Oct 08

The Redskins Controversy: Whatever Happened To Tolerence In America?

We have got to learn that sometimes, some people are going to be offended by things. I am offended by a lot of things. Cruelty to animals, child abuse, murder, rape, pedophiles to name a few. The fact that an NFL team is called the Redskins is so not offensive to me or to anyone I’ve ever met. The only people I have heard complain about the name are some uptight white people. Not saying they are bad people. They are good people who have just lost their ability to tolerate. Oh! And, I did see one native American express his offense at the teams name. (I am sure there is more than one) But, I have seen countless native Americans speak up that they do not find the name offensive and yet well meaning white liberals refuse to accept this because as usual, they think they know best.

Please, don’t get me wrong. If you have read an article on my blog you know I am not some crazy right wing conservative. I vote democrat all the time because the republican party is being run by absolutely the most crazy people on the face of the planet. I mean “legitimate rape”? Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell? Crazy, simplistic and shallow human beings. Seriously? These people should be fired for their ignorance and lies. But, in this case, I truly believe that white liberal America really needs to get over this whole politically correct thing. They are taking it to the extremes and it’s just ridiculous. Even the best ideas fail when taking to the extremes.

Where do we draw the line with this politically correct issue? I am not religious but I always found the word Jew to be offensive because to me it always sounded like a racist way to refer to a Jewish person. There are millions of people that fear spiders, should we go ahead and ban them from TV and film because just the sight of them can cause very serious distress for some people? Just the sight of then can put some people into a panic attack. What about them? What about clowns? I know people that are terrified of them. Should they not be allowed to exist anymore? I am really offended by the word “Bitch”. I even cringe when I hear some call a dog a bitch. I just don’t like that word. Because it offends me and I am sure it offends others as well, is that enough to get the word banned? Is that what who we are now?

george shuba whose handshake heralded racial tolerance in baseball 300x156 The Redskins Controversy: Whatever Happened To Tolerence In America?What about tolerance? Doesn’t that matter anymore? It used to be that we were told to be tolerant of others. The black community preached tolerance in the 50’s and 60’s. Gay’s preached it in the 70’s and 80’s. And, I agree with tolerance. We all need it. It’s what makes us great. And, it seems lately that if we don’t talk a certain way it’s going to offend someone and because of that we have to change the way we talk. I am not saying that we should walk around and be offensive as possible. We should strive to be better. But, most of all we should really strive to be tolerant of the things we don’t like and don’t understand.

I used to be a smoker, I quit over a year ago and it had nothing to do with all the cry baby non-smokers and some of the many flat out lying commercials with misleading facts about smoking and second smoke. It wasn’t the constant shaming in the media or the stares I would get while even smoking in my own car. It was simply a health issue. I really enjoyed smoking, I would smoke again if I could do it and not be killing myself or making myself stink so bad. But, it made me really learn that we’ve seemed to have lost something in this country, the ability to be tolerant. If we don’t like it, we seem to be against it and anyone that disagrees is horrible. Well, that isn’t always true. Some things are going to offend us and we really need to get back to that place where we can learn to live with one another’s inconsistencies and flaws.

If the team name offends you, then don’t watch their games or maybe root for the other team. Just because you find the name offensive doesn’t mean that I have to. I am really offended that someone like Michael Vick is allowed to play football. The man killed dogs literally with his bare hands. He made a flimsy apology and now he’s a Quarterback for the NY Jet’s. Every time I see them, I root for them to lose! The man KILLEED dogs! It’s one of the signs of an up and coming serial killer and he is allowed to play in the NFL. Adrian Peterson beat his 4 year old with a stick leaving injuries to his back, leg’s and testicles. Testicles! And, there are those that openly support this horrible person. Another player (Ray Rice) hit his wife so f’ing hard she went flying half way across an elevator, was knocked unconscious and was then dragged out of the elevator by him and there the players union is defending him! These things are offensive. What doesn’t offend me is that some people are offended by name that is not meant to offend. There is no malicious intent behind the name.

I don’t agree with the KKK, or the Westboro Baptist Church but I do believe in their right to exist. Freedom of speech not only protects the speech we like but also the speech we don’t. Also, I like to keep the crazy in identifiable groups so I know where they are. I know my opinion is unpopular and I am sure to be slammed for it but enough is enough. I know that my ideology isn’t flawless and my opinion has some holes in it that I am sure some are going to point out to me. However, it’s my opinion. I can’t help what offends other people. I can work only work on what offends me. Because, it is my problem, I am the one that is offended. That does not and should not give me the right to tell someone else what to say or how to express themselves in every single case. Sometimes, I just have to practice tolerance of the things other people say and do that offend me.



Oct 04

The Best Of The Fall Season!

I haven’t seen every show this fall.  But, I have broken my rule this fall TV season and started watching some TV shows before the season has ended.  I normally won’t watch a new show until it’s first season is over because too many times I get hooked on a show and then some dumbass executive cancels it.  Some good example of this are, Surface, Invasion, Firefly, and the one that killed me.  The one that bothered me the most was Miracles.

miracles 300x412 The Best Of The Fall Season!Miracles (Available on DVD thankfully) was one of the best TV shows ever.  It got cancelled because the executives at ABC at the time were complete morons.  The was  preempted almost every week it was supposed to air.  ABC had breaking news all the time over the Iraq war so anytime someone farted in Iraq ABC went live.  These idiots even preempted the show for a special about Michael Jackson.  This was long before he had died, he was just crazy MJ back then and ABC decided yet again to air Miracles at a later date.  Show could gain an audience and they cancelled it.  The irony is that it’s final airing, over 5 million viewers.  ABC still cancels it.

So, I don’t watch TV shows in their first season.  I am not going to get hooked and left hanging because some idiots that believe if a show isn’t an immediate hit, it must be cancelled.  If that were true some of most beloved shows would have never maid it, little shows, like Cheers and Night Court to name a few.

However I have been a little lax this year and last.  This year I have decided to rant about the new shows I really like or that I think have some potential.  My hope is that the 2.5 people that actually read this article will give these shows a try and maybe tell their friends about them.  TV Shows don’t have long, some shows after their first airing are already on the bubble for not getting high enough ratings.

So here’s some new shows worth look.

forever cover 600x243 The Best Of The Fall Season!Forever

It airs Tuesday nights on ABC.  It’s about a guy that for some unknown reason has been alive for over 200 years.  He can die but he comes back immediately and always in water for some reason.  Now he is a medical examiner for the city of New York and helps a detective solve crimes.  It’s Castle if Castle was more serious, never died and wasn’t as goofy.  And, I mean goofy in a good way, Castle is one of my most favorite shows EVER!

I really love this show so far.  It’s got smart characters, good stories and good mysteries.  It would be shame is this show got cancelled.

how to get away with murder 600x300 The Best Of The Fall Season!
How to get away with Murder

It airs Thursdays on ABC.  It’s about a college professor who is also a high price defense attorney.  The acting is great, the stories are a little hard to follow at least the first episode was.  It goes from present time to future time or maybe the future flashes are current time and the present time is the past, I don’t know?  As I said, it’s a little confusing and you have to really pay attention or you won’t even get what’s going on.  I was glued to my TV watching it on my DVR and shit happened a couple of times and I had to think, “Wait, who was that again?”  But, still the show has some potential.  I love the main character, she’s flawed and some of those flaws aren’t really good flaws.  Another good show you should check out.

bad judge 600x330 The Best Of The Fall Season!
Bad Judge

Just watched the show last night and I have to say I was at first disappointed when I realized it was only a half hour show.  That worries me and I will tell you why.  The idea is too good for a half hour show.  This happened to me last year when I saw the first episode of The Crazy Ones.  I knew it was going to get cancelled.  The shows concepts need a full hour, you can’t pack it all into 22 minutes and the heart of the show gets lost.  I even said so on their Facebook page after watching it the first time.  Sure enough, cancelled.  This show, same thing.  It’s a good show, worth watching, funny, witty but the themes need an hour.  If NBC doesn’t change it, it’s going to get cancelled.  But, we’re talking about NBC here, the once great network is run by complete morons so I am positive they will do everything possible to make sure all their good shows are cancelled.  It airs Thursday nights.

scorpion 600x337 The Best Of The Fall Season!

I watched the first two episodes and loved it.  It was action packed, entertaining and both episodes had me shaking my head wonder how they were over so soon?  The show just flies by.  It’s about a group of 20 somethings who are off the charts smart.  They are hired by Homeland Security to help solve problems.  The action can be over the top sometimes but you can’t help but suspend disbelief and just go along for the ride. Fun, show with heart.  Highly recommend.  It airs Tuesdays on CBS.

These are just the ones that I have seen so far.  I am looking forward to seeing The Mysteries of Laura, Houdini, Black-ish, Stalker, Madam Secretary, NCIS: New Orleans, and Z Nation.  However, I will probably just wait and download the whole seasons when they are over or wait for the DVD’s

If there’s a show you like, talk about it, tell people.  Specially if it’s a new show.  If you don’t talk about it or don’t hear others talking about it, it will be cancelled.  So even if you don’t like the shows I mentioned, there must be some new shows you do like, talk about them.  Set your DVR’s even if you don’t watch them.  How to get away with Murder was the most DVR’d show this fall season.  They actually track that stuff, creepy, I know.  But, what’s on your DVR matters.



Sep 24

Once Again Republican Hypocrisy Rears It’s Ugly Head!

There’s a long list of things that make democrats and republicans hypocrites.  However, republicans seem to excel at it!  It’s as if they really do take pride in being known as the stupid party.  Seriously, some of them feel so strongly about being the stupid party they created a subset called the Tea Party.  These are for ignorant fools who feel the religious right isn’t extreme and hateful enough.  So it comes as no surprise to me when I wake this morning to see that republicans are once again attacking Obama.

In case you missed “Lattegate”.  While President Obama was exiting Air Force One he offended conservatives everywhere.  Not a hard thing to do actually.  All you need to do is be black, poor, a women, on welfare, unemployed, use facts, understand advanced concepts, go to college, to name a few.  Today, we add saluting while holding a cup of coffee.  Yes, that’s what has republicans in an outrage this morning.  It’s not the unemployment rate.  It’s not the fact that we’re dropping bombs again either, it’s all about a fucking cup of coffee.

Now, I will admit that when I saw the video of the president saluting with coffee cup, I thought, “That was kinda tacky.” and then I went back to scrolling through Facebook while sitting shirtless in my underwear at my home office.  (Don’t worry, I have pants on now).  I kept scrolling because my Facebook feed is interesting.  I have some celebrity stuff, lot’s of news stuff, horror movie stuff, TV shows I like.  If something happens in the world, my feed will let me know.  So I kept scrolling because I wanted to know what’s going on this morning.  I am on the left coast, the East Coast had been up for hours already.  I wanted to read the updates on Syria, ISIS or as I call them, “dumbshit cowards”.  But, I wasn’t getting the news, I was getting all this shit about Obama and a cup of coffee.

Here’s the thing that bothers me about the situation.  It was tacky I get it.  But, the outrage by republicans is fucking silly.  Let’s be honest here.  These simplistic morons do nothing but sit around and wait for democrats to fuck up and when they don’t fuck up, they make shit up or they make a mountain out of a mole hill.  And, what bothers me the most is that when these fucking idiots fuck up, they take absolutely no responsibility for it.  None!

republican hypocrisy 300x334 Once Again Republican Hypocrisy Rears Its Ugly Head!Getting back to Lattegate.  So there I was sitting here in my Fruit of the Looms and I decide to make a meme to vent my frustrations.  I create this nice piece of artwork.  However, as I finished and was ready to go about posting in various comments sections I realized that it just wasn’t enough.

I get so damn frustrated with the audacity and the hypocrisy of the republican party. I know the party well because I used to be a republican.  I decided that I just need to rant about it because their bullshit and pettiness has got to be stopped.  It must pointed out and their stupidity cannot go unchecked.

So I decided to come up with a short list of things that the republicans do that offend me.  The list is in no specific order.

Let’s get started…

The Iraq War.  Why is no republican taking responsibility for this?  We were lied to about about weapons of mass destruction and went to war over it.  How many U.S and allied troops died over that mistake?

President Bush Jr. had at least once had a chance to capture or kill Osama and he basically let him go at Tora Bora by twice refusing extra troop requests to keep Osama trapped in in his cave complex.  So with a simple bribe to the Afghan militias that captured him Osama got away.

Another lie that helped to lead us into a war with Iraq, remember being told that al-Qaeda was in Iraq? Well, in case you didn’t know, it was all bullshit.  Yet another lie to get us into a war with Iraq.  Even as the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence came out with a report exposing the lie, the Bush administration was still telling the lie that al-Qaeda was in Iraq.  Where is the goddamn outrage?  How many dead soldiers were caused by the Bush administration?

How about these moron republicans claiming that ISIS is Obama’s fault. They tried to spread lies that it was Obama who released the future leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  It’s simply not true.  It was Bush that had scheduled the release, not Obama.  So what do republicans do?  They quietly let that go and return to their bullshit claim that ISIS in Iraq is Obama’s fault for getting the troops out of Iraq.  Really? United States soldiers were dying at a rate of about about 3 or 4 a week or a day until Obama finally got us the hell out of there.  Once again republicans and their short term fucking memory.  It was the Bush administration that started a war in Iraq over lies about WMD’s and al-Qaeda.  It was that war that actually brought al-Qaeda there in first place and that is why ISIS is in Iraq now.  Again, no claim of responsibility from the republican party, it’s always Obama’s fault.

Now let’s talk about all this bullshit over Benghazi.  How about we first look at how many times congress refused to fund more security at our Embassy’s.  How is it that the majority of republicans voted against the funding?  How about all the people that were killed in Embassy attacks under President Bush’s watch?  No investigation into those?  No outrage over them?  Really? They’re just going to let all those deaths slide? I wonder why.

sgt bowe bergdahl 300x270 Once Again Republican Hypocrisy Rears Its Ugly Head!The republican party has become such an embarrassing joke that I am ashamed I was ever part of that party.  They have been telling me total bullshit my whole life!  They complained that we traded prisoners for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and yet they didn’t bat an eye when they did the same with the “Iran Contras” when we traded arms to secure the release of several hostages among some other dubious things.  No outrage, as it went before congress by republicans who basically snubbed their noses when democrats were upset with the concept.  Hell, they even made t-shirts wanting Oliver North for President!

Back when Dole was running for President against Clinton they tried to make Clinton out to be a pot smoking hippie communist. What he was, a Roads Scholar that had traveled the world.

The republicans have learned that they don’t need facts.  They live by the theory, “Why let a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good story.”  It’s become their way of doing business.  They simply make up any lie they want and spread it.  It doesn’t matter that they know it’s a lie.  Their sheep followers will believe it even when confronted with the facts they will ignore them.  These people have a cult mentality.  They have lost all ability to think for themselves.  They live in a world where they will only watch Fox News.

I know these people.  A long time family friend of mine is one of these crazy people.  He openly believes the most paranoid insane shit that Fox News tells him.  And, when confronted with the truth he simply denies it.  We don’t talk much any more.  I found myself calling him names to his face for being so goddamn stupid.  He used to email several times a day with all these bullshit and sometimes racist anti-Obama emails.  I was spending all my free time responding to him and factually pointing out where he was wrong.  He would never respond or admit the errors.  He would just keep sending new stuff.  I finally had to tell him to stop it.  I just couldn’t get any work done dealing with his nonsense.  He’s completely denial of facts and reality were just pissing me off and I had to step back.  He spends all his time watching Fox News and they have got him so paranoid and angry over things that  just simply are not true or taken completely out of context.

I am angry that a dumbass like Ted Cruz was able to shut down the government in an attempt to blackmail the president and make no mistake, that is exactly what he did.  If you think otherwise you might just be an idiot.

I literally could go on all day ranting about the extreme list of bullshit the Republican party is responsible for.  Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and as a country we have got to stand up and call them out on it.  And, the only way to do this is to get out and vote!  Get these assholes out of office.  Ted Cruz should be in prison not a member of congress.  Mitch McConnell should be fired for turning his back on the people when he openly said that the only goal of the republican part is to make Obama a one term president.  And, don’t forget this fucking coward said this at a time when, thanks to Bush, our country was in the middle of the worst recession since the great depression.

mitch mcconnell chicken shit coward 300x162 Once Again Republican Hypocrisy Rears Its Ugly Head!Hell, I could even let that comment go if he and the rest of his bat shit crazy republican party actually did something?  But, they did not.  They claimed to support the troops and yet refused funding to properly fund them.  They refused every single jobs bill.  They opposed nearly every single bill the Obama administration put forth.  In fact these people are so full of shit with their hatred for Obama that when Marco Rubio heard that Obama was ready to work on immigration reform he pulled his own bill off the floor!  Once again, they talk a big talk but when it comes to getting anything done, the only thing they can do is complain, blame Obama, vote to wage war and take long, long vacations while condemning the poor for being lazy.

Their actions border on criminal and the only way to solve the problem is to vote them out of office.  Vote democrat, vote independent, vote green, just don’t vote republican, not now.  I don’t care how level headed you think your republican politician is, he’s a republican and republicans vote republican almost all the time.  They are party of sheep plain and simple.  Now I am not saying that the democrats don’t have their fair share of sheep and crazy people.  They absolutely do.  The difference is that democrats don’t listens to the crazy ones.  Sadly the republican party is being led by the crazies and people like Boehner who is too much of a coward to stand up to the crazies.  At this point in time, the party cannot be trusted and it’s up us to vote them out of office.



Aug 26

Finally Watched Season 4 of The Walking Dead!

the walking dead Finally Watched Season 4 of The Walking Dead!

So with all the traveling I did over the past I finally got to watch season 4 of The Walking Dead. It started off good then they brought the Gov back and he was just nothing but annoying. Then I got pissed off that after all that time in Prison they didn’t have a better plan for an attack and they had the shittiest escape plan. The writing couldn’t have been any worse. It turns out that I was wrong, the writing did get worse.

They went and split everyone up! I get it, it’s a drama, if you don’t have drama, then you don’t have drama. But, you can have drama without having stupid.

It was just about this time when I had given up on the season. I was a little more than halfway through the season. I don’t know if to say “It got good” is the way to say it. But, I got hooked. The storyline with Carol, Tyreese and the girls. So heart breaking. What she does, wow! It was so good!

the walking dead season 4 beth 300x379 Finally Watched Season 4 of The Walking Dead!When I copied the episodes on to my flash drive for travel, for some reason episode 13 didn’t transfer over. If you skip that episode then are you left with the impression that Beth was killed. I was heart broken!

It was kinda funny, I had developed a little crush on her. But, I had been feeling guilty about it because this is the little girl that was in some of the Harry Potter movies. On TWD she’s the younger daughter of Maggie, she’s just a kid. I decided to look her up online. I just don’t really remember much of her character from previous seasons and how did I not really notice her. I discover, she’s not a little girl, I am thankfully not the pervert I had been feeling like I was. She isn’t a teen at all. She hasn’t been one for a while. She’s 29 years old! I had been feeling guilty that she was like 17 or 18. I felt so much better about my crush after learning she’s almost 30.

I finally watch episode 13 and to my relief, unless I missed something, Beth is not dead! She’s been kidnapped! I can live with that. That means she’ll be back!

Oh and on side note, I can’t believe they killed the old man! WTF was that all about!? Who didn’t love Hershel?!  After that, they couldn’t kill The Governor enough! His death should have been more violent and painful.

All in all it turned out to be a great season.

Season 5 starts on AMC Sunday October 12th according to their website.



Aug 19

Jesse Williams the Actor Promotes Stupidity and Ignroance!

jesse williams and his racist attitude 300x156 Jesse Williams the Actor Promotes Stupidity and Ignroance!I was just reading what actor Jesse Williams said on CNN and I became outraged at his total ignorance and racist attitude.  Yes, I am calling a him racists.  I am also calling him uninformed and quite possibly stupid but definitely shallow.  But, please don’t get me wrong I truly believes he means well and I am sure he is a wonderful person but in this some of the shit he said was uninformed, biased and racists.

I then saw another article about Jesse that popped up on my Facebook feed from the UPWORTHY Facebook page.  I started to rant about it.  It soon became way too long to post it there so I decided to post it here.  This has added benefits of allowing me to get it out of system and not having to worry about a bunch well intentioned liberals going off on me, because no one reads my blog.  I have no traffic to this site.  It’s my safe way to feel as though I am shouting my thoughts and feelings to the world but not really because no reads it.  So anyways, that happened to me last in another Facebook post claiming that FOX News is making the Michael Brown look bad by suggesting that he was on drugs.  I started to laugh out loud.  I commented, with a mini-rant, a “rantlet” if you will (rantlet, see what I did there?)  So my rant started with, “FOX News is making him look bad?  Really? I thought him committing a robbery and going for a cops gun made him look bad. Hell if he was on drugs at least that would explain his bad behavior.”

As you can imagine, several liberal heads nearly exploded.  As much as I tend to lean towards the left, I am not a liberal or a democrat.  I know that most of my posts are slamming Conservatives and Christians but that’s only because their hypocrisy and ability to tell such bold face lies with a straight face is so overwhelmingly shocking to me that I can’t help but to point it out, to yell and call them names and to most of all mock them.  I used to be a republican and now it’s something I am ashamed of.  However, my liberal brothers and sisters can at times be just as full of shit.  This Michael Brown tragedy is one of those times.  So, below is what I didn’t post in the comments in section of an UPWORTHY post that was praising the idiot ramblings of actor Jesse Williams.

Is this the same uninformed person that actually said this doesn’t happen to white people? He’s words are saddening and offensive. A bunch of white cops beat a white guy to death who suffered from schizophrenia and was homeless and then recently acquitted in Fullerton, CA. Where was the public outcry, mass protests and riots? In Texas a few years back a white veteran was killed by a black cop. James Whitehead was an ex-marine as I recall, he was unarmed and killed by a black cop. No protests on this one? No outrage? How about Dillon Taylor in Salt Lake City. The cops there shot and killed this white guy who was also unarmed. They said he “wasn’t following directions.” That’s it. Unarmed and wasn’t following directions and the cops killed this guy. This just happened a few days ago. No nationwide media coverage on this one? Once again no public outrage? Could it possibly because these victims of police violence where all white? That couldn’t be? No? Cause according Jesse Williams this kinda thing doesn’t happen to white people.

And before I start getting bashed here by a bunch of people who think they are so enlightened and so above it all. I am not some hateful, bigoted right wing conservative. I can’t stand them! I have my own personal blog that I had intended to be just that, a personal blog but instead it has turned into rant after rant about these idiot, religious and conservative political nutjobs and the fools who follow them. But, the one thing I can’t stand above all else is those who claim to be fair and humane then turn right around and make the most ridiculous, hypocritical claims that do nothing but promote more hate and anger. It’s absolutely shameful. This guy is an actor making stupid, uninformed claims and providing absolutely no facts to back them up.

I don’t watch FOX News, ever. So I can honestly say that all I have heard from the media is that Michael Brown was surrendering when he was shot and killed by a white cop. That he was about to start college oh and that he might have committed a robbery. Other than that he was a good kid. Doesn’t matter there’s a video of him clearly committing a robbery, he’s only a suspect. Doesn’t matter that what started the entire incident is that this “kid” was walking down the middle of street like he and his friend owned the damn thing. And that the main witness is an oh so credible friend with tear drop tats said that Michael Brown was surrendering. Doesn’t matter what the cop claims. I guess his word means nothing. Doesn’t matter that he might have feared for his life when Michael Brown went for his gun. Doesn’t matter that the officer just might have thought that when Michael was turning around to supposedly surrender that from the cops perspective it looked he was reaching for gun or knife. None of that matters because it seems that every liberal website in the world has already condemned the cop. It amazes me that Michael Brown was just a robbery suspect and the cop has already been convicted of murder by so many.

In my eyes this is a tragic situation. Absolutely the most horrific outcome possible. The sad part was that it all could have been avoided. Had these two friends not been breaking the law by walking down the middle of the road. The cop would have had never had to stop for them to tell them to get out of the road. Had Michael Brown not gone for the officer’s gun, “allegedly”, this would have never happened. These are the facts of the case as we know we them. This was what lead this troubled young man to his death. I am not saying that the cop isn’t guilty of murder. I don’t know what they cop is guilty of yet, do you know why? Because it hasn’t been investigated yet! None of us know yet. We only know what we have been told by a witness that has more reason to be biased than not. And by a police department that also has every reason to be biased. But, I guess it’s too late for this. This case has already been turned into a civil rights issue because it was a white cop and black victim. That’s it. That’s all it takes in this country and how truly sad is that. We don’t even give the police a chance to explain their actions. Because we don’t understand what it’s like to be a cop. We will never understand the risks they take and the toll the job can take on them. The white cop is always the racists. Is this just how we play it now?

And the “liberal” media is just glorifying this situation along with the liberal Facebook pages. (I am not saying all the media is liberal, just saying that some media is but I am not one of those people that believe that everything not FOX News is the liberal media.) They are outraged over this incident! I have liked all these liberal FB pages and almost every post they make if it’s not telling me about something stupid a conservative has done it’s telling me how unjust this shooting was. And yet, not one of these sites have put in half the effort if any at all into the unarmed white people who have died at the hands of the cops I mentioned above as they have over the Michael Brown shooting. I guess those white deaths just weren’t as important. And, according to the blindly racist and uninformed Jesse Williams, they never even happened!

I know this site and all the liberal sites that I follow are well meaning. But, perhaps they should take a look in the mirror every once and a while. So many times they are so biased and uniformed and hypocritical that it’s simply shameful and embarrassing. It’s one of the things that I can’t stand about FOX News. They take a story and spin it with such a simple and easy to swallow lie or half truth that is biased. Then the sheep watching it just believe it and become outraged over what they are being told. And, if the liberals don’t think that the same is being done to them in this case, they are sorely mistaken. I follow the same sites and I can tell when I being played, and in this case, I am being played. We’re all being played. You have from what I read by my liberal sources that FOX News is down playing the unarmed fact instead pushing the robbery aspect and criminal aspect of what the kid did. The liberal media outlets are pushing the unarmed, good kid leaving for college, racial violence aspect of the case. Has everyone lost their sense of reality anymore? Have we all turned into a bunch of sheep that don’t know what to think unless we’re told by whatever media coverage we choose to listen to, be it the left or the right? Because in this case, I see racists on both sides and sickens me. The conservatives are claiming racism for the reason I stated above. Liberals are claiming racism because it was a white cop and a black victim.

As far as the actual events of the case, there has been absolutely no proof that race played any part in this case. None. The cop has no history of racism. In fact he has won an award for being a good cop. In his six years as cop prior to this shooting he has had no claims of abuse against him. In the six days prior to this shooting, Michael Brown, had probably committed a robbery, assaulted a cop, went for a cops gun and last and least, was jaywalking. So isn’t it just a little possible that maybe race has nothing to do with this case? Have we all become so liberal that it’s not even worth considering? It’s a white cop, black kid, of course the cop is guilty. Let’s go ahead and convict the cop let’s pass our judgments. Remember as a liberals it’s only okay for us to pass judgments without all the facts. When Conservatives do it, they’re ignorant, stupid, misinformed, hypocritical liars. When we do it, we’re enlightened, free thinking people. What a joke. Seriously such a tragic event and both sides of the media pushing an agenda instead doing what they should be doing and simply presenting the facts as we know them and letting us make up our own minds.



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