Why I Hate Going To Movie Theaters

My rage at stupid at movie theaters

Your first thought might be the cost of it all that I hate.  It is expensive, too expensive I would say but that isn’t what keeps me from going.  It’s the stupid, disrespect douchebags that always sit around me.  You know the types.  Those that like to make themselves at home by putting their feet…

Why is “In God We Trust” On Our Money?


The simple answer is because one Christian reverend whined loud enough until someone in the government with a sympathetic ear gave in. According to the U.S. Department of Treasury it all started with a letter written by Rev. M. R. Watkinson.  A Minister of the Gospel from Ridleyville, Pennsylvania in 1861 during the Civil War….

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Prime?


I was chatting with a friend the other day and she pretty much had no idea what Amazon Prime is.  She was aware that she could save some money on shipping if she ordered something through Amazon but she didn’t understand how prime videos work. “How can you can I buy a video?  Do I…

No, You Can’t Charge Your Cell Phone With Your Skin!


I don’t know what it is that makes people so goddamn stupid.  I just saw a post from a friend on Facebook linking to a YouTube video that is supposed to show how you can charge your cellphone with electricity from your skin.  It’s frightening how gullible people are.  This is what happens when you…

This Is Why I Suck At Twitter, A Rant

Selfie with FSM at Colorado River

I avoided twitter for the longest time.  Why?  There’s a couple of reasons.  First, Twitter for me has always had been pointless.  When it first started it was just a place where everyone posted, “On my way to the store”, “Just sat down to watch a movie” and so on.  It was just boring and…