Aug 19

Jesse Williams the Actor Promotes Stupidity and Ignroance!

Jesse WillamsI was just reading what actor Jesse Williams said on CNN and I became outraged at his total ignorance and racist attitude.  Yes, I am calling a him racists.  I am also calling him uninformed and quite possibly stupid but definitely shallow.  But, please don’t get me wrong I truly believes he means well and I am sure he is a wonderful person but in this some of the shit he said was uninformed, biased and racists.

I then saw another article about Jesse that popped up on my Facebook feed from the UPWORTHY Facebook page.  I started to rant about it.  It soon became way too long to post it there so I decided to post it here.  This has added benefits of allowing me to get it out of system and not having to worry about a bunch well intentioned liberals going off on me, because no one reads my blog.  I have no traffic to this site.  It’s my safe way to feel as though I am shouting my thoughts and feelings to the world but not really because no reads it.  So anyways, that happened to me last in another Facebook post claiming that FOX News is making the Michael Brown look bad by suggesting that he was on drugs.  I started to laugh out loud.  I commented, with a mini-rant, a “rantlet” if you will (rantlet, see what I did there?)  So my rant started with, “FOX News is making him look bad?  Really? I thought him committing a robbery and going for a cops gun made him look bad. Hell if he was on drugs at least that would explain his bad behavior.”

As you can imagine, several liberal heads nearly exploded.  As much as I tend to lean towards the left, I am not a liberal or a democrat.  I know that most of my posts are slamming Conservatives and Christians but that’s only because their hypocrisy and ability to tell such bold face lies with a straight face is so overwhelmingly shocking to me that I can’t help but to point it out, to yell and call them names and to most of all mock them.  I used to be a republican and now it’s something I am ashamed of.  However, my liberal brothers and sisters can at times be just as full of shit.  This Michael Brown tragedy is one of those times.  So, below is what I didn’t post in the comments in section of an UPWORTHY post that was praising the idiot ramblings of actor Jesse Williams.

Is this the same uninformed person that actually said this doesn’t happen to white people? He’s words are saddening and offensive. A bunch of white cops beat a white guy to death who suffered from schizophrenia and was homeless and then recently acquitted in Fullerton, CA. Where was the public outcry, mass protests and riots? In Texas a few years back a white veteran was killed by a black cop. James Whitehead was an ex-marine as I recall, he was unarmed and killed by a black cop. No protests on this one? No outrage? How about Dillon Taylor in Salt Lake City. The cops there shot and killed this white guy who was also unarmed. They said he “wasn’t following directions.” That’s it. Unarmed and wasn’t following directions and the cops killed this guy. This just happened a few days ago. No nationwide media coverage on this one? Once again no public outrage? Could it possibly because these victims of police violence where all white? That couldn’t be? No? Cause according Jesse Williams this kinda thing doesn’t happen to white people.

And before I start getting bashed here by a bunch of people who think they are so enlightened and so above it all. I am not some hateful, bigoted right wing conservative. I can’t stand them! I have my own personal blog that I had intended to be just that, a personal blog but instead it has turned into rant after rant about these idiot, religious and conservative political nutjobs and the fools who follow them. But, the one thing I can’t stand above all else is those who claim to be fair and humane then turn right around and make the most ridiculous, hypocritical claims that do nothing but promote more hate and anger. It’s absolutely shameful. This guy is an actor making stupid, uninformed claims and providing absolutely no facts to back them up.

I don’t watch FOX News, ever. So I can honestly say that all I have heard from the media is that Michael Brown was surrendering when he was shot and killed by a white cop. That he was about to start college oh and that he might have committed a robbery. Other than that he was a good kid. Doesn’t matter there’s a video of him clearly committing a robbery, he’s only a suspect. Doesn’t matter that what started the entire incident is that this “kid” was walking down the middle of street like he and his friend owned the damn thing. And that the main witness is an oh so credible friend with tear drop tats said that Michael Brown was surrendering. Doesn’t matter what the cop claims. I guess his word means nothing. Doesn’t matter that he might have feared for his life when Michael Brown went for his gun. Doesn’t matter that the officer just might have thought that when Michael was turning around to supposedly surrender that from the cops perspective it looked he was reaching for gun or knife. None of that matters because it seems that every liberal website in the world has already condemned the cop. It amazes me that Michael Brown was just a robbery suspect and the cop has already been convicted of murder by so many.

In my eyes this is a tragic situation. Absolutely the most horrific outcome possible. The sad part was that it all could have been avoided. Had these two friends not been breaking the law by walking down the middle of the road. The cop would have had never had to stop for them to tell them to get out of the road. Had Michael Brown not gone for the officer’s gun, “allegedly”, this would have never happened. These are the facts of the case as we know we them. This was what lead this troubled young man to his death. I am not saying that the cop isn’t guilty of murder. I don’t know what they cop is guilty of yet, do you know why? Because it hasn’t been investigated yet! None of us know yet. We only know what we have been told by a witness that has more reason to be biased than not. And by a police department that also has every reason to be biased. But, I guess it’s too late for this. This case has already been turned into a civil rights issue because it was a white cop and black victim. That’s it. That’s all it takes in this country and how truly sad is that. We don’t even give the police a chance to explain their actions. Because we don’t understand what it’s like to be a cop. We will never understand the risks they take and the toll the job can take on them. The white cop is always the racists. Is this just how we play it now?

And the “liberal” media is just glorifying this situation along with the liberal Facebook pages. (I am not saying all the media is liberal, just saying that some media is but I am not one of those people that believe that everything not FOX News is the liberal media.) They are outraged over this incident! I have liked all these liberal FB pages and almost every post they make if it’s not telling me about something stupid a conservative has done it’s telling me how unjust this shooting was. And yet, not one of these sites have put in half the effort if any at all into the unarmed white people who have died at the hands of the cops I mentioned above as they have over the Michael Brown shooting. I guess those white deaths just weren’t as important. And, according to the blindly racist and uninformed Jesse Williams, they never even happened!

I know this site and all the liberal sites that I follow are well meaning. But, perhaps they should take a look in the mirror every once and a while. So many times they are so biased and uniformed and hypocritical that it’s simply shameful and embarrassing. It’s one of the things that I can’t stand about FOX News. They take a story and spin it with such a simple and easy to swallow lie or half truth that is biased. Then the sheep watching it just believe it and become outraged over what they are being told. And, if the liberals don’t think that the same is being done to them in this case, they are sorely mistaken. I follow the same sites and I can tell when I being played, and in this case, I am being played. We’re all being played. You have from what I read by my liberal sources that FOX News is down playing the unarmed fact instead pushing the robbery aspect and criminal aspect of what the kid did. The liberal media outlets are pushing the unarmed, good kid leaving for college, racial violence aspect of the case. Has everyone lost their sense of reality anymore? Have we all turned into a bunch of sheep that don’t know what to think unless we’re told by whatever media coverage we choose to listen to, be it the left or the right? Because in this case, I see racists on both sides and sickens me. The conservatives are claiming racism for the reason I stated above. Liberals are claiming racism because it was a white cop and a black victim.

As far as the actual events of the case, there has been absolutely no proof that race played any part in this case. None. The cop has no history of racism. In fact he has won an award for being a good cop. In his six years as cop prior to this shooting he has had no claims of abuse against him. In the six days prior to this shooting, Michael Brown, had probably committed a robbery, assaulted a cop, went for a cops gun and last and least, was jaywalking. So isn’t it just a little possible that maybe race has nothing to do with this case? Have we all become so liberal that it’s not even worth considering? It’s a white cop, black kid, of course the cop is guilty. Let’s go ahead and convict the cop let’s pass our judgments. Remember as a liberals it’s only okay for us to pass judgments without all the facts. When Conservatives do it, they’re ignorant, stupid, misinformed, hypocritical liars. When we do it, we’re enlightened, free thinking people. What a joke. Seriously such a tragic event and both sides of the media pushing an agenda instead doing what they should be doing and simply presenting the facts as we know them and letting us make up our own minds.



Aug 08

5 Truths You CANNOT Disagree With!

Conservative Christian Bullshit

Conservative Christian Bullshit

This was just posted by a friend of mine. Someone who is openly religious. I am guessing Christian but I don’t know. I did find it full of such hypocrisy that I had to rant about it. Seriously how any Christian could post this kind of bullshit propaganda is amazing to me. Well, no it’s not. I actually would be surprised if a Christian didn’t believe in this kind of bullshit. Because this type of un-Christian thinking has to be stopped. I don’t blame the Christians and conservative followers for posting this type of ignorant propaganda. I know that most conservative Christians I have met are actually good decent people like my friend who posted this meme. Really good guy, and I hope he reads this. I also hope he doesn’t hate me for completely disagreeing with him.

I don’t honestly believe he believes this crap. I think this type of bullshit propaganda was sold to him by politicians. Politicians that want to take his hard earned money and give it to the rich. Most people don’t see this because conservatives are very effective at taking the simple route to their politics. They take very difficult issues like economics and world issues and break them down into simple taglines and many times flat out lies that are easy to believe. These types of people don’t see this because they are told that big government is always bad and always trying to take things from them. So it’s easy for conservative politicians to call out anything democrats want to do that costs money.  Sadly republicans never turn that same microscope on themselves.

So when I saw my friend post this truly misleading and hypocritical meme, I couldn’t help myself.  I took a breath and calmed down after reading all the truly ridiculous and misleading statements this meme implies, I had to respond. So allow me to point out the ignorance and propaganda this meme has to offer.

The first truth listed is pointless because no one is trying to legislate the poor into prosperity. This is a misleading and completely misleading view of what some politicians are trying to help the poor and middle classes. What some people are trying to do at the very least is level the playing field. That doesn’t mean making everyone the same or making everyone have the socioeconomic status. It is an attempt to help those like the homeless and the poor better themselves if they choose to be helped. Not all poor and homeless are lazy. Some just made bad financial decisions. Other made bad personal decisions. The vast majority are not lazy. This has been proven time after time and yet people still like to believe that people are poor because they are lazy.

The second truth listed is such an anti-Christian statement it boggles the mind! It shouldn’t even be on the radar of a good Christian. I can certainly quote Christ all day with how he felt about the poor and how he felt they should be treated. And, this ridiculous and completely selfish statement just goes to show the mentality of some Christians, I got mine because I worked for it and screw anyone that wants to take away what I worked so hard for! How sad is that? Especially from a group of people that claim to follow the teachings of Jesus. It was Jesus who said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Well who do you think is supposed to teach him to fish? The families that have given up on them? And that statement doesn’t say not to feed them. It just says that you can do so much more than just feeding them!

The third truth is so completely hypocritical. It is absolutely true however. Let’s look at what the government gives away. Here’s just one little fact. It would cost an estimated 79 billion dollars to end poverty in this country. (though I will admit you can never really end it, there are some folks that are just lazy and have no desire to work for a damn thing. However, it would completely put an end to anyone who didn’t choose to be poor or homeless.) 79 Billion sounds like a lot until you look at just this year alone the republicans want to give over 700 billion in corporate subsidies to this country’s wealthiest businesses. 700 Billion dollars. Are you kidding me? Record profit last year, the stock market hit its highest levels ever and republicans want to give it all away to the rich. And, what these same conservatives do to help the poor? They took away over 4 billion in food stamps from the poor and hungry. Why aren’t republicans and their followers upset about this fact? Because it’s easy to shame the poor and make them feel guilty about while giving away a ridiculous amount of subsidies to business that absolutely do not need them!

And, stupid truth number five. Who are these “half of the people”? Can anyone point to one statistic that shows that one half of this country doesn’t want to work? This stupid statement is designed solely to make the average conservative enraged and angry with the poor. The idiocy of this statement and it’s misleading point it’s trying to make means nothing. This is not a threat, it’s not a problem, it’s never been a problem in this country. And, almost every other country you study that takes care of the poor, you find that almost all of them have better economies then the U.S does.

I just can’t believe that person I believe to be a Christian posted this crap. I hope this person doesn’t really believe this kinda propaganda bullshit. because their post goes against everything that Christ tried to preach. Christ washed the feet of the poor! He gave up almost everything he had to help the poor and the week. It was kinda his thing. Does anyone honestly believe he would approve of this kind of thinking? Jesus didn’t just post a few prayer memes on Facebook and drop a few bucks in the basket at church.  As the story goes, he actually practiced what he preached and what he preached wasn’t on the meme above at all!

Here’s a better list, a true Christian list that all 2.5 people that might actually read this blog post can feel free to pass around. I just made it. I hope you like it.

5 Real Truths Any Christian Should Be Proud To Post

5 Real Truths Any Christian Should Be Proud To Post



Aug 07

Some Basic Shark Facts!

San Antonio Douche Bag Catches 800 Tiger SharkLast night in my Facebook news feed I came across a story that ABC 7′s news feed put out about an idiot fisherman from San Antonio.  He spent 8 hours killing an 800 pound Tiger shark off the coast.  I tried to not rage about it and failed miserably.  My anger and frustration was put forth in mini-rant left in the comments section.  It was than followed by a smaller rant when I shared ABC 7′s post on my timeline.

This morning I noticed a response from one of my Facebook friends asking some very good questions.  I spent about 30 minutes trying to answer them the best I could.  I am not a shark expert.  Although, maybe I am?  I seem to know more about sharks than anyone I know.  I’ve have been watch Shark Week from the very beginning.  But honestly, I don’t really consider myself to be an expert.  Just educated on the topic is all.

So, I thought that I would put together some basic information here.  Information that answers very basic questions people might have as well as some links to where I got the information. These are just basic questions about populations, fatal attacks and a few things along those lines.  Now, I would never expect anyone to just believe me.  You should always fact check your information by checking at least two different legitimate sites.  I don’t have time to list to a bunch of sites but I will try to list at least one reputable site when I post things as facts.  If you want to question what I say beyond what I say and the links provided, please do so.

How many people do sharks kill on average per year?

On average about 4.2 but it really does vary I’ve seen years where the numbers have been between 11 and 15.  But the average is still about 4.2 a year worldwide.

 How many sharks do we kill per year?

About 100,000,000!  That’s right, 100 million!

How many sharks are there?

There are an estimated 1,000,000,000 that’s 1 billion for the numerically impaired out there.  However, this is just an estimate.  No one knows for sure.

How many kinds of sharks are there?

There are at least 440 species of sharks.  Most of them are completely harmless.
Some Different Shark Species

 If there are so many sharks, how can they considered to be endangered?

I know how to answer this but I am not sure how to link to just one or two sites to show where I got my facts my from.  I will post some links of course but they won’t give you the full story so I suggest you do your own research or just take my word for it.  Though I am not going to lie to you, it’s always best to do your own research.

Not all sharks are considered to be endangered.  As I mentioned earlier there are well over 400 species of sharks and most of them go unnoticed by society as they aren’t threatening to us.  It’s the large sharks mostly that are endangered.

I think the first thing to understand is the world’s oceans take up most of the Earth’s surface.  About 70% of the earths surface is covered by water.  That’s a lot of water.  Now consider that the larger, endangered sharks are the ocean’s top predator.  They are the top of the food chain.  When their numbers decline it effects everything else in the ocean straight down to plankton.  That also means that they effect the whales and even coral reefs.

Another way to look at is to consider the world’s population is 7 billion.  It sounds like a lot doesn’t it.  But, in reality, if you placed a two foot by two foot square on the ground and then placed them side by side, the worlds population could fit in LA County.  Now we’re talking about maybe just a billion sharks world wide.  So we’ve got 7 billion people living in 30% of the world that consists of land.  The remaining 70% is filled by just 1 billion sharks.  Now when you consider that it’s mainly just the large sharks, the ones we consider to be the top predators, the numbers are so much smaller.  Yet, they are completely responsible for the ocean’s food chain.  The more we kill, the more damage we do to the world’s oceans.
(See question number two and then scroll down to see the answer.)

How do we kill so many sharks?

We are fishing them into extinction.  Many places around the world there is a thing called Shark Fin Soup.  Sharks are killed by the thousands every hour by these fisherman.  It is a brutal, horrific and cruel death for these sharks.  These inhumane bastards catch the sharks an then cut off all their fins while the shark is still alive.  They are then just tossed off the ship, again, still alive as they spiral down to the bottom of the ocean where they suffocate and die or are killed by the enormous pressure along the way.

Then there’s the idiots that just kill sharks for the fun of it.  The typical moronic actions of sports hunters.  A perfect example of this type of moron is Ryan Spring from San Antonio. The guy spent 8 hours killing a Tiger shark for no reason.  Or if there was a reason, he isn’t saying.  He did say that he is going to donate the meat to charity.  But, that’s a lot like killing someone for fun and then saying, “It’s okay, I plan to do some community service so it’s all good.”

Shark Fins by Getty Images

Shark Fins by Getty Images

I hope this answer some questions.  I enjoyed writing about it and I think if I get some more time I will try to write another shark themed article on the best ways to avoid getting attacked or killed by sharks. Sure you could just stay out of the worlds oceans and rivers but what kinda fun is that?  Yes, I did just say “rivers”.   If you didn’t know, there are some species of sharks that can swim in fresh water.  Sorry to ruin your next trip to the river…





Aug 05

A Few Reasons Why Jon Voight Is An Idiot!

Jon Voight - Picture Of An Idiot

Jon Voight – Picture Of An Idiot

I will admit that I didn’t know much about the actor Jon Voight before writing this blog post. I knew of course that he is at times a good actor and has been in a lot of movies, several of which I have actually seen.  But, he’s not on my personal list of actors that I really like.  My list has nothing to do with politics or religion.  There’s just something about them, usually their acting ability.  Maybe I saw them on a talk show and they made me smile.  Sometimes my opinion changes.  For example, I used to love Tom Cruise but over the last few years I have lost that loving feeling.  So today I read an offensive article written by Jon Voight today condemning two actors I don’t even really care about that much.

I guess what set Jon Voight off was that these two actors condemned Israel for killing the shit out of Palestinians.  Apparently Jon Voight is all for the mass murder committed by Israel. I guess, if you don’t agree with everything Israel does it makes you anti-semitic.  I don’t think anyone disagrees with Israels right to defend itself.  I think what is offensive to most compassionate and logical human beings is the complete bullshit that Israel is using to justified it’s killing of so many Palestinians.  Any military response needs to be proportional to the original attack.  You can look at the death tolls and see that Israels response is anything but proportionate.

According to Jon Voight this makes you anti-semitic?  That’s bullshit.  To put it another way, it’s why when we sentence a killer to death, no matter how many people he or she has killed, we don’t also put his whole family and all his friends to death.

Jon Voight makes another stupid statement in his response.  He says that Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem owe their success to America.  I hate to tell him this but both of them were pretty big stars long before they were noticed by U.S audiences.  In fact, they aren’t even U.S citizens that I am aware of.  Though they maybe now.  They had one child in the U.S.  Maybe since then they have applied for citizenship?  But, it’s irrelevant.  They don’t owe their success to America. They worked long and hard at their a careers before they ever became famous in the U.S.

Now, I have to admit there was a lot of truth in Voight’s comments.  However, I find the irony of his comments to be overwhelmingly offensive. He condemns these two Spanish actors for not getting their facts straight and then to justify his own feelings turns around does the same thing.  But, I am not calling him a racist because he only attacked Spanish people for showing their disgust at the mass killings. I am just simply calling him an idiot.

Anyways, it made me wonder what other stupid shit has he said?  I remember several years ago he was crying on some talk show because his daughter, Angelina Jolie wasn’t talking to him.  At the time I didn’t really care.  I felt embarrassed by his public outcry.  But, now I wanted to know so I did a little research. It tuns out that way back in 1977 Jon Voight cheated on his wife, Jolie’s mother.  Though she was aware of this Jolie apparently tried to keep a relationship with him.  But, after her mother’s death in 2007 a friend of the Jolie’s mother released some letters written to her that detailed the pain Jolie’s mother went through over Jon’s affair.

So if your keeping count, we got two strikes against Jon Voight.  Hypocrisy and cheating.  Sure none of us are perfect.  I don’t believe it’s any one single thing that makes us a bad person or a good person.  It’s the sum of all our parts.  And, with Jon, there’s a whole lotta stupid parts

Next up, his 2008 letter to America calling the democrats and Obama “socialists”.  This is something conservatives have a hard time grasping.  Wanting a government to take care of it’s people does not make you a socialist.  Liking some things that socialists like or believe, does not make you a socialist.  I like when the bad guy get’s blown away at the end of the movie.  If that person happens to be black it, doesn’t make me a racists.  If I think free healthcare is a good idea, it doesn’t make a socialist.  It makes me a human being.  If can spend trillions on two wars completely unnecessary wars, we can spent less money and give everyone free or very, very low healthcare premiums.  I support the death penalty in some cases, it doesn’t make me a member of the Tea Party.   See how this works?

Keeping in mind this letter was written before Obama became president, if you take the time read his letter you will see it filled with total bullshit about Obama.  This nonsensical fear of democrats conservative morons is laughable.  He also said in the letter that Obama wanting to end the war is a bad thing because Obama doesn’t understand our enemies.  That if we leave our enemies will take over.

Now, some might say that Voight was obviously right because we left and the bad guys are trying to take over..  He’s not not right.  He left out the part the that he main guy running Isis was released thanks to deal that Bush made before left office.  Voight leaves out of his letter is that Iraq were our enemies long before Obama ran for president.  What he forgot to mention was that it was the U.S that helped to put Saddam in power in the first place.  And, most of all what he forgot to mention was that our war with Iraq was the first time in this countries history that we ever attacked another country that didn’t attack us first.  Let’s also keep in mind that not only did we start the war with Iraq, it was completely unjustified.  That the rumors of WMD’s was a lie.  That the reports of al-qaeda in Iraq was also a lie.  The two reasons we started a war with this country were both based on lies told by the republican leadership.  But, it is all Obama’s fault for wanting to get U.S and allied troops out of there.  That he no longer wanted our troops to die over war based on a fucking lie and Obama is the bad guy.  So once again, Jon Voight proves himself to be an full shit of idiot like just about all of the conservative membership.

What else is there?   I know, he’s a liar, a cheater and politically delusional but could there be any more reasons why he’s an idiot?  Yep!

2010, he writes an open letter to Obama calling him a liar and promoting anti-semitc views when Obama didn’t do anything of the sort.

Jon Voight says he supports Israel because of the bible.  That’s great, it’s good to know that he must also then agree with racism, bigotry, sexism and believe that being gay is sin.  Or maybe he’s just one of those douche bags that picks and chooses what he wants to believe in the bible based solely on what they want to believe and nothing else.

As I said, it’s not just one thing that proves Jon Voight to be an idiot of epic of epic proportions, it’s a long list of stupidity that leads any rational human being to this conclusion.



Aug 02

How I Quit Smoking And Stayed Quit For Over A Year!

Smoker Lighting A Cigarette

Not me anymore!

It’s August 2nd 2014 as I write this and as the title says I did in fact quite one year ago today.  It was August 2nd 2013 that I quit smoking.  So actually, it’s been a year and a day but let’s not nitpick.  The year hasn’t been easy and my life has changed a lot since then.  I’ve had to deal withdrawals, serious health issues, prescription medications, frustrations, depression, legal issues and of course there’s that time I killed a prostitute.

Okay, I didn’t really have any depression.   But, it was a difficult year for a great many reasons.  I really did have a lot of the above issues.  However, my biggest triumph is that I quit smoking.  I always new that I would quit someday.  And, August 1st of last year I had no plans to quit the following day. So what made me quit and how did I do it?

They say that you should plan to quit.  You shouldn’t just wake up and quit.  That you need to plan for it, be prepared for it.  I did none of that really.  Of course I knew that someday I would quit but it was day long off into the future.  I had this idea that I would first lose some weight and have beautiful, wonderful girlfriend that didn’t smoke and she would help me through it.  That I would want to quit for not only her but for myself.

But, before I get into how I quit, let me briefly say briefly what didn’t help me quit.  I do this because I hope that maybe the liars and the morons behind why I didn’t quit sooner will read this and see that for all their bullshit, they had absolutely nothing to do with helping me quit and actually encouraged me to continue smoking.  I am talking about all the bullshit “facts” about smokers.  (not saying that all facts on why you should quit smoking are bullshit.  I am just saying that many “facts’ aren’t really facts they’re more like misleading misuse of the facts.)  I am talking about all the commercials that tried to shame me or scare me into quitting smoking.  The commercials that misrepresent the facts in order to scare you.

Looking at pictures and videos of people with holes in their throats didn’t do shit for me.  That blonde lady who is now dead with that hole in her throat trying to scare me into quitting was such bullshit.  I love how they added CGI smoke coming out of her throat.  I love how all these commercials completely misrepresent the facts using scare tactics and bullshit.  It didn’t work for me, it had the opposite effect actually.  I would become defiant when I saw these ads or heard of these so called facts.  All the bullshit around second hand smoke.  Is it dangerous? It can be.  If you work around it all day long the facts absolutely suggest that it can be.  So, if this bothers you.  Don’t work around it.  It’s pretty simple really.  If you’re walking in a well ventilated area and happen to get a whiff of someones second smoke, you’re not going to die.  You will probably have that disgusting smoke smell on you but it’s not really going to cause you any harm unless you already have severe respiratory issues.  So let’s just be honest about this and lose the cult mentality over it.

Let’s be honest about the numbers here.  The vast majority of smokers don’t die because they smoked.  Both my grandfathers smoked most of their adult lives and their deaths had nothing to do with smoking.  This isn’t to say that it’s a good idea to start smoking or that I condone it.  It is bad for, it can kill you.  The science doesn’t just suggest it, it proves it!  But to say smoking kills is misleading.  Smoking can kill.  That’s more factual.  But, my point here isn’t about the science.  It’s about the advertising that didn’t work for me.

You couldn’t scare me into quitting by throwing bullshit facts in my face.  Like the one that says over 500,000 people die every year from a smoking related illness.  That’s really misleading.  Because it implies that over 500,000 people die from smoking every year.  They do not.  Or if they do I have never any data that suggests it.  What they did there is add up all the ways in which people can die that also relate to illnesses that smoking can help to cause.  A great example is lung cancer.    A lot of smokers die from this.  But, so do a lot of people who don’t smoke, who never smoked and they still died from lung cancer.  But, their death, because it’s was caused by an illness that can be attributed to smoking.  This is total bullshit.  Their death was not caused by smoking.

Let me clear that up.  Let’s say that last year 25,000 people died of lung cancer.  Of those 25,000 people 15,000 of them were actual smokers.  It doesn’t matter.  Lung cancer is considered a smoking related illness.  So, the anti-smoking lobby can say those 25 people died of a smoking related illness.  Do you see how misleading that is? It implies that all 25,000 people were smokers.  So you can’t believe these people and that is a terrible thing.  Because smoking is bad for you and it can kill you.  I am just saying that you don’t need to make shit up about how bad smoking is.  The science is there.   Don’t scare me with bullshit.  Nicorette Fruit Chill Gum TV Commercial

So what did help?  A few commercials motivated me when I did quit.  Granted I didn’t use their methods but the commercials themselves made me feel better about myself by supporting me in a positive way.  Those commercials where a person is asked if they want to have a smoke break or is faced with a situation where they would normally smoke but they choose not to. Then the tiny band pops up singing, “I just want to celebrate!”  I thought of those commercial almost every time I wanted a smoke and didn’t have one.  I pictured that tiny band singing that song to me.  There was also the commercial with the little line cartoon and the guy smoking that wanted to quit but keeps smoking.  The narrator tells him it’s not easy but there’s help if he wants it and he just need to call some 800 number.  It was again a positive commercial.  It didn’t try to scare me or shame me.  It tried to support me.  It offered help not a scare tactic.  It offered compassion not shame.

When August 2nd 2013 rolled around I had already been planning on going to Laughlin for my upcoming birthday on the 27th. I love the Colorado Belle, if I could move in there I would.   I wanted to save some money.  I had just bought an eCig and my thought was that if I can smoke this more often instead of smoking a real cigarette I could save a good 60 or 70 bucks before my trip.

I was at Walmart on the 2nd and I had walked by the nicotine patches then I saw the gum.  I thought, just for the heck of it, what if I just try to quit for a day?  Maybe I could just actually smoke less.  Maybe just have one or two smokes a day with the help of the gum.  I bought a pack for 30 bucks.  I got home and started chewing.  I think I had 3 or 4 pieces that day?  With each hour that passed I started to wonder, how long can I go before I just have to break down and smoke?  By the end of the day smoking was all I could think of.  I had trouble sitting still.  The thought of smoking was consuming me.

However, another thought was creeping into my head.  What if I could actually quit smoking.  My dad quit smoking 10 or 15 years ago.  My grandfather on my mother’s side quit smoking in the late 70′s.  I remember it well.  He lived with us.  I was just kid back then.  But, I remember him coming home from a brief stay in the hospital.  The doctor had told him he didn’t have a choice, he had to quit.  He never smoked again.  Keeping them in mind also was a great help.  If they could do it, so I could I.  Then I started to think, I made it through the day, maybe I can make it through another day.

It was rough but I made it through.  I stopped taking the gum after the first day.  As I understand it, the patch and the gum just add to your suffering because it keeps the nicotine in your system.  Without them the nicotine is out of your system in about 48 hours.  I could be wrong about that but it’s what I had heard.  I thought, let’s get that crap out of my system.

I knew the hard part of quitting would be the habit.  It’s truly is a two step process.  You have to get the nicotine out of your system.  That’s actually the easy part.  The difficult part is breaking the habit.  For me, I would work at my desk in front of the computer all day and about every hour I would get up for a smoke break.  I’d be out at the side door of my garage taking that glorious, relaxing smoke break.  I loved those!  I would have one if I had to wait for something, anything, if I had to wait for something and it was going to take more than a minute, I was out on a smoke break.  I would have one before dinner and of course there’s not much better than the after dinner smoke break.  And, having one with my morning coffee.

Smoking is a habit and giving up all those wonderful breaks can be one of the hardest things you will ever do.  I decided to try and fool my brain.  I went and bought some Red Vines.  I would grab 4 or 5 of them when I craved a smoke break.  I would go to my usual smoke break spot and bite the ends off the Red Vines and pretend it was a cigarette.  I would actually inhale through the thing like it was a smoke.  It sounds so silly now but damn it didn’t really help me!  I would take a long drag and then a bite.  Those 4 or 5 vines would take about as long as smoke break to go through.  I can’t express how much this helped me get through it.

I think the most difficult day was day 3 or 4?  I was miserable.  I was in such a bad mood that day.  I just wanted to beat or kill everyone.  Everything was pissing me off.  I wasn’t expecting that it was the closest I ever came to cheating on my new resolution and having a smoke.  I kept telling myself.  “Don’t kill yourself, you can have just one smoke.  You deserve it!”  Somehow, I made it through that day and didn’t smoke at all.

I kept up the Red Vines trick for about a week and a half.  By this time, I still wanted to smoke.  But, I could finally have brief moments where I wouldn’t think about smoking.  It still wasn’t easy.  I loved smoking.  I knew it was bad for me, I couldn’t even take full deep breaths any more.  And all that crap about Erectile Dysfunction was somewhat true.  I don’t want to get into the gory details other than to briefly say I had some issues over it.  I wasn’t completely broke down there but there were some “getting there” issues.  I look back at all the years of some less than stellar moments in the bedroom and at times it makes me wish I could get a “do-over”.  But, that’s how powerful the control smoking can have over you.

The Red Vines weren’t my only help.  I have to admit that I always hated smoking.  When I was teenager I couldn’t stand it.  I looked down at smoker in some ways.  I always knew it was bad for you.  It always stinks and you can always smell people who smoke.  Now, I walk past some people and I can smell it so strongly that it almost makes me gag.

This was one of the joys of quitting.  Since I worked at home and I don’t date much if at all any more.   I don’t go out unless it’s to go see my kids or go shopping.  That smoking smell just soaks in.  Because of it, I never could just really go out at the drop of a hat.  I knew I smelled so if I suddenly realized I needed something from the store for example, I would have to take a shower just so that I wouldn’t stink as bad.  It was always a hassle.  In fact that was the biggest reason I kept not smoking once I finally quit.  I didn’t really care about my health enough to quit.  I loved smoking too much.  There are few things better than enjoying a good smoke break.  It made quitting more difficult for me because I loved it.  I still do love the idea of it.  But, the reality of tit is what keeps me from smoking.

I love not having to spend the money on it.  I love that I don’t stink like smoke any more.  I feel better about myself knowing that I don’t have all that crap in my body anymore.  It’s been a year and there are times I think about smoking.  In fact I still have 3 and a half packs sitting out in the garage that I haven’t touched since August 1st 2013.  I keep them there as a reminder.  For some reason it helped me knowing that they were there in case I ever really needed them.  It took long a time and I am glad to say that after a year, I still look at them.  It’s just that now I don’t keep them because I might really need them.  I keep them as a reminder that I never did really need them.



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