.

Yet, I must point, that those rocks could be considered deadly weapons and I believe the cops could have arrested the man and charged him with “Assault with a Deadly Weapon.” However, I do not believe that the cops only tactic available to them was to shoot the suspect.  The cops have many tools available to them in this case. At no time was any cops life in serious jeopardy.  Therefore, the cop is guilty of either murder or manslaughter. Again based only upon the evidence at hand, at the time I am writing this article.

Cops are human beings, it doesn’t matter how much training a cop has, they will always be human and they will always makes mistakes.  The true litmus tests to acts of violence committed by the police has got to be not only that the cop feared for his life and that of the public’s safety but also would the average person have realistically feared for their lives as well.  That’s why I believe that if you’re going to hate cops, at least hate on them for the right reasons.  We have got to stop hating on cops the instant we see or hear that they a cop had to use some kind of force to impede the progress of a suspect.  As I stated earlier, sometimes doing the right thing can have tragic results. It’s just the way it is.  If you want to hate on someone, blame God. He could have just as easily created a world without guns, conflicts and hate.  If you don’t believe in a god then blame life because life, like nature, can be a beautiful thing but it can also be cruel and disgusting for absolutely no reason.

One of These Is The Toy Gun Tamir Rice Was Holding
Phoenix cop shoots and kills man throwing rocks at precinct; striking cruiser, window and officer


Why It’s Okay To Mock Stupid People and Hypocrites

Why It’s Okay To Mock Stupid People and Hypocrites

Why It’s Okay To Mock Stupid People and Hypocrites…

When it comes to stupid people and hypocrites, it is okay to mock them.  A perfect example of this came from Twitter the other day. Someone posted a meme pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of religious leaders when it comes to their thoughts on atheists.  I agreed with the meme and responded with one of my own.  It was a photo of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory with the quote, “It’s funny because it’s true.” something Sheldon says on the show from time to time. A few people Favorited my Tweet but one person didn’t seem too happy with it.  This person is the reason for this post.

Why It's Okay To Mock Stupid People and Hypocrites

This unhappy Twitter person commented with this, “Aint nothing funny about folks dying cause of ”  I didn’t understand his post. He’s making a seriously claim about making jokes about people dying and then turning around calling them “fruitloops.” In any case, it made feel the need to explain a few things that I didn’t have to to get into the other day. First, the point of the meme is not about making fun of people dying. It’s about pointing out the complete stupidity and hypocrisy of many in the religious community.  Though the meme does show the religious people killing each other over whose god has the biggest dick, it’s not the focus of the meme.  The focus is that of their hypocrisy.  They claim to be about peace and love but their actions say otherwise.

I have no problem with mocking a person’s religion.  I think more people should do so.  Religion is just an idea.  Idea’s should always be challenged.  That’s how you get to the truth.  Anyone that complains about their idea’s or belief’s being challenged obviously doesn’t have much faith in them.  That being said, I don’t believe in mocking people for the things they cannot change.  Skin color or sexual preference for example. But, things like hypocrisy and stupidity are a choice and therefor fair game.

When it comes to stupidity, again, this is something people choose.  They may not understand that they choose it but they did in fact choose it. I once again need to point out my old family friend who shall remain nameless.  This guy has gone off the deep end in his political belief’s.  He’s turned into one of those FOX News crazies.  He admittedly only watch FOX News.  Time and time again he would send links to stories that backed up his bat shit crazy paranoia. And, time and time again, I would send him multiple articles with actual facts that supported my statements. I soon discovered that he doesn’t read the articles.  He doesn’t even read the articles that he sends to me.  He’s the dreaded line “headline believer.”  If it’s in a meme or on a blog and the headline propaganda within goes along with what he wants to believe, it’s further proof to him that his beliefs are facts. This makes him stupid with regard to those ideas.

Now some may argue that this doesn’t make him stupid, rather it makes him ignorant of the facts. Maybe it does a little but either way it doesn’t matter.  He chooses not to read the entire article.  He chooses to believe those politicians without question.  That makes him stupid.  Had he chose to actually read the articles and question the politicians and still believed them it he would be ignorant of the actual facts but still stupid, nonetheless.  It’s a fine line.  But in most cases, at least, most debates I have been a part of, it always comes down to stupidity.  People simply are choosing to believe in what they want to believe regardless of the actual facts.  That isn’t being ignorant, that is being stupid without question.

So the other day when it came to that meme and my photo response.  I wasn’t mocking people killing each other.  I was mocking the stupid people and hypocrites that continue to believe in their assorted fairytales at all costs.

Red States Have The Worst Drivers

Red States Have The Worst Drivers

Red States Have The Worst Drivers…

I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that red states have the worst drivers. I recently moved to Arizona a little over a year ago from the High Desert in Southern California.  It’s a big change.  The city I now live in seems to pride itself on its ignorance and from what I’ve seen on the news, so does the rest of the state.  At least the vast majority of it does.  Seriously, from gun nuts walking around with their guns out to the outright disdain of anything they think is liberal.  You know, things like science and facts.  But, worst of all are the drivers.

On my cell phone, I have the ABC15 app.  It’s supposed to notify me of breaking news.  Sadly, it mainly just notifies me of the constant accidents in the center part of the state.  That’s another thing about Arizona that sucks.  If you don’t live in or around Phoenix, you don’t really matter.  If you’re lucky, you might get a mention on the news during the weather segment but that’s about it. I live closer to Los Angeles and Vegas than I do Phoenix but it seems that the whole states is forced to hear about the news from Phoenix and it’s border cities. Even so, day or night, when I get a notification it’s about one of two things, there’s an accident or there’s been another shooting.

We are constantly being told by gun nuts that there would be less shootings if everyone had guns.  So not the case.  Our state legislature also came up with the brilliant idea that once you get a drivers license it’s pretty much yours to keep until you’re 65.  Seriously, when I got my Arizona license last year I thought it was a mistake when it appeared to be good for the next 20 years.  Expires, 8/27/34, it had to be an error.  No mistake. I am good to go.

Can you believe that? If I end up needing glasses in the near future the MVD could care less. I am good to go. I could lose a fucking a limb and MVD don’t care. They’re like the Honey Badger of the vehicle world.  Within a few weeks of moving here I had already driven by several accidents.  Mostly old people that have lost of all concept that other people are on the road.  I am constantly being cut off by old fucknuts that shouldn’t be driving.  Or worse, having these idiots just pull right out in front of me like I’m not even there.  I have watched them, they don’t even look before they pull out into traffic.  If I wasn’t paying attention to them we’d both be dead.  But, to be fair, it’s not just old people.  Arizona drivers seem to take driving as a right and not a privilege. It’s just that almost every time I come upon an accident or someone cuts me off, it’s an old person involved.

All of this made me wonder, do all red states have the worst drivers?  It made perfect sense in my mind. I mean, in this day and age, anyone stupid enough to support the republican party can’t be too fucking bright.  I know this because I’ve debated enough of them to know that their elevators don’t go to the top floor.  So I did a few Google searches and guess, what? Red states have the worst drivers!

8 out of the 10 states labeled for worst drivers, are red states.  The two wobbler states are Delaware and Hawaii.  All the remaining states are without a doubt, red states.  Seems the more dumbed-down a state is, the worse their driving becomes. It’s sad, but when states don’t care enough to educate their people, what do you expect?

Well, as usual, don’t take my word for it, below are a couple links were you can read up on the subject.  Or just do your own Google search and see what you find.

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