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Why I Gave Up On The Republican Party…

Why I Gave Up On The Republican Party…

Why I Gave Up On The Republican Party…

I was a republican for most of my adult life.  It took a little over two years into Bush Jr.’s presidency for me to leave the party.  It was a difficult road for me because I had always agreed with the core republican philosophies of smaller government and a big military.  I still believe in those philosophies to a point but not to the extreme. It’s just that I kept seeing the Bush administration tell one lie after another.  I am talking about real lies, not made up things, real provable lies.  I kept having to defend Bush in debate after debate on forums, chat-rooms and Facebook until one day it just hit me, “Why I am defending this guy?  He’s flat out lying to me.”  I made up my mind in the next election I would vote for anyone other than Bush.

So that elections arrives and I was forced to vote Kerry.  Didn’t want to but Bush had fucked things up so bad, there was no other viable, logical alternative.  When Kerry lost, I was dumbfounded!  I had sat back and watched the republican party use the most absurd threats of fear to win that election and enough people fell for the bullshit that an idiot like Bush Jr. won a second term.  We are talking about a guy that literally refused on two different times to capture Osama.  He had two chances that I am aware of and blew both chances. It became obvious that the was never going to capture Osama because “fighting” terrorism became big money for the Bush / Cheney administration.  Being told almost daily that another attack was just a matter of time  was keeping them in office.

It was during this time I really saw the religious right begin to take over the party and there are few that are more un-American than the religious right. I remember how I used to tell my leftists friends, “I know we have the crazy religious right in our party but we don’t actually listen to them.” and then somehow the the religious took over and now those loonies run the asylum and it’s terrifying!  You would think that a group of people claiming to be Christians would be more about helping the poor and caring about their fellow man.  They don’t.  Oh, they say they do but actions speak louder than words and all they do is make excuses as to why they don’t help the poor.  Their lazy, they are  a burden on our system.  They scam the system.  It goes on and on. The only things they actively fight fore are making money, keeping Mexicans out and protecting the unborn, once you’re born, “FUCK YOU!” is their motto.  That is unless you actively promote a Christian God or the 2nd Amendment.

It was when I first heard her speak and I realized that she is stupid, she made Bush Jr. look like Stephen Hawking in comparison.

Now it was coming to the end of Bush Jr.’s second term and it came down to Obama and McCain.  I was almost actually considering McCain.  What concerned me was that he had voted on average about 95% of the time with Bush.  I didn’t want another Bush in the White House.  Bush had refused to go after Obama, the economy was beginning to crash and he simply had become a laughing stock to the entire world and many of our allies actually feared the man.  I have to admit, I did too.  But, it was when McCain named Sarah Palin as his running mate that I knew he had lost his my vote for sure.  Well, it wasn’t exactly at that moment.  It was when I first heard her speak and I realized that she is stupid, she made Bush Jr. look like Stephen Hawking in comparison.  There was no way he was getting my vote now.

I continued to see the republican party deteriorate into a racists, bigoted, religious party of absolute heinous fuckery.  I watched as friends of mine were sending me the most offensive racist emails about Obama.  I lost two friends over that bullshit.  One long time family friend was sending me racists shit on almost a daily basis and if it wasn’t racist it was a complete lie or half-truth.  I literally spent months leading up to that first election responding with facts showing him how he was wrong.  But, it was too late, he had turned into one of the those Teabag idiots.  He absolutely refused to believe anything that didn’t come from either Fox News or one of his crazy conservative blogs that he followed.  Seriously, I was fact checking one of his sources and it came from a blog that some crazy religious person was ranting on.  At the bottom of this guys blog were links to some books he had written about how man and dinosaur lived together and how the earth is only several thousand years old.  You can’t argue with that level crazy, you just can’t!

The religious right and the Tea Party have become like a virus to humanity, spreading hate and ignorance throughout the republican party.

The religious right and the Tea Party have become like a virus to humanity, spreading hate and ignorance throughout the republican party.  I have had debates with these people and every single time they leave me realizing that they are all just bat shit crazy.  Well, that’s not really fair, they are just fucking stupid on an epic scale.  They have had lies thrown at them for so long they have become absolutely paranoid about democrats and Obama.  They have been told so many lies, and so many of the same lies repeatedly that the the lies have become the truth and no amount of legitimate evidence is going to convince them otherwise.

Seriously, if you think about all the predictions the republican party made about what would happen if Obama wins you will see how almost none of them have come true.  We were told the wars would rage on.  Obama would bring on the “End of Days”.  He would wreck the economy worse than it already was and he’d kill the stock market.  Gas prices would sky rocket.  He would go easy on the terrorists because he was secretly a Muslim sympathizer and the list goes on and on and not a real American as well.

Let’s look at where we are now.  He ended the war in Iraq.  He ended the war in Afghanistan.  He has had more terrorists killed than George Bush Jr.  He had Osama killed.  He has brought back the economy.  Gas is has reached record lows.  The stock market has set record highs.  And, he passed a new healthcare system that isn’t great, but is a working and is vast improvement over what we had.  I can attest to that as I have insurance now that I was unable to afford for well over a decade.  In fact even those idiot fucking gun nuts are complaining and yet, he’s actually expanded the rights of gun owners.  I am not saying it’s been perfect under Obama but let’s be honest, he’s done some things that I haven’t liked.  But, any serious account he done more for this countries well being than any other president in recent history.

If you confront the average republican about all of this, they are in complete denial about it.  I have been told that Obama made a mistake in how he had Osama killed.  That the recovery of the economy is because of the republicans in congress who have done almost nothing and have voted against almost every single thing the president has tried to pass.  The have been the most useless congress in as far back as I can remember and still the economy is better.  Just about everything is vastly better than it was 7 years ago.  But, try to tell that to a republican and they will make up shit about how it’s all smoke and mirrors.  How the economy isn’t really doing well, how the debt rising even though by every account he’s spent less than all the dire republican predictions claimed.  Every single thing Obama has done these people have attacked on him it and manipulated the truth and continued to spread fear to keep their followers faithful to the republican party.

As I grew more and more discouraged with the republican party I began to see that the party was never what I thought it was to begin with.  It’s ideals are a myth.  Their reality has become simply disturbing.  I recall I was finally old enough to vote.  This was for the vote between Bush Sr. and Clinton.   I had voted for Bush Sr.  I really liked Bill Clinton though and the only reason I didn’t vote for him was because my party, the republican party was telling me lies about about Clinton through innuendos.  One huge lie was that he was a secret Communist!  They showed photos of him looking like a hippie’ish with friends in Russia.  What they didn’t say is that he was very smart and a Rhodes Scholar.   They had me terrified to vote for him even though I agreed with everything Clinton was saying while he was running for president.  Or at least most of it.  I found the man to be inspiring.  But, no way was this self-respecting republican going to vote for that hippie communist.

Of course, it’s been more than 20 years since then and what Clinton turned out to be was one of best presidents and humanitarians.  But, what did the republican party try to do with him?  They fought him at every turn, and even tried to impeach the man because he lied about getting a hummer from intern.  That was their big thing and they failed miserably at it as usual.  Looking back I realized the republican party didn’t fight fare.  They constantly tell the most insane lies over and over until people believe them.  It’s been their strategy since at least the days of Reagan.

I have not become a democrat, though I gave up on the republican party and now am a registered Independent.  I don’t agree with everything the democratic party stands for and they too have some bat shit crazy folks on their side but at least no one is really acting upon what they are saying.  We just kind of nod our heads to placate them, then we go about the business of trying to get things done.  It hasn’t been easy when it seems that every single republican has become a compete coward due to their unwillingness to stand up to the religious right.

What these republican cowards keep forgetting is that they don’t need the religious right to win an election.  They just need to stand up to them and be honest. They will sway almost all of the independents and a good chunk of the democrats as well.  Because, one of the things I like about the democratic party is that they tend to vote for the best man, regardless of his party.  Whereas the republicans have always treated voting against the party as a betrayal.

So in a sad nutshell, I gave up on the republican party more than a decade ago because I got tired of justifying their constant lying, their fear mongering, and the complete take over of the party by the ultra conservative religious right.  They have become so insanely ignorant and anti-science.  They praise ignorance now.  They are backing anyone no matter who they are or what they have done as long as they support the 2nd Amendment to the extreme or they are religious fanatic.  I simply had no choice but to leave a party that supports this kind of outright fuckery.

…but doesn’t deny doing everything he could to avoid “Getting his Michigan ass shot off in Vietnam.”

Just in case anyone thinks I’m exaggerating the claims about the republican party, here’s a couple examples.   First up, Josh Duggar just admitted to raping underage teens and having incestuous relations with his sisters.  Republicans are standing behind him and supporting him for his bravery in coming out about it.  Why do they accept him?  Simple, Josh Duggar and his crazy bigoted family are ring wing Christian conservatives.  Want another example?  I have many but let’s look at Ted Nugent. He admitted to shitting his pants and doing drugs to make sure he was able to avoid being drafted into the military.  He has since denied that he shit his pants but doesn’t deny doing everything he could to avoid “Getting his Michigan ass shot off in Vietnam.” so either Ted was either lying back then or lying now.  Either way he is no American hero and not someone the republicans should be proud to have as supporter of their politics.

The man threatened to kill the president for god’s sake!  What did the republicans do? They invited him to one of Obama’s the State of Union speeches.  Why did they do they do this?  He is right wing gun night.  That’s it.  Doesn’t matter that he’s a coward and rapist.  Oh, yes, he’s a rapist too.  Let’s not forget he openly admits to having plenty of sex with underage teens.  But, the republicans give him a pass on that as well.

How anyone can admit to supporting this party any more is simply disturbing on so many levels.  Seriously, these supporters have got to be, in general, evil, crazy or in complete denial about what their party has become.  Whatever, the reason, I am proud to no longer be any part of that sick, demented party.

Why I Don’t Want Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill!

Why I Don’t Want Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill!

Why I Don’t Want Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill!

Okay, calm down.  I know all my liberal brothers and sisters heads are on the verge of exploding but please hear me out before you condemn me as some right wing teabagger. Because trust me, I’m not.

There are several reason and some of them you’re not going to like because a lot of people simply will not want to hear the truth about what I am saying.  Not all reasons why are based on truth and fact, some of my reasoning I admit freely that are just simply my opinion but I would like to think that I have come to them from a place of truth and after a serious amount of respectful thought.

Here’s my big issue with this sudden much talked about issue. Why? That’s right why?  Ask yourself honestly.  The people I have seen in favor of wanting Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill all want to do it, first, because she is a woman.  Second, because she is black. Third is because they think she is worthy or rather qualified.  If the fist reason you want Harriet Tubman On the $20 Bill is because she’s black or because you think we need to have black people on our money then you’re being racist, sexist and discriminatory, stop that.  The fact that Harriet Tubman is black or that we don’t have a black person on any paper money is no reason to put a black person on some bills.

The whole idea is racist, sexist and discriminatory.  We need to stop with this ignorant ideal that something is not racist, sexist and discriminatory just because they think it’s a good thing.  I have no problem with having a black person on any of our currency.  I think it’s a great idea.  And, when it comes time to create another bill I would love to see a qualified person chosen.  And, if that person is black, Asian, Latino or white I will be fine with it as long as they are deserving of the honor.  But, to just up and decide, we need a woman or a black person on our money is so outrageously racist, sexist and discriminatory that it offends the senses. It is disappointing that people can’t get their heads far enough out of their asses to see this or at least admit it.

We have got to stop making excuses for this kind of subtle racism, sexism and discrimination.  It doesn’t help anyone.  It doesn’t help the specific race it’s intended to nor does it help women.  It doesn’t help change the mind of evil minded and hurtful racists so we have to ask ourselves, what is the point? It’s like arriving on the scene of an horrible accident and someone has lost an arm and you try to stick a band-aid in the hopes that it will help stop the bleeding.  It won’t, the action is futile.

The way to end racism isn’t by forcing anyone to do anything.  We have laws all over the this country that try to mask racism and all they really end up doing is making truly racist people more racist.  It’s that old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.  What you can do is offer the water and let the horse drink it when it’s ready.  There two outcomes to this scenario.  One, the horse eventually gets thirsty enough and drinks the water.  Two, the horse dies. Either way, the problem is solved.

The way you end racism is through example and knowledge.  Right now, there is no valid reason to put Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill.  Just because we want something doesn’t make it a good idea or does it mean that it’s good for us.  All doing this is gong to do is piss off a bunch of ignorant, stupid, racist people.  And, though, the thought of a bunch of racist idiots being somewhat forced to carry around a picture of a back person in their pockets, wallets and purses amuses me.  I guarantee you that what is going to happen is that these racist fucknuts are going to stop carrying any of the new bills.  There will be shortages of 10 dollar bills in the southern states.  I know it sounds outrageous but one of our biggest problems in this country is underestimating the abilities of stupid people to stupid things on a mass scale.

I just simply cannot support the idea of adding Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill just because she was black or a woman.  And, whether you want to believe it or not she is only being considered for this honor because she was in fact a black person and a woman. No matter how you look at it’s sexist, racist and discriminatory.  All you need to do is look at how this current movement started.  A women’s group made a poll.  People voted in it.  The final vote came down to these choices, Tubman, Wilma Mankiller, Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks.  Tubman squeaked by and won with 118,328 narrowly beating out Eleanor Roosevelt who had 111,227 votes.  When the vote is rigged, the outcome is inevitable. Make no mistake, if you want a woman on the 20 bill and you offer up a vote and the only options are women, you’re going to end up with a woman 100 percent of the time.

As I said, I don’t have a problem with having a black person or a woman on the 20 dollar bill or any other bill.  I think it would be cool to have our money eventually consists of people from many different races, sexes and sexual orientations.  What I have a problem with is doing it just because we don’t have these people represented on our money.

However, all this being said, if our Secretary of the Treasury decides to put Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill I am certainly not going to complain about it and I will have no problems spending the currency.  What I will sadly feel is that it wasn’t earned in this circumstance, because it wasn’t.  I am not saying Tubman isn’t worthy of being on our money, she most certainly is and I would argue with anyone who thinks other wise.

Let me try to explain what I mean in other terms.  There was a time when I wasn’t that popular in school.  One of the more popular kids was having a big party for his 7th birthday.  I was one of the last kids to get invited.  When I did get an invite I was so surprised.  I was thrilled! I was also kind of proud of myself because for a moment I had the mistaken thought that I was being invited to the party because this kid, let’s call him “Jason”, liked me.

Of course that euphoria lasted for just a short time.  I had been so thrilled that I told my parents when I got home. They congratulated me and took me out to get a present for Jason later that evening.  I knew this event was going to change everything!  I would soon be one of the popular kids and I couldn’t wait.  I picked out a Stretch Amrstrong for Jason.  He was going to love it and my destiny would be forever changed!

After arriving at the party a few days later I was confronted by another friend of Jason’s.  He let me know that I wasn’t invited to Jason’s party because he liked me and wanted to friends with me.  He only did it because his mother told him he had to invite everyone in his class so that no one would feel left out.  He didn’t want me there.  No one did.  I was humiliated.  I was on the verge of tears and wanted to go home.  I was taunted in school for a while over it because I the kid who actually showed up thinking I was wanted.

Putting Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill for the reasons she is being considered for now is like me being invited to that party.  Sure it was nice to be asked but if I had understood that I was being asked not because I was wanted but rather because I was in the same class, I wouldn’t have gone.  I wouldn’t have wasted my parents money on such an cool gift.  And, most of all, I would have had a greater sense of self-worth.

What make this story similar is that as I later found out, “Jason” did want me at the party.  As it turned out he had thought I was pretty cool.  Though I had in fact just been asked because his mother said that he had to ask everyone in his class.  I was one of those people that he actually wanted to ask to his party. I didn’t find this until a few weeks had passed and it was great to hear but it didn’t change the way I had felt.  It had really hurt feeling that the only reason I was asked there was because Jason had to ask me.  It really effect my sense of self-worth.  It hurt even after I knew he did want to be friends.  I knew that other people though the only reason I had been invited was because of his mother.

My point here being that Harriet Tubman is absolutely worthy of being on the 20 dollar bill, there is no question of this.  It’s the reasoning for putting her that bothers me and I think should bother more of us.  We shouldn’t be doing anything because a person’s race, religion or sexuality.  We should be making these types of decisions based solely upon their qualifications and nothing else.  Any other reasoning is a belittlement to their accomplishments and all that such an honor should represent.  I would rather say, “Look at Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill!  How cool is that?!” because I know she is on the bill because she earned it, not just because she was a woman first, black second and her accomplishments a distant third.


Can You Heal Cavities With Coconut Oil?

Can You Heal Cavities With Coconut Oil?

Can You Heal Cavities With Coconut Oil?

Recently I have seen more and more tweets and Facebook posts claiming that you can heal cavities and whiten your teeth with coconut oil in what has become known as “Swishing” or “Oil Pulling”.  It sounded like some kind of quackery that Dr. Oz or Gwyneth Paltrow would promote so I had to do a little research.  Sure enough, Dr. Oz calls Coconuts another miracle cure (not for your teeth but for about everything else from skin care to weight loss and diabetes care.) On the other hand, Gwyneth Paltrow is promoting it for Oil Pushing.  When asked about it, this is what she said, “It’s really interesting; it’s an ancient, ancient technique. I read about it on the Internet.” And, of course if it’s on the internet it’s got to be true right?

It’s really interesting; it’s an ancient, ancient technique. I read about it on the Internet. -Gwyneth Paltrow

Things everyone should know about reading things on the internet.  If Dr. Oz, Gwyneth Paltrow or Deepak Chopra recommend something, it’s probably some form of quackery that you should avoid at all costs.  Instead ask your doctor.  Don’t take my word for it and please don’t take Dr. Oz’s word for it or even worse, Gwyneth Paltrow’s.  I mean, she’s a dingbat.  She steam cleans her vagina.  Seriously.  Don’t ever take advice from someone that steams cleans their vagina.  In fact, you probably should do the exact opposite of anything she suggests.

So, Can You Heal Cavities With Coconut Oil? Here’s what I found about “Oil Pulling”.  There is no scientific evidence to suggest that it works accept bad some bad Photoshop. And as for all of those things Dr. Oz claims make it a miracle cure, Dr. Lyla Blake-Gumbs says, “There’s absolutely no data whatsoever that shows diabetes can be treated or prevented, or that heart disease can be…”  And as for the bad Photoshop, one such blog uses this photo…

Bad photo shop of the Before and After.

Look at that!  Not only does it whiten your teeth and heal cavities, it also whitens skin and pinkens up your lips, it is a miracle!  If you’re Dr. Oz or Gwyneth Paltrow this seems to be about all the evidence you need to call coconut oil a miracle cure.  However, the rest of the medical community seems to say otherwise. Snopes wrote about this a year or two ago and calling it Unproven and updated the article in February 2015.  They sourced three articles.  You can read the Snopes report here (Snopes on Oil Pulling) and you can read there source material using the links below.

The ADA (American Dental Association) says, “Based on the lack of currently available evidence, oil pulling is not recommended as a supplementary oral hygiene practice…” later on in the article they had this to say, “One study that compared oil pulling to the use of a chlorhexidine rinse found chlorhexidine to be much more effective in reducing S. mutans levels in plaque and saliva.”

Based on the lack of currently available evidence, oil pulling is not recommended as a supplementary oral hygiene practice… -American Dental Association

So please remember, just because it’s on the internet, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.  Do your research, ask your doctor.  If you think one thing, and your doctor disagrees, he’s probably right.  But, if you don’t want to listen, get a second opinion from another qualified doctor.  Chances are he’s going to say the same thing. If you still don’t want to believe them and think you and the internet know best, chances are you’re an idiot.  I am sorry to tell you that but someone had to do it.

As for everyone else, thanks for reading this and keep in mind that I am not an expert and I am not a doctor.  I am not hear offering medical advice.  I’m just a guy that is sick and tired of seen all these stupid blog posts in my social media feeds claiming things that are either total bullshit or have no scientific evidence to back up it’s claims.  I am just offering my opinion and providing you with credible resources to help you do your own research.  There are some seemingly reliable testimonials that have tried oil pushing and claim that it did whiten their teeth some.  However, there is no proof at all that it heals cavities.  None!

There seems to be no harmful side effects to trying it.  So if you have 20 minutes three times a day to commit to it, go ahead.  Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t spit it out into the sink, the paste will harden and clog your pipes.  Don’t swallow it as it can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea.  Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day because that is scientifically proven to work.  It also isn’t gross.

Snopes: Oil Pulling
American Dental Association: The Practice of Oil Pulling
CNN: Does oil pulling work?
US News and World Report: Should You Try Oil Pulling?

Why Is “Processed Food” So Cheap? A Stupid Question Answered.

Why Is “Processed Food” So Cheap? A Stupid Question Answered.

That look on your face when someone asks a stupid question.There are few things I hate more than stupid questions.  I am talking specifically about questions that are supposed to make you think but if you actually think it about the answer isn’t thought provoking at all.  It has a fairly simple answer.  And, the questions we should be asking are actually completely different.

Today’s stupid question came in the form of a meme that was re-tweeted by someone.  That bothers me for several reasons.  First, it was a stupid question that lacks any significant depth.  Second, someone heard this question and it must have really hurt their tiny brain because they were so blown away by it that he or she felt the need to put into the form of a meme. Third, someone else saw this meme and either didn’t think about the question also lacked the philosophical depth grasp why it’s a stupid question and tweeted it. Fourth, another person saw the tweet, obviously didn’t think about it about either and thought it would be a good idea to re-tweet it.  Fifth, I have actually been asked this question before.  The person laid it on me like I was supposed to be blown away while we were having a debate about chemicals.  I thought it was stupid questions then and it’s a stupid question now.  The list goes on but I want to explain why it’s a stupid question and the go ahead answer the stupid question, so I’m forced to move on.

Let me first explain why it’s a stupid question.  Again, there are several reasons, I will just a list a few.  First up, “Real Food”?  What does that mean? Pretty much, if you can eat it, it’s food.  Food can be good for you or bad for you but it’s all food.  If it isn’t real food, than it’s imaginary.  If you’re trying to eat imaginary food you have bigger issues and should probably seek some kind of treatment.  Second, It’s obvious what the “author” of this stupid question had in mind by “real food”, food that isn’t processed.  Well, heads up, all food is processed and all food is made up of chemicals.  So we can go ahead and shut up with the whole natural “real foods” debate.  There is only only processed food.  Some of it less good for you and that’s it.

As to the question itself.  If we make the assumption, and I hate to assume about anything but when faced with a stupid question, all you really have are assumptions.  But, if we assume the author means by “real foods”, fruits, vegetables and unprocessed meats versus food processed in a factory then the answer is pretty simple.

“Processed” food is made in factories, in bulk, day and night.  So these kinds of foods can be made by tons on an hourly basis.  The sheer quantity alone brings the cost down to pennies per pound.  Fruits, vegetables and meat have to be grown and tended to by humans.  The crops depend a lot on the weather and the farmers caring for them.  The animals have to be fed and cared for and I use the term “cared for” lightly.  The crops and animals, both have to be fed and protected from all kinds of things. And, after bring “cared for” the plants and animals are then taken to be slaughtered.  All these things have a cost and take time. And, as we all know, time is money and the time it takes is months, and sometimes years longer than it takes to simply process something in a factory.

Now you know, so let’s shut up about it already.  The questions we should be asking ourselves are pretty simple, why does most processed food taste so much better than the so called “real food”.  I am sorry, but there’s not much that tasted better than an Oreo.  Another better question is why do we eat less nutritional food?  The simple answer is, it usually tastes better, it’s easy to make, it’s ready now and it usually costs must less.

This meme is indicative of today’s culture.  This meme is the “processed food” of the healthy eating lifestyle.  It offers nothing, it’s quick and easy and has no real nutritional value.  Until we start asking the right questions about the food we eat, we will still be fat.  We will still make unhealthy choices.  Stupid questions as in this meme don’t help at all.  They provide a shallow nonsense question devised to make you ponder just long enough to hit re-tweet and nothing else.