Why I Don’t Want Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill!

Harriet Tubman's Face On the 20 Bill

Why I Don’t Want Harriet Tubman’s Face On the $20 Bill!

Okay, calm down.  I know all my liberal brothers and sisters heads are on the verge of exploding but please hear me out before you condemn me as some right wing teabagger. Because trust me, I’m not.

There are several reason and……

Can You Heal Cavities With Coconut Oil?

The bullshit behind Oil Pushing

Can You Heal Cavities With Coconut Oil?

Recently I have seen more and more tweets and Facebook posts claiming that you can heal cavities and whiten your teeth with coconut oil in what has become known as “Swishing” or “Oil Pulling”.  It sounded like some kind of quackery that Dr. Oz or Gwyneth Paltrow……

Why Is “Processed Food” So Cheap? A Stupid Question Answered.

Dumb Processed Food Question

There are few things I hate more than stupid questions.  I am talking specifically about questions that are supposed to make you think but if you actually think it……

Go Home Trees, You’re Drunk!


It’s a serious problem society overlooks but not today. Today we take an in depth look at the serious affects tipsy timbers…

It Wasn’t a Miracle and Violence Breeds Violence.

It Wasn’t A Miracle And Violence Breeds Violence

It Wasn’t a Miracle and Violence Breeds Violence.

Before I begin this rant, let me start by saying that things I am going to say are opinions.  I may present some facts that support my opinions here but these are just opinions.  Thoughts that are open to debate.  Points that I may have overlooked. ……

Why I Hate Going To Movie Theaters

My rage at stupid at movie theaters

Your first thought might be the cost of it all that I hate.  It is expensive, too expensive I would say but that isn’t what keeps me from going.  It’s the stupid, disrespect douchebags that always sit around me.  You know the types.  Those that like to make themselves at home by putting……

Why is “In God We Trust” On Our Money?


The simple answer is because one Christian reverend whined loud enough until someone in the government with a sympathetic ear gave in. According to the U.S. Department of Treasury it all started with a letter written by Rev. M. R. Watkinson.  A Minister of the Gospel from Ridleyville, Pennsylvania in 1861 during the……