Oct 27

How Did Jaylen Fryberg The Marysville Shooter Get The Gun!

jaylen fryberg with his rifle birthday present from mom and dad 300x296 How Did Jaylen Fryberg The Marysville Shooter Get The Gun!I heard that Jaylen Fryberg got his gun from his father.  That was it.  Nothing else?  So that made me start asking questions?  Did his father leave the gun out?  Was the gun safely secured and the kid stole the key?  I want to know the details, this is important news and no one seems to be covering.  Now I just read from a gossip site that the Jaylen Fryberg received the gun as birthday present from his parent!  If this is true?  How sad is it, that I had to get this information from from a fucking gossip site and not the actual news!  (Before I actually post this I am going to try and verify the truth behind the birthday present story.  It’s just that I am so pissed off about this I had to start ranting right away.)

I am in shock that this isn’t a bigger story.  It’s another school shooting by another emotionally unstable asshole that got his gun from a dumbass family member. What level of stupid do you have to be to give a child a fucking gun?  Just the other night I tune into the Discovery Channel and they have a paid advertisement from Henry Rifles.  And, they are showing pictures of little kids, 5 and 6 years old with rifles!  They are talking about how great is to get your kid a gun!  Are you fucking kidding me? I realize the mid-west folks aren’t made of the brightest people.  I mean, seriously.  The mid-west has been filled with the shallow and weak from the time when East coast folks left  with horse and buggy, got hallway to the West coast and said, “Fuck it!  Let’s just stop here and build a house!”

I even ranted about that advertisement on Facebook just a few days ago.  But, again, this is coming from the once great station that has sold out to the stupid people.  The people that believe Mermaids really exist and that the Megalodon still exists thanks to their ridiculous fake documentaries and their raping of their once great Shark Week.  I new they were going downhill a couple of years ago when I saw them allowing paid advertisements from Peter Popoff.  He’s a religious scam artist.  He’s a proven scam artist but Discovery has no problem taking his money so that he can keep ripping off people whose only crime is believing in fairytales.

My point is that I was just ranting about this the other day and how stupid it is to give children guns.  But, let me better rephrase that.  I don’t have a problem giving a kid a gun for his birthday.  I honestly don’t.  I don’t have problems teaching children how to shot.  This is of course within reason.  I hand gun, a single shot rifle.  No kid needs to be shooting fucking automatic weapons.  If you’re letting your kid how to shoot them or teaching kids how to shoot them you’re a fucking idiot.  UNLESS, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a fucking zombie apocalypse.  Until then, let’s just leave the automatics to responsible adult gun owners.  What I do have a problem with is allowing children access to those weapons unsupervised .  Guns are not for children, guns are made to kill animals and people.  That has been and always will be their primary function.  To give a child a gun and not lay down some serious ground rules, to not teach that kid how to properly use a gun and most importantly, to keep that gun out of their little hands unless they are under the adult supervision of a trained professional.  Anything else  should be fucking crime end of story!

But, I have to ask, why is the media not talking about this kid and how he got his hands on a gun?  According to Jaylen’s twitter feed he said, “Probably the best Birthday present ever! I just love my parents!” and posted a photo of him with the firearm.  You can check out Jaylen Fryberg’s Twitter feed here while it’s still active.  And, as you scroll down reading, keep in mind, this a 14 year old kid.  He is obviously emotionally disturbed and no one did anything!   And, to top it off his parents got him a fucking gun!  Where is the story on this?  So many questions. Is the Instagram photo of him with the rifle the same one he used in the shooting?  Was it another gun?  Where did he get it?  And, how in the hell can prevent this from happening again.

One last thing, stop using the constitution as a fucking excuse!  It’s not a perfect document?  For the moronic fucking republicans out there, the Constitution has been amended 27 times so far.  Why?  Because they didn’t get right the first time or they left something out.  People using the Constitution as excuse to not change the Constitution should not be allowed the rights afforded them from all the fucking amendments to it.  You know, specially the big ones like the 2nd one that allows those nuts to have guns in the first place and the 1st one that allows them the right fucking publically speak out in defense of the 2nd one!  Their idiocy is so fucking offensive they take stupid to such high levels, they make other stupid people look smart by comparison!

People are dead, a child killed them and then took his own life.  We need to be asking these questions!  But, most of all we have got make it law that people are responsible for their guns!  No more excuses!  If you own a gun and you don’t keep it secured and it is used by someone to murder, to intimidate or to kill themselves or others the gun owner must also be held accountable!  It’s their fucking gun.  We can longer accept dumbshits to keep their weapons where anyone can gain access to them.  If a gun is stolen and it is shown that they owner did not take due diligence in keeping that weapon secured, then should be charged with a serious crime.  If not the same crime as the person who is using that gun.  I don’t care if it’s a family member that stole it or borrowed it.  It’s a fucking gun not a lawnmower!  You don’t loan them out unless you truly trust that person and if they go and do something stupid with it than you should be held accountable for your poor fucking judgment!  And, if your gun is stolen and you can’t show that it was properly secured, you should also be held accountable.  I am so fucking tired of our children and neighbors dying because of gun nuts and their inability to take any responsibility for the guns they own!  The excuses have got to stop!  There are millions of real life responsible owners out there but it’s always thanks to the idiots that these tragedies keep happening.

At this time I unaware of how Jaylen got the gun used to kill himself and his friends.  I have no official report.  No news coverage.  The only information I have about him and firearms are taken from his own posts on Twitter and Instagram.  These accounts have not been verified by the authorities to my knowledge.  But the information I posted about them is as accurate as possible with the information that was available at the time I posted this article.  As with all my posts.  Though I do my best fact check everything.  These are my opinions based on facts available at the time.  I do not want you to take my word for anything.  Look things up, verify everything, even when it’s on whatever news source you trust.  And, if your new source is the only one reporting something, chances are you shouldn’t trust your news source.  You need to watch and read from multiple sources, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.



Oct 25

Stephanie Hayden: Sons Of Guns Stars Arrested For Abusing A Child!

sons of guns stars arrested for abusing a child 300x225 Stephanie Hayden: Sons Of Guns Stars Arrested For Abusing A Child!Wow, does that family have some issues or what?  I do know that Will Hayden was arrested for being a pedophile.  I know Stephanie first claimed the accusations against her father were false and now claims that he did, in fact, molest her as a child.  Now Stephanie Hayden and her husband, Kris Ford have been arrested for spanking a kid so hard it left marks.  This rant isn’t going to be about Will Hayden and his pedophile issues or Stephanie’s child abuse excuses.  What this rant will be about are all the sick, moronic people supporting the abuse of children.

I am not saying for a second that I think spanking a kid is child abuse.  I am saying that there is difference between a simple spanking and beating your kid so hard that it leaves scars or marks that are visible hours later, you know, like when the cops arrive.

I read a comment by some dumbass who was supporting the abuse Stephanie and Kris committed against their child.  Or rather allegedly committed.  This moron said that spanking is how we learned right from wrong.  Wow, this is how stupid people are.  This is the violent place we live in.  We do not learn right from wrong by spanking our children.  What spanking teaches them is to not do somethings out of a fear of punishment.  That isn’t learning right from wrong.  That is teaching fear and nothing else.

It is the responsibility of our parents to teach our children right from wrong and if necessary to punish them.  What most parents do wrong is to skip the teaching part and go straight to punishment.  Our child screws up and what do we do? We tell them they did wrong and we punish them.  We go straight from the child’s mistake to punishment.  The kid learns real quick that being honest with their parents will get them in trouble and that some things will get them hurt.  What they haven’t learned is why they got in trouble.  Kids don’t know why what they did is wrong, they only know now that their parents say what they did is wrong.  So, chances are they are going to continue do it and just not tell their parents about it.

For example, let’s say two different kids steal money from their mothers purse.  The first kid is spanked, told stealing is wrong is spanked.  The second kid is told that stealing is also wrong but the parent takes the time to explain why stealing is wrong.  Which kid do you think really learned a lesson?  The kid that was just spanked, only knows that stealing is wrong.  But, has no idea why.  Kid’s don’t inherently know why something is wrong.  They need to be taught this.  Show a kid why their behavior is bad and it will change them.  They will grow and learn and be respectful human beings.

People for some reason think that teaching kids right from is like how they learn not to touch the stove top when it’s on.  They touch it, they get burned, end of story.  Even that doesn’t really work because sooner or later they are going to burn their hand when they stove top is off and have no clue why.  However, had you taught them that the stove was hot because fire creates heat and what it heats can take a long time to cool down.  Now they know.  Now they learned something about fire.  Now you they won’t get burned again.  And, if they do burn themselves again, you know your kid is stupid and needs extra attention, so please get him the attention he needs.

Teach kids, they learn by example and education and not through violence.

*You can get the details of Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford’s arrest at TMZ.



Oct 23

Why Do “Atheists” Get So Mad At Religious People?

the problem with some christians Why Do Atheists Get So Mad At Religious People?
Well, if you’re an atheist, and I am, the answers are obvious.  However, this little rant isn’t for atheists.  It’s for religious people.  Mainly Christians because there are just simply more of them and most of my experiences with religious people have been with Christians and trying very hard to tolerate the stupid, shallow things that they do.  But, that is not to say that all of them are shallow and stupid.  And, that you rarely hear about other religions doing terribly stupid things unless it’s a Christian bashing on Muslims because of their irrational fears of 9/11.

So why do we get so mad at religious people?  I have religious friends, I love them, I think they’re all mental but for the most part good people.  In fact most if not all of them I would consider to be far better people than myself.  So why do I get so mad at the shit they do?  Well, there are many reason, I will try to hit on the top issues that lead to the frustration that then leads to the anger. Also, please keep in mind, this is rant.  There is no specific order to this list of reasons and explanations.

First up, is the inherent hypocrisy of most religious people.  The whole concept of most religion is based on status.  That status is, I am better than you because I believe in the one true god.  Now, religious people can deny this all they want but the simple fact is that it’s true.  Their is an arrogance that comes with religion.  Specially Christians.  How many times have you heard or as a Christian, have said, “As a Christian…”  For example, “As a Christian I don’t smoke.”  Or, “As a Christian I don’t believe in per-marital sex.”

A long time ago I was selling cars.  I was trying to sell a car to a Christian family.  Their little two year old was wearing a Rugrats, Burger King crown cardboard hat.  To help break the ice, I comment, “How cute, my friends son, loves the Rugrats.”

The Husband responds, “As Christians, we don’t let him watch that show.”

So, with that one sentence he set the tone.  He let me know he’s a Christian and that makes him better than my friend.  It also says that he’s an insensitive, arrogant  and believes he is better than those lesser mortals that allow their kids to watch such filth.  It also says that he is a hypocritical idiot for allowing his kid to wear the hat but not watch the show.  You see, the kid was crying, to appease him, they gave him the hat.  So it also tells me, that their faith is so weak, they will break with their beliefs over something as simple as their baby crying simply because the spoiled brat doesn’t get his way.  This kid is probably in his late teens by now and I wonder if he turned out to be just like his douchebag parents.  I would love to talk more about this douche later but I am thinking I will save it for another rant.  In fact, it’s quite possible I have already ranted about this jackhole and the many others I have encountered over the years.

Hypocrisy comes in many forms with religious people.  Most of all it comes down their very core beliefs.  With Christians, hypocrisy is supposed to be a bad thing.  Yet, we constantly see them be hypocrites in almost everything they do and say.  For example, Christians will bad mouth the Westboro Baptist Church.  I don’t understand this at all.  The WBC isn’t telling lies from the Bible?  It’s not making stuff up.  It is simply doing what nearly every single Christian does.  It is picking and choosing what they want to believe in and while simply ignoring the rest.

In all the times I have gone to church in my life I have never heard the priest or preacher talk about Ezekiel 23:19.  If you don’t know it, it’s referring to two sisters as whores who crave men with cocks the size of donkey’s whose semen is just as plentiful.  The religious will make excuses for this.   They say that it’s taken out of context.  It’s not taken out of context it.  The whole chapter is about what whores they are because they like dudes with big junk.  It’s sexist with a with a touch of beastiality to add to the level of class the Bible was written with.  Churches tend to ignore the bad stuff in the Bible and showcase the good things.  The WBC, uses the same damn book you all preach from and you’re going to criticize them?  Could you be any more hypocritical?!

My point is that if you’re a Christian, you probably pick and choose what you want to believe in the Bible based on nothing more than what you already agree with and simply rationalize or flat out ignore the things you don’t agree with.  It’s really that simple.  Just accept the fact that being a hypocrite is not going to get you into heaven.  Accept it, own it and hopefully learn from it.

Next up, preaching.  Stop it already.  You want to preach, go to church.  Here’s another Bible quote that Christians love to ignore that really frustrates us.

Mathew 6:5-8
5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

8 Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

I have had Christians tell me that I am taking this out of context.  That Jesus isn’t saying this to Christians, he is saying this to Jews.  So, it’s the Jews that are hypocrites than?  Or are they heathens?  I guess it all depends on the Bible you chose to read from and the crap you choose to believe in.  It’s obvious the point that was being made here, don’t pray in public, keep that to yourself.  Jesus wasn’t teaching a history class, he was obviously telling all of you in as polite a way as possible to shut the fuck up already.  Take hint!

This next thing is part of the whole prayer in public that really, really bothers atheists.  Thanking god every time successfully take a healthy shit if is so offensive on so many levels.  And, by shit I mean, God didn’t help you score that touchdown.  God didn’t help you win the Super Bowl.  God didn’t help you make it through the day.  He didn’t keep you safe in that accident.  He didn’t keep you from catching that virus.  He didn’t heal you.  Stop with that shit already.  It’s ridiculous, selfish and completely arrogant.

Every time you do that, what are you really saying is that all the work you and everyone else put into you completing that touchdown pass or catching that TD pass had nothing to do with your natural talent and all the hard work you put into your training.  Praying to win a game, win an award or anything else like that is so fucking anti-christian you might as well, just tattoo 666 on your stupid fucking head and praise the devil.  Prayer wasn’t intended to pray for yourself, it was intended to pray for others.

If you’re praying that you’re team wins, it means that you’re also praying that God makes the other team lose.  When you pray that to get healthy, you’re being a selfish asshole.  When you get better and you thank god for that what you’re really saying, is “Thanks dear Lord for making me more special than all those poor suffering bastards that you let die for whatever fuckall “mysterious” reasons you had.”  You’re not any better then anyone else.  You’re just a human being that got well when other didn’t.  Sometimes there are medical reasons for your recovery and sometimes there just aren’t.  It doesn’t mean that because you don’t get it, your god did it.  A great example of what I mean about this can be heard in a song titled Sam’s Mom by Tim Minchin.

Stop lying about your religion.  Stop making excuses for it.  Just accept the fact that you use the Bible to justify whatever crappy shit you want to believe in.  Some people are assholes like Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty that uses the Bible to promote racism, sexism, bigotry, hate and homophobia.  Or, Pat Robertson, of the 700 Club fame, who loves to do the same.  Just accept that you’re a hypocrite and stop making excuses for you’re flawed religion.  Just because there are good things in the Bible doesn’t make it a great book.  There are more stupid, insane things in that book then there are good things.  You’re beliefs are just simply ridiculous.  Just because you choose to believe in the more positive things in the book doesn’t make you a good person.

So, if you’re a good person, it’s because you’re a good person.  If you feel that you need a book to tell you how to be a good person, you’re not really a good person.

I am reminded of this quote, Morality is doing what is right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what is right.
attr. H. L. Mencken.

Oh there are so many outrageous annoying things that the religious do.  Killing and making excuses for killing has got to be one of the worst crimes of religion.  It takes all shapes and forms and it makes all kinds of excuses for doing so.  From an eye to an eye to Jesus talking about how he will return and kill lots of people including the children of those people.  Seriously, Jesus plans on killing children.  And, this is the guy you are trying to tell me is all about love and hope?  Please stop with your bullshit excuses.  It says, right in the Bible, thou shalt not kill.  It was so important, God magically etched it in stone and made it one of the ten commandments.



Oct 08

The Redskins Controversy: Whatever Happened To Tolerence In America?

We have got to learn that sometimes, some people are going to be offended by things. I am offended by a lot of things. Cruelty to animals, child abuse, murder, rape, pedophiles to name a few. The fact that an NFL team is called the Redskins is so not offensive to me or to anyone I’ve ever met. The only people I have heard complain about the name are some uptight white people. Not saying they are bad people. They are good people who have just lost their ability to tolerate. Oh! And, I did see one native American express his offense at the teams name. (I am sure there is more than one) But, I have seen countless native Americans speak up that they do not find the name offensive and yet well meaning white liberals refuse to accept this because as usual, they think they know best.

Please, don’t get me wrong. If you have read an article on my blog you know I am not some crazy right wing conservative. I vote democrat all the time because the republican party is being run by absolutely the most crazy people on the face of the planet. I mean “legitimate rape”? Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell? Crazy, simplistic and shallow human beings. Seriously? These people should be fired for their ignorance and lies. But, in this case, I truly believe that white liberal America really needs to get over this whole politically correct thing. They are taking it to the extremes and it’s just ridiculous. Even the best ideas fail when taking to the extremes.

Where do we draw the line with this politically correct issue? I am not religious but I always found the word Jew to be offensive because to me it always sounded like a racist way to refer to a Jewish person. There are millions of people that fear spiders, should we go ahead and ban them from TV and film because just the sight of them can cause very serious distress for some people? Just the sight of then can put some people into a panic attack. What about them? What about clowns? I know people that are terrified of them. Should they not be allowed to exist anymore? I am really offended by the word “Bitch”. I even cringe when I hear some call a dog a bitch. I just don’t like that word. Because it offends me and I am sure it offends others as well, is that enough to get the word banned? Is that what who we are now?

george shuba whose handshake heralded racial tolerance in baseball 300x156 The Redskins Controversy: Whatever Happened To Tolerence In America?What about tolerance? Doesn’t that matter anymore? It used to be that we were told to be tolerant of others. The black community preached tolerance in the 50’s and 60’s. Gay’s preached it in the 70’s and 80’s. And, I agree with tolerance. We all need it. It’s what makes us great. And, it seems lately that if we don’t talk a certain way it’s going to offend someone and because of that we have to change the way we talk. I am not saying that we should walk around and be offensive as possible. We should strive to be better. But, most of all we should really strive to be tolerant of the things we don’t like and don’t understand.

I used to be a smoker, I quit over a year ago and it had nothing to do with all the cry baby non-smokers and some of the many flat out lying commercials with misleading facts about smoking and second smoke. It wasn’t the constant shaming in the media or the stares I would get while even smoking in my own car. It was simply a health issue. I really enjoyed smoking, I would smoke again if I could do it and not be killing myself or making myself stink so bad. But, it made me really learn that we’ve seemed to have lost something in this country, the ability to be tolerant. If we don’t like it, we seem to be against it and anyone that disagrees is horrible. Well, that isn’t always true. Some things are going to offend us and we really need to get back to that place where we can learn to live with one another’s inconsistencies and flaws.

If the team name offends you, then don’t watch their games or maybe root for the other team. Just because you find the name offensive doesn’t mean that I have to. I am really offended that someone like Michael Vick is allowed to play football. The man killed dogs literally with his bare hands. He made a flimsy apology and now he’s a Quarterback for the NY Jet’s. Every time I see them, I root for them to lose! The man KILLEED dogs! It’s one of the signs of an up and coming serial killer and he is allowed to play in the NFL. Adrian Peterson beat his 4 year old with a stick leaving injuries to his back, leg’s and testicles. Testicles! And, there are those that openly support this horrible person. Another player (Ray Rice) hit his wife so f’ing hard she went flying half way across an elevator, was knocked unconscious and was then dragged out of the elevator by him and there the players union is defending him! These things are offensive. What doesn’t offend me is that some people are offended by name that is not meant to offend. There is no malicious intent behind the name.

I don’t agree with the KKK, or the Westboro Baptist Church but I do believe in their right to exist. Freedom of speech not only protects the speech we like but also the speech we don’t. Also, I like to keep the crazy in identifiable groups so I know where they are. I know my opinion is unpopular and I am sure to be slammed for it but enough is enough. I know that my ideology isn’t flawless and my opinion has some holes in it that I am sure some are going to point out to me. However, it’s my opinion. I can’t help what offends other people. I can work only work on what offends me. Because, it is my problem, I am the one that is offended. That does not and should not give me the right to tell someone else what to say or how to express themselves in every single case. Sometimes, I just have to practice tolerance of the things other people say and do that offend me.



Oct 04

The Best Of The Fall Season!

I haven’t seen every show this fall.  But, I have broken my rule this fall TV season and started watching some TV shows before the season has ended.  I normally won’t watch a new show until it’s first season is over because too many times I get hooked on a show and then some dumbass executive cancels it.  Some good example of this are, Surface, Invasion, Firefly, and the one that killed me.  The one that bothered me the most was Miracles.

miracles 300x412 The Best Of The Fall Season!Miracles (Available on DVD thankfully) was one of the best TV shows ever.  It got cancelled because the executives at ABC at the time were complete morons.  The was  preempted almost every week it was supposed to air.  ABC had breaking news all the time over the Iraq war so anytime someone farted in Iraq ABC went live.  These idiots even preempted the show for a special about Michael Jackson.  This was long before he had died, he was just crazy MJ back then and ABC decided yet again to air Miracles at a later date.  Show could gain an audience and they cancelled it.  The irony is that it’s final airing, over 5 million viewers.  ABC still cancels it.

So, I don’t watch TV shows in their first season.  I am not going to get hooked and left hanging because some idiots that believe if a show isn’t an immediate hit, it must be cancelled.  If that were true some of most beloved shows would have never maid it, little shows, like Cheers and Night Court to name a few.

However I have been a little lax this year and last.  This year I have decided to rant about the new shows I really like or that I think have some potential.  My hope is that the 2.5 people that actually read this article will give these shows a try and maybe tell their friends about them.  TV Shows don’t have long, some shows after their first airing are already on the bubble for not getting high enough ratings.

So here’s some new shows worth look.

forever cover 600x243 The Best Of The Fall Season!Forever

It airs Tuesday nights on ABC.  It’s about a guy that for some unknown reason has been alive for over 200 years.  He can die but he comes back immediately and always in water for some reason.  Now he is a medical examiner for the city of New York and helps a detective solve crimes.  It’s Castle if Castle was more serious, never died and wasn’t as goofy.  And, I mean goofy in a good way, Castle is one of my most favorite shows EVER!

I really love this show so far.  It’s got smart characters, good stories and good mysteries.  It would be shame is this show got cancelled.

how to get away with murder 600x300 The Best Of The Fall Season!
How to get away with Murder

It airs Thursdays on ABC.  It’s about a college professor who is also a high price defense attorney.  The acting is great, the stories are a little hard to follow at least the first episode was.  It goes from present time to future time or maybe the future flashes are current time and the present time is the past, I don’t know?  As I said, it’s a little confusing and you have to really pay attention or you won’t even get what’s going on.  I was glued to my TV watching it on my DVR and shit happened a couple of times and I had to think, “Wait, who was that again?”  But, still the show has some potential.  I love the main character, she’s flawed and some of those flaws aren’t really good flaws.  Another good show you should check out.

bad judge 600x330 The Best Of The Fall Season!
Bad Judge

Just watched the show last night and I have to say I was at first disappointed when I realized it was only a half hour show.  That worries me and I will tell you why.  The idea is too good for a half hour show.  This happened to me last year when I saw the first episode of The Crazy Ones.  I knew it was going to get cancelled.  The shows concepts need a full hour, you can’t pack it all into 22 minutes and the heart of the show gets lost.  I even said so on their Facebook page after watching it the first time.  Sure enough, cancelled.  This show, same thing.  It’s a good show, worth watching, funny, witty but the themes need an hour.  If NBC doesn’t change it, it’s going to get cancelled.  But, we’re talking about NBC here, the once great network is run by complete morons so I am positive they will do everything possible to make sure all their good shows are cancelled.  It airs Thursday nights.

scorpion 600x337 The Best Of The Fall Season!

I watched the first two episodes and loved it.  It was action packed, entertaining and both episodes had me shaking my head wonder how they were over so soon?  The show just flies by.  It’s about a group of 20 somethings who are off the charts smart.  They are hired by Homeland Security to help solve problems.  The action can be over the top sometimes but you can’t help but suspend disbelief and just go along for the ride. Fun, show with heart.  Highly recommend.  It airs Tuesdays on CBS.

These are just the ones that I have seen so far.  I am looking forward to seeing The Mysteries of Laura, Houdini, Black-ish, Stalker, Madam Secretary, NCIS: New Orleans, and Z Nation.  However, I will probably just wait and download the whole seasons when they are over or wait for the DVD’s

If there’s a show you like, talk about it, tell people.  Specially if it’s a new show.  If you don’t talk about it or don’t hear others talking about it, it will be cancelled.  So even if you don’t like the shows I mentioned, there must be some new shows you do like, talk about them.  Set your DVR’s even if you don’t watch them.  How to get away with Murder was the most DVR’d show this fall season.  They actually track that stuff, creepy, I know.  But, what’s on your DVR matters.



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