Jul 20

Atheist Meme, Is It True? A Rant.

Atheism, Patrism and Goerge Idiot Bush

Starts a war, crashes the economy, doesn’t like atheist.

Being an atheist is frustrating for many reasons. First and foremost is having to be called an atheist. I really don’t like that. I shouldn’t have to be labeled because I don’t believe in something. I mean we don’t have specific names for people that don’t believe your average farm yard chicken can fly. There isn’t a name we call groups of people that don’t believe trees are actually part of an alien conspiracy. So why should I have to label myself for not believing in any gods?

Second, is the constant religious shit that is thrown in my face on a daily basis by mainly Christians. Every single day at least one person wants me to share a post if I love their god. They want me to pray for something or someone. They believe some random act that worked out well for them or someone else is a miracle or that their god should be praised for it and they just have to share it on Facebook. It’s so completely silly and frustratingly stupid.  But, I will admit anyone wanting me to share a post is annoying by nature.  I have better things to do than to help propagate your silly opinions because you think some irrational shit is cute.   Worse is people blaming every good thing on the god they believe in.  They love to say how he works in mysterious ways or it’s all part of god’s plan.  Giving god credit for every random event possible.

Note, the above meme with Bush is true. The meme we will be fact checking is posted below. I just thought this post needed another photo is all.

For example the other day I am reading a story about a family of three that was supposed to be on the flight that was shot down over the Ukraine. People were calling it a miracle. People were making comments about how their god works in mysterious ways. I thought my head was going to explode at the blatant stupidity and tragically desperate grasps at something to validate their irrational beliefs.

First of all, it wasn’t miracle. Miracles are good things that happens for which we don’t have a logical explanation for. Jesus walking on water, if it happened, I can understand why some would call it a miracle.  A sick person with fatal illness recovers fully with no medical treatment. I can understand this as being called a miracle. I don’t believe it really is however I can understand why some simple minded folks would think so. It’s easy to blame all the good things that happen that we don’t understand as being caused by a god. Saves us the time of having to understand the Mathematics of Random Events.

This family chose to not get on the fatal flight.  This is not an example of a Miracle.  It has a simple explanation.  The flight was overbooked.  When they got to the airport, they were informed that they only had one seat left. Since they needed three seats, they opted to take another flight.  God didn’t make the family sudden decide that it wasn’t a good idea that only one of them should take the flight.  Who does that?  Nor did he fate everyone else on that flight just so this family could live.  They simply made the obvious choice to take a later flight.  No miracle, no act of god, it was just another incompetent airline overbooking their flights at the expense of their customers and it happens hundreds if not thousands of times every day.

Third reason, shallow, ignorant people like George Bush Sr.   Their hypocrisy and ignorance is just staggering.  I don’t know what it is about religious people and their memes against atheist but they are almost always so full of shit.  From claiming facts that are not true to offering up opinions that have no basis in science or fact.  For example, the other day I see a religious meme that I guess was trying to point out all the atrocities committed by atheists.  I didn’t fact check the meme because of the people it named as atheists, it lists Hitler as an atheists and this simply is not true.  I don’t know where Christians get this idea that he was an atheists.  He was a Christian, he tried to work with the pope, they were friends for a while.  But, the biggest clue is that it is a well known fact that Hitler believed in the occult. You can’t be an atheist and believe in in any kind of mysticism like that.  It’s like saying that because someone who doesn’t like catchup on his fruit loops doesn’t like catchup.  No.  Dude likes catchup he just doesn’t like it on his fruit loops.  If the meme made that huge of a mistake I can logically assume the rest of it probably filled more misinformation as well.

As for us non believers, we want to know why. Our quest for knowledge and understanding doesn’t stop. Science sent us to the moon. Religion sends planes into buildings. So it is overwhelmingly frustrating for us to have this incredible amount of fantasy and mysticism thrown in our face on a daily basis.

That being said, I will be the first to admit that atheists can sometimes post the same ignorant bullshit that Christians do. If I ever see one, I out it in heartbeat.  There is never an excuse to lie about something to make a point.  Well, unless your life depends on it.  Then go ahead and lie about it.  I do however understand the frustration and sometimes the anger behind a lot of Atheist memes.   It’s hard to not feel like your being attacked when all day, every day you are having the most ridiculous breaches in logic hurled at you. Religious people will never, ever grasp how offensive their behavior is to free thinking and logical human beings. So I understand the frustrations atheists feel. This however this does not mean that I believe everything that gets thrown at me by atheists.

I don’t believe that we need to take “In God We Trust” off our money. I don’t have a problem with people who want to believe in a higher power, I certainly do. Some people believe in Pikkiwoki, the Papua New Guinean mud god.  I choose to believe in science and fact, it’s my higher power. What I have a problem with is people taking pride in their belief of total bullshit. People that are so arrogant about their belief they want to bash you over the head with it.  I side with the atheists because even though they can be arrogant about things just like the religious can, at least they usually don’t make shit up to back up their beliefs.

When I see something posted to my timeline that makes claim to something, I like to fact check it if I have the time and if it’s something that is interesting to me. That leads me to what this post is actually about. This meme was posted by a group that I follow…

Pointing out Religious Hypocrisy

Pointing out Religious Hypocrisy and Ignorance. Is this true?

As I type this I don’t know if the claims made in it are true or not. My gut feelings is that it is more true than false and makes a pretty valid point. I will admit that it’s what I want to believe. It makes sense to me, it points out the hypocrisy and ignorance of religion and so I want to believe this meme is telling the truth.

For most people, this is where their thought process stop when it comes to Facebook posting. They see something, they  and like it or believe it and then share it. They believe it’s true and they pass it on without a single thought that they may be helping to perpetuate stupidity.  As mentioned, I like to fact shit before I pass it on. So let’s do a quick fact check on the accuracy of this meme.

The first statement is a quote of the bible. Psalm 14:1. I have read the bible three times cover to cover in my life time. I don’t recall this specific passage so let’s look it up. According to the website biblegateway.com this is pretty close to what the King James Version says. So this is an accurate quote.

Is Alan Turing a homosexual atheist? According to his Wiki page and several other sources this is true. In fact, “Turing was prosecuted for homosexuality in 1952, when such acts were still criminalized in the UK.” Also, “He became an atheist and adopted the conviction that all phenomena, including the workings of the human brain, must be materialistic, but he still believed in the survival of the spirit after death.” So this definitely this true.

Is Bill Gates an atheist. This is common knowledge so I am not going to look it up. However, I don’t know if you’re using a windows based PC or not. I am. in any case, since Windows has a majority of the PC market I will go ahead and rate the statement as mostly true.

Did Tim Berners Lee develop the world wide web? Well, this is true according to several reliable sources. Click his name to read one. Is he an atheist? Yes, he’s a member of is a member of Atheist Alliance International.

Is Mark Zuckerberg an Atheist?  I believe so but I am not positive so let’s see what we can find out.  Well, just about every source I can find claims that he is so we’re going to call this one true.

My conclusion is that this meme is true in it’s facts.

Thanks to David Thorne and his brilliant emails that brought attention to the Papua New Guinean mud god.  Click the link to read the emails.  It’s not all about the mud god, it’s about a schools permission slip for a kid to go see a play about Easter.  It’s hilarious!



Jul 19

Ignorance And Racism Are Alive And Well In Hesperia, CA!

Racism and Ignorance in Hesperia, CA

Protesters on the Main St. overpass in Hesperia, CA.

Let me start by saying that I don’t have a problem with informed people making informed decisions.  And, if said informed people want to protest the way something is being handled by our government or a business I certainly feel that it is certainly within a person’s right to do so.

However, time and time again most people who actively protest things, always seem to be the most uninformed people possible.  Normally it’s a group of people so stunningly ignorant of what they hell they are protesting that it’s just staggering.

Over the past few weeks if you have watched the news in California you have seen groups of what can only be called passive aggressive, ignorant racists and bigots, protesting a few bus loads of refugee’s from mainly Central and South America.  They are out there blocking the buses and scaring these refugees with their horrible ignorant speech.  To top it all off, almost everyone protesting that I have seen interviewed of course blames all of this on Obama.  Yet another reason these people are so horribly stupid that they shouldn’t be let outside the house without a helmet and adult supervision.

So here’s somethings to keep in mind about this “immigration” issue before you actually go out and protest..

Either you or someone in your family was once an immigrant.  The only people who are not, are Native Americans.  So all of us originally came from some other place.  Try to keep in mind that you look like fucking dumbass protesting about immigration when your ancestors were immigrants and quite probably were the ones that raped the Native Americans and stole their land and would then kill or torture them when they dared to complain about it.  You pretty much can’t be more of a hypocritical douche bag than that.

Along the same lines, try to remember that after we raped the Native Americans and stole their land that we encouraged other cultures to come to this country.  Mainly just white cultures of course but still, we encouraged immigration.  In case you forgot, there’s some beautiful words written on the Statue of Liberty.  Remember that whole thing about “Give us your poor, you tired, your huddled masses…”  That’s from a sonnet titled, “The New Colossus“.  A sonnet is a kind of poem, for you slower folks.

Now, for all those morons out there protesting the fact that we’re not just sending these people back to Mexico.  Well, I have a few things to say about that.  These Immigrants are not from Mexico.  I can’t tell you how frustrating you idiots are when almost every time a reporter questions one of you, you inevitably want those buses to not stop until they are sent back to Mexico. These people are not from Mexico.  They are from Central and South America.

Another thing to consider, they are not fucking immigrants you fucking morons!  Under the law they are refugees.  And, if you don’t know this, you should not be out there protesting.  What you’re dumbass should be doing is asking your congress to support immigration reform.  I know almost none of you have done that.  It’s an important step in the process of getting things done.  It’s where you should start.  When you’re congressman doesn’t respond, you write again and again.  After several letters, if you haven’t gotten the response you want, then you step it up it and start calling.  When that doesn’t work, assuming it doesn’t then and only then should you consider protesting something.  Cause jumping right from not liking an issue to protesting something would be like a cop asking a person to stop walking and when they don’t, instead of asking them again or maybe grabbing their arm and stopping them they just pull out a gun and start shooting.

Now, if you’re one of those assholes that blames Obama for this problem, again I want you to ask yourself why.  If you are honest with yourself, you will realize it’s because you’re a racist fuck that is too stupid and blinded by hate to see it.  There’s a reason these people you keep calling immigrants are not legally immigrants and can’t just be deported like you want them to be.  You see, there was this republican president a long time ago named George W. Bush and he signed into law an Act called the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act back in 2008 as I recall.  It basically states that anyone crossing our border that is originally from a non-contiguous state must be treated as a refugee.  Refugees have to be treated completely different.  So before you go out there to protest against these immigrants with your stupid sign and waving the American flag that these people are not immigrants.  Also keep in mind that you’re actually shaming the US Flag by showing off not only your complete ignorance of what is going on but also the fact that you are actually condemning your own immigrant ancestors and every refugee that tried to make it to this great country in hopes of a better life.



Jul 15

My Family Trip To Yosemite And Why It Might Be Our Last!

Last Thursday morning I left with my dad in his Prius.  Following behind us in his Chevy truck was his cousin Dirk.  We would later that day be met at the park by my Uncle Kim and the next day by my dad’s other cousin Kris and his son Justin.  It was what is becoming our yearly “Guys” trip.  The drive for me went so fast as the passenger.  Probably seemed to take forever for my father, I will explain why, later.  Our arrival and meeting up with Dirk and Kim was a little frustrating. However, by the end of the day we were all sitting down together having a crappy, overpriced dinner.

Dad Getting Gas At Mobile Station

Dad getting gas at the mobile station outside of Yosemite.

My dad has an amazing record collection and the past several years he has been converting those albums to MP3′s.  He has a thumb drive filled with a thousand or more songs he mistakenly thought that he would be able to listen to on the drive to Yosemite.  I, on the other hand, wouldn’t shut up the entire drive.  I literally only stopped talking to breathe or if my dad had a response to something I said.  I must have been driving him crazy but the drive went by so damn fast for me.

At one point though the traffic was stopped due to rock slides.  They would only let one direction go at a time.  We had been stopped a few minutes and my dad put the car into park, this automatically unlocks the door.  I didn’t know this, I thought it was just my dad unlocking my door.  I started to laugh.  I thought for sure my dad had, had enough and was going to turn to me and say, “That’s enough, get the F$%K out!”  The thought just had me laughing hysterically.

Tioga Pass Drizzle

Tioga Pass Elevation 9945 With A Side Of Drizzle

It very briefly started to drizzle when we entered the park but that was the last we’d see of any rain the rest of the trip.  It was hot and sunny the rest of the time.  The drive down into the valley scenic of course.  You can’t really beat Yosemite in the scenic department.

Just a few miles from the Village area of Yosemite there is this open stretch of road that allows for parking on both sides.  It’s just an amazing view on both sides of the road.  In fact, the view is so stunningly amazing that people were always just stopping in the middle of the road to take pictures.  A couple of decades later you can park on either side of the road.

First Scenic View Of The Trip

First scenic view of the trip. Talking about the Mountain not my dad’s inadvertently mooning of me.

Dad and I at our first picture taking moment in Yosemite

Selfie of Dad and I at our first picture taking moment in Yosemite.

The trip was amazing and it was fun getting to meet a couple of members of the family I didn’t really know that well. I would love to rant and keep getting into details but I just don’t have the time today so I will just cut it short and post the photos from the trip. However, below the photos, if you care are some personal thoughts and reasons as to why it will be a white before I return to Yosemite.

A wider view of the mountain rage

A wider view of the mountain rage from above.

I have always loved Yosemite. It truly is an American treasure and one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I have been going there most of my life with my parents. However, more and more, I have found it to be just way over priced. So much so that it actually takes away from the experience. Something it’s taken us decades to learn and finally came to terms with it this trip. Yosemite is an amazing place to stay but that’s it. It’s the place that should be the focus. By that I mean, if you want to see Yosemite get yourself a room at one of the few motels located in the park and then take a guided tour. From that tour you can get a good idea of what you want to go see and spend more time at. If you love to hike. It’s a great place for that if you want to hike the various trails specifically at Yosemite.  If you just want to go hiking, go some place else and save yourself some money. However, if you just want to place to be out in nature, maybe camp, have a fire and do some fishing. Unless you have a lot of money, Yosemite is the last place you want to go.

Yosemite is so damn expensive. For example, my father and I got what’s a called a “Tent Cabin”. It was 125 a night! What did it include. A metal shelving unit, a wood chair and two really uncomfortable things to lay on. I can’t really call them beds as “bed” implies comfort and sleep. This sort of cot type things, didn’t really let you enjoy either. And remember, it’s 125 dollars a night for this crap! Here’s a couple of pictures from above to refresh your memory.

Tent Cabins around ours

Tent Cabins around ours

Our Tent Cabin before we totally abused it with our junk

Our Tent Cabin before we totally abused it with our junk

You are not allowed to cook here. No open flames at all. If you have a vision of having a nice hot cup of coffee to have while enjoying your view, forget about it! Well, you can have it but you have to walk about a half a mile down the path to buy coffee from the store. If you want to eat, you walk the half mile. You can have an ice chest with you. They also have a “bear box” that you must keep your ice chest and food in. Things like health bars or whatever you want to eat that doesn’t have to be cooked. If you leave anything out of it and one of the Rangers walk by they will take your stuff. You go to bathroom and don’t close that bear box and they will give you shit. They won’t even identify themselves first. They will just walk up and start taking your shit. We found this out one night. We were all outside, we had a total of three tent cabins. Two next to each other and one directly across from the two. All of us were sitting in front of the two tents that were side by side.

It was dark out, when we notice a coupe of people walk up and try to get into the tent across from us. One of the people, we heard say something like kinda rude, I honestly don’t recall what it was but whatever it was, we replied to it the potential thieves, “That’s our stuff you’re not taking it!” Then they shout back with something like, “Yes we will, we’re Rangers!” My first thought, was to jump their shit over that. You don’t disrespect people because you are in a position of authority. And, these two assholes never announced themselves as Rangers. They just started talking shit. My Uncle is a retired police Captain and has his Glock 40 in his back pack. I am an ex-cop not armed, I don’t really like guns. The situation could have very easily turned to shit if my uncle was some kinda gun nut.  I felt they were rude to us and condescending.  We however, were nothing but polite.  It was all sorries and thank you sirs.

If you want to eat dinner you either need to drive to the one restaurant in the Valley or at one of the many lesser places to eat. We stayed in what is called Curry Village part of Yosemite. They have a pizza place, some kind of grill with a limited menu and then there’s an indoor eating place that is way over-priced and the food sucks. It’s set up like a cafeteria only you can’t rally pick and choose what you want. There are a lot choices but you can only pick one them. For example, you want the chicken. Great, you get a drumstick with the thigh attached. But, it’s tiny. It’s with almost no meat on the thing. Three nights in a row and it was total shit each time. You get a choice of two sides and that’s it. 20 bucks! That doesn’t include a drink, so if you want a coke that you have to pour yourself, it’s of course extra and unlike almost every place in the world, you can’t a get a free refill. You want a refill and you have to go back through the line again and pay for it.

There is no excuse for this. I can expect the prices if they at least made an effort to cook decent food. They don’t, it is shitty. We did have pizza one night, very expensive but it wasn’t too bad. However, if you want decent food than you need to drive out to the Village and eat at the restaurant they have there, also very expensive but they serve you and as I recall, the food was decent. There’s also what’s called the food court in the Village. They have some really food good if you order it and don’t get the premade stuff. The premade stuff isn’t bad, but like the scrambled eggs for example. Scrambled eggs should never be scooped with an ice cream scoop. They lost any resemblance to scrambled eggs after that. It was just an odd looking ball of yellow on my plate. I honestly didn’t know they were the eggs at first.

I am not being petty about this stuff. I have been going to Yosemite for nearly 40 years. It’s always been a little expensive but those tent cabins used to be about 40 bucks a night and now you pay 125 or more a night.  It’s just that nothing is worth what you’re paying for it except for the park fee to enter.  It’s damn expensive, like 20 bucks a day.  But, to drive around a place as incredible as Yosemite, it’s worth it.

What I suggest is that if you want to see Yosemite just go get a room, take a tour and drive around the park and look at stuff in more detail that you saw on the tour. There is a lot to see. If you want to go camping or fishing, seriously just go some place else. Like Mammoth Lakes, just south west or east of Yosemite. For like 15 bucks a night you can park your car next to your tent, that has a fire pit and I believe a grill and you can hike, bike and go fishing and it’s all within a short walk. You can throw a stone to one of two lakes. There are also a multitude of motels and hotels down in the valley and at the actually Mammoth Lakes area, if you don’t want to camp, or don’t have some kind of motor home you can rent these little cabins! I’ve never in one of those so I can’t quote a price on that.

You can cook food right at your tent. You can wake up in the morning and brew some coffee, you can go fishing for dinner. If you don’t want to or don’t like fish you can drive down the hill and in 15 minutes pick any number of fast food places or restaurants of every kind. Mammoth isn’t quite as stunning as Yosemite is but it’s so much more convenient if what you want is some family time in the woods.

I have learned that Yosemite is a tourist attraction and sadly it’s price tag just isn’t worth the repeat business. Go once and take a lot of photos or buy some of my dad’s at scenicsettings.com (New Website designed be me is coming soon! :) ) It’s great for hiking but if you plan to do anything else like eat or go to the bathroom or shower, you’re going to have to walk and trust me, there is nothing fun about walking half a mile to eat breakfast after you just got out of the shower. You sit down to eat and you’re sweating. By the time you finish eating, you’ve finally stopped sweating and now your poor ass has to walk all the way back and start sweating all over again!

I urge you to see Yosemite if you never have.  Just looking at pictures doesn’t do it justice.  You have to see this place in person to appreciate any photo of it.  Just be prepared to pay through the nose because there is nothing cheap about it at all.  You have to pay to get into the park, you have to pay to camp, everything has a hefty price to it.  So just really think about why you’re going there before you go.  You want to see it, great.  Go.  You want to hike around it, go.  You want family time and fun?  Go someplace else.  You want nature and to see bears and deer?  Pick almost any place else because you can have family fun outdoors and see wild animals like bears and deer almost everywhere else in the High Sierra for a ton less.



Jul 06

Why Is Gov. Rick Perry Such A Hypocritical Dumbass?

Rick Perry Hypocritcal DumbassI don’t know if Gov. Rick Perry has always been a hypocrite and a dumbass.  I just know that he is one now.  Today he appeared on ABC’s This Week. He refused to answer the questions asked. The topic was on his inability to secure his borders and to care for the refugees crossing the border requesting political asylum. His only response was that it’s all Obama’s fault. I find this particularly disturbing because Obama and the democrats are the only ones suggesting immigration reform. Yet, this is all Obama’s fault?

When Gov. Rick “I’m A Fucking Idiot” Perry was asked about the law that was signed into effect by George W. Bush requiring anyone crossing the border from a non-contiguous state they must be let in. He refused to answer. When she stopped his “It’s Obama’s fault” rant to ask him again to answer the question about the law, he once again ignored the question completely and then returned to his blame Obama Mantra. He get’s so absurd that he starts to go into a weird conspiracy about how Obama is telling immigrants to cross the border. When it’s brought to his attention that Obama has ads in the media telling immigrants not to illegally cross the border Perry’s response is that it’s five years too late.

So here’s what we know about Gov. Rick Perry. He refuses nearly a hundred billion in Federal funds for health care for his people because healthcare should be a states issue. Yet, when it comes to controlling his border with Mexico it’s a Federal issue and he demands that the national guard is called in and extra funds for more border control agents paid for, of course by the feds.

I kept watching the interview and this meme kept popping into my head every time Gov. Rick Perry opened that tragically stupid mouth of his…

Squint Stupid



Jun 17

Republicans Keep Telling The Most Ridiculous Lies About Obama!

More Republican Lies About Obama

I truly believe that Religion and Politics have the same effects on people that drinking alcohol does.  They both enhance who you really are.

Yet another lie the conservative nut job Tea Party clan that’s has been spreading this past week.  Actually it’s been going around for a few years now. It get’s debunked and goes away and then it comes back again only to be debunked again. It’s the Executive Orders scare tactics that the republicans keep cramming down the throats of their followers. Once again, another email and Facebook post is spreading telling lies about how Obama has signed more executive orders than most other presidents. A whopping 923 of them! If that were actually true, no matter what they were for, it would be worthy of having some concerns no matter what side of the political spectrum you land on.  However, it is not true.  Not even true by a long shot.

I only heard about this because I saw it on conservative blog then made the mistake of commenting on it and pointing out how it as absolutely not true. I wish I could remember the blog it was just some site that I stumbled upon.  But, I would love to find the link so everyone could read the actual exchange between myself and the absolutely brain dead people who follow that ridiculous blog. For this rant though it’s not really needed as that is not what this is all about. This rant is about the stupid stuff we chose to believe that isn’t true and why.

I tried to argue with the brain, un-American dead Tea Party people and I kept showing them the facts. Every single one of them gave the same excuse, “It’s the liberal media!” The White House (http://www.whitehouse.gov) gives an official account of every Executive Order. They aren’t the liberal media. But, there are multiple media outlets that are keeping tally. I would never ask someone to just take my word for a claim I make about politics. Sure I have opinions like everyone else, it’s just that mine are fact based when debating. Hell, when I make a post on Facebook and I bore all my friends with yet another mini political rant I always present the facts to back up my argument. I mean, opinion not based on facts is called religion or Fox News. Needless to say, no matter what facts were presented to these moron Tea Party people, they kept saying things like, “I don’t believe your facts!”

I found those comments to be absolutely disturbing. First, they are not “my” facts. You can say something is my opinion but you can’t say it’s my fact. Facts just are. They are tiny bits of truth that cannot be denied.  Understanding facts is how were able to build machines called planes that fly through the air, microwaves that can explode a hotdog in just two minutes.  Build rocket ships that have allowed us to travel to the moon. These and every other creation didn’t happen by magic, they happened by taking known facts building around them.

So this morning I see that Snopes made a post about the same Obama Executive Order propaganda the nut jobs were promoting yesterday. You can read it here. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/executiveorders.asp.  It not only shows the number of orders Obama has signed 147 but it also points that the email and Facebook posts the Republican party has been passing around.  It not only lies about the amount of Executive Orders made by Obama but it greatly downplays the number of actual orders signed by every president since Theodore Roosevelt.  I mean these idiots literally cannot open their mouths without telling an intentional lie.

Presidential Executive Orders

Republicans continue to use scare tactics to earn votes.  Claiming in this BS email and Facebook post that Obama is signing orders giving him unprecedented power!  It’s simply not true but these morons just won’t believe the truth.  They treat science and fact as if it were just an opinion and yet they treat the opinions they hear from their political leaders and the crazy opinions of these blogs they follow as if they were fact.  It’s really bothered me the past several years since I finally saw the light and realized that the Republican party the party I had been a member of  my entire adult life had been lying it’s ass off to me from the very beginning.

I was just thinking about all the lies they have told about Obama.  Everything from he’s a Muslim to his fake birth certificate.  Bold face lies.  I mean you know how some lies have at least some basis in fact?  Most of the shit the republican party has spewed does not.  He is not a Muslim and never has been.  He was born in Hawaii and not Kenya and he has not signed 923 Executive Orders!

My thoughts of all these lies told about the president got me thinking how the republicans are just out of control, that it wasn’t like this when I was a much younger republican.  Then I realized that it sort of was.  There wasn’t the hate back then.  But, the lies, they were there.  I didn’t see them until just recently.  The Republican has literally been full of shit my entire adult life.

Are you old enough to remember when Bob Dole was the republican candidate for president and Bill Clinton was the democrat running?  I voted for Dole.  Even though I liked everything Clinton had to say.  I was of college age at the time and he talked about wanting every kid to be able to go to college.  He talked about the environment. Things I cared about.  So why didn’t I vote him?  Because my party lied to me.  They brought up his pot smoking as a teen.  Like that even mattered but it scared me.  What scared me more?  The fact that he was a secret communist!  I actually believed that shit.  I look back and am so ashamed of myself.  Because young Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and much smarter than the average republican they do what they always do to get votes.  They make you afraid.  The showed pictures of Bill Clinton looking like a hippie in Russia.  I thought, “He’s been to Russia and he looks happy in that photo, he’s got to be a communist.  Why would my party lie to me?  They wouldn’t do that.  Republicans stand for Truth, Justice and the American Way!  Those democrats are a bunch of socialist, communist cowards that can’t be trusted.  I believed that!

20 years later it turns out that about the only flaw of Bill Clinton’s was that he, like Kennedy, liked to have a sex with anyone that said yes to him.  He didn’t take away our guns.  He didn’t doom the economy.  Remember the recession he inherited from the first George Bush?  When he left office this country had one of the most booming economies ever!  So what do we all do.  We vote for Bush Jr. because we were tired of all the scandal around Clinton the democrat.

However, just think about his “scandals” for a minute.  They mostly all were about who he slept with.  The republicans at the time had nothing else to go on.  The economy was rebounding, housing markets and unemployment were up.  They had nothing to go after him with but a sex scandal.  Because he lied about it, it was worthy of impeachment?  Are you kidding me?  We wasted millions on that crap!  Under Bush Jr. we went to war with Iraq because the republicans lied about WMD’s and they lied about Al-Qaeda.  For the first time in history we went to war with a country that didn’t attack us fist.  We became the aggressor over lies.  Thousands have died over Bush’s push to go to war with Iraq and there were no impeachments, no outrage from the republicans.  He flat out lied to our faces and it caused thousands and thousands of deaths.  Bill Clinton bangs an intern and denies it.  He get’s slapped with an impeachment trial.

So we ignore the fact that Bush Jr. can barely speak full sentences.  He starts two wars, adding trillions to the deficit and refuses to capture Osama.  He had multiple chances to capture him and pissed them all away.  In seven years, Bush couldn’t catch Osama?  I wonder why that is?  Could it possibly be that republicans can only rule by fear and if there’s no fear, they  can’t win?  So if we catch the Boogeyman then there’s no more fear.  Granted that is just an opinion of mine with little facts to back it up.  Just the actions of a president who blew at least two opportunities to catch Osama and said in a speech that getting Osama was not his top priority.   So the party has in fact been telling me lies since I could first vote!

What I have learned is that both sides lie.  It’s just that lies told by the left seem to be mostly honest mistakes and not really lies most of the time.  I have fact checked a lot of things the past 7 years and I just have not seen where the so called liberal media is deceiving anybody with constant lies.  Where as the republicans seem to not be able to stop lying.  Almost everything that comes out of their mouth is lie or half truth.  Don’t believe me.  Just sign up to an independent fact checking site like Snopes, FactCheck.org or PolitiFact.com.  You will be amazed at how many times they have to correct something a republican has said.

Here’s just a few examples so you can see for yourself…

Third term for Obama?

Cheney’s Misguided Missile Attack

Medicare Under Observation

Cruz Distorts ACA Impact on Seniors, Children

Take a look at all the fact checking on Ted Cruz, the man appears to be incapable of telling the truth. Look at all these times he’s told bold face lies.

On a side note and to be completely honest I need to admit something that I just learned but had suspected. I mentioned early in the post that politifact.com is an independent fact checking site when they are not. They really seam to lean towards the left. As I mentioned, I take things seriously when I post about them. If I claim it, I have researched it or I will admit that I haven’t. It turns out the that independent fact checking site politifact.com has been wrong a couple of times with regards to Obamcare on the same issue. They have since corrected themselves. But, even when they did they still took the easy way out and didn’t completely own up to it.

They did however correct themselves. And, they did win the Pulitzer for National Reporting for our coverage of the 2008 election. However, fact checking sites need to be above reproach, they need to be independent and non-partisan. I still trust them but I also fact check them before I post something they claim. I do that with every fact checking site though. I bring this up because I had originally listed several lies told by republicans reported by politifact. I deleted them as I don’t want any conservative to find this page and think for a second that’s chose to post politifact.com reports because they are known to be a leftest reporting agency. So instead I listed the above reports by factcheck.org who is unbiased in their reporting.



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