Dec 04

Problems Sending Emails With Suddenlink Wireless!

Suddenlink Logo

I recently moved to Arizona and had to give up some of the goodies I had grown accustom to living in California.  One of those things was really fast internet.  Moving to a small city in Arizona, Bullhead City, to be exact, has been interesting to say the least.  But, those are rants for later time.  This my friends is a helpful post!

Suddenlink Email Problems, I’ve only had one.  Since having Suddenlink I have not been able to send emails using my laptop.  I had no idea why and since I rarely use my laptop it wasn’t a huge concern.  I use my desktop PC and that is hardwired to the internet.  No problems sending or receiving while hardwired to the internet.

I tried looking at Suddenlink’s website and couldn’t find an answer to my problem when I first encountered the problem.  Didn’t quickly find a solution and gave up for the moment.  Today I had a few extra minutes from ranting on Facebook and telling everyone how stupid and unenlightened they are and decided to call Suddenlink and figure this wireless problem out.  I spoke to Rose, no last name, I have no real idea why customer service people don’t have last names but I am guessing it makes it harder to call back and complain.

Rose and I chat about the problem for a bit.  I explain how I can send and receive email emails just find on my PC that is hardwired to the internet.  However, my laptop that is using the wireless cannot send emails, it only receives them.  Very quickly she learns that it’s a port issue.  Something I suspected as I couldn’t imagine after all my previous testing.  She gave me a couple of port options and the problem was solved.

So if you’re using something like Outlook to send and receive your email, you visit Suddenlink’s help page by Clicking Here.  Or simply just edit your outgoing mail ports to either 587 or 465 of SSL.

Here’s a quick screen grab I took to point out where should be looking within Outlook to change your outgoing mail port.

Ok, first thing, go to your account settings.  This should normally be under “Tools”  Select the account you want to change.  Normally you can just double click that email account and it will open up the “Internet E-mail Settings dialog box.  Then click the “More Settings” button or tab.  In the next dialog box look for the “Advanced” tab and then change the Outgoing SMTP port from the probably 25 that it’s at to either:

Outgoing mail port: 25 or 587
Outgoing mail port (SSL): 465




Dec 04

The Tea Party: Promoting Hate and Ignorance, Again!

Tea Party StupidityA very good friend of mine posted this Tea Party Propaganda on his Facebook page.  Why he is involved with such a fucking idiotic group is beyond me.  I wrote the below rant as a response to the idiotic image he posted.  As I finished I decided, not to post it.  I have grown so tired arguing with stupid people.

No, I don’t think my friend is stupid.  But, you post what I wrote below and someone on his friends list who truly is stupid is going to have their head explode!  Then I will have to waste my day responding to their bullshit all day long.  I’m tired of it.  I got the rant in me but I don’t have the fight anymore.

I have spent years ranting and debating and it’s done no good.  While my mind has changed multiple times based upon the facts as they are learned, I have found that the stupid, will always believe what they want to believe, and truth, knowledge, facts, science, nothing will ever change their minds.  It’s like that old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.  So instead, I just post these things to various blogs I run that nobody ever reads.  I get to rant all I want, and I don’t have to deal with idiots.  That being said, this is what I was going to post in response to the image he posted (The image I posted here to the left).

Begin Rant…

I couldn’t agree with you more! I hate that Obama guy. Gas is at its lowest prices in about decade. The stock market has reached its highest levels ever. Unemployment reached its lowest points since before the recession. The housing market is up. Car sales are up. He put an end to the war in Iraq and is slowly bringing back our troop from Afghanistan. Oh and he had Osama captured and killed. I liked it better when Bush allowed Osama escape. I liked it better when we were in the worst recession since the great depression. I liked it better when Bush lied to us about the WMD’s in Iraq and I loved it when he lied to us that claiming that Al-Qaeda was in Iraq, even after he learned that they weren’t there he still told us that they were in Iraq. The last thing I want is a President that will try diplomatic actions instead of just bombing that don’t agree with us.

I certainly want the borders closed. Now I am not saying we need to start kicking out all immigrants. If we did that, we’d all have to leave and then give the U.S back to those damn Indians. We can at least start with ones that won’t born here! You know, like Ted Cruz (Did you know this guy was born in Canada and his dad was a communist), he really needs to go, Arnold Schwarzenegger, (this guy never amounted to anything), Madeleine Albright, Charlize Theron, Rupert Murdoch, Michael J. Fox and Anthony Hopkins. So many freeloader I simply list them all here, no matter, cast them all out!

The Constitution, don’t get me started!  The Constitution should never be changed.  Now this may come as shock to some of you but the Bill of Rights, are what we also call amendments to the constitution.  Amendments are changes.  That means there was first the Constitution then some people thought, we didn’t get it completely right, and said, “Let’s change it!”.  So they first came up with 10 amendments all at one time!  Can you believe what that bastard James Madison did to our constitution!  Adding things, like the right to bare arms and freedom of speech.  Outrageous!  And, since that time we’ve changed it 17 more times to correct things in the original Constitution.  unbelievable!  But nothing we can do that now!  What we can do is prevent further changes.  It doesn’t matter how much we grow as a country.  It doesn’t matter how times changes and that the founding father never could have imagined things like atomic bombs and rocket launchers and school shootings.  Oh, wait they did.  It was Jefferson who said that the Constitution should be re-written from to time to keep up with the demands of the people it helps to protect.  Screw him, what did he know anyways?!  Obviously a godless commie bastard.

My parents had some sort of welfare back in the early 70’s.  My dad was in the military and my mother was taking care of me.  Sadly, he wasn’t drug tested.  Sure, he never did drugs but that’s no matter.  It doesn’t matter that welfare fraud contrary to what Republicans like to tell us is actually pretty low.  Yes it does cost us millions though and what someone doing drugs has to do with being able to feed themselves, I don’t know.  I know more successful people that do drugs then I know people on welfare that do drugs.  Again, no matter.  Fuck’em.  I want them drug tested anyways!  Specially those in our military serving our country.  We definitely need to further humiliate them by requiring them to take drug test before we give them money to help feed their families.

Our language most commonly spoken is English. So I have to agree with that as well. I mean, we certainly shouldn’t attempt to promote any kind of diversity. We should defiantly keep the cultures separate for sure. Seriously I have this one friend who speaks 3 different languages. Of course he’s European not a U.S citizen. I also have several friends, and brace yourself for this, but they are dating and have had children with Latino women!  Some of their family members don’t even speak any English at all! A few of them are even teaching their kids to speak both English and Spanish. Can you imagine that? It just turns my stomach to think of these poor children being forced to learn another language. Forget about those pesky facts that show how the most successful nations promote diversity. Forget about those days when The U.S was considered a melting pot and quickly became a world power. I like the days when we were just a few colonies and the only immigrants we had were helpful black people that happily gave their hard work and lives for room and board.

Yes those were the days. Hopefully, groups like the Tea Party can bring those days back. They just have to keep promoting very complicated ideals with simple catch phrases and statements in posters and images to promote hate and ignorance in the most passive aggressive ways possible. Making it so easy for good people, well meaning people to feel like they’re part of something without having to actually think. Because the last thing we need are people that think and question what they are being told.



Nov 26

Why You’re Probably Wrong For Protesting The Grand Jury Decisions In Ferguson!

Ferguson Rioter Throws Back Teargas Photo by AP

I can imagine the frustration some people are feeling over the Grand Jury’s decision to not indict officer Darren Wilson.  It’s easy to say it was racially motivated.  It’s easy to say that the “kid” was unarmed.  The media of course didn’t help any.  They seemed to do everything they could to increase racial tensions by interviewing everyone that said they saw what happened.  And, almost every story we heard sounded the same.  The kid had his hands in the air and the cop just kept shooting him.  And, when the cop is white and the kid is black.  Someone is going to make it a race issue.  So I can’t blame anyone for being upset by the decision not to indict.  When you consider how they are being manipulated by the media and by the community leaders they put their trust and faith in it was a recipe for an ignorant disaster.

I was attacked by so many people mainly white well meaning liberals for my opinion that before I pass judgment, I would like to hear the facts of the case.  I was of course called names for choosing to wait for something as simple as wanting to hear the actual facts before condemning anyone.  I was told that all I need to know is that an unarmed black kid was shot and killed by a white cop.  For some, that’s all this will ever be about and I feel sad for those people.  Because it’s that kind of shallow thinking that holds society back.  There is true racism in this world.

Look no further than what’s happening in Florida to Marissa Alexander.  Don’t know her name?  I don’t blame you.  While the world was freaking over the lawful shooting of Treyvon Martin and doing their best to make it a case about race yet again.  Marissa Alexander fired a warning shot over the head of her abusive husband hoping to make him stop coming at her.  What did she get for not killing him?  20 years in prison!  No one marched, there was no constant media coverage.  A few of us wrote letters and tried to be productive about it.  We signed petitions and so on.  We managed to get her new trial but now the DA’s office, last I heard, was trying to get her 60 years in prison!  Now maybe it’s not racially motivated.  But, subtext sure is there.  Case law certainly doesn’t support a sixty year sentence.  But, there’s no outrage.  No nightly coverage.

I sat back last night waiting to hear if there would be any indictments.  I was pretty sure there wouldn’t be.  Sadly I was pretty sure that there were going to be riots no matter what the decision was.  I then became sure of this prediction as I sat and watched CNN’s coverage and saw a great many people hiding their faces.  They looked like terrorists.  Cowards behind masks.  Between idiots just looking for a reason to incite violence and the so called community leaders, religious leaders and the media, there was no hope for this going down without a riot.  The media was like in some kinda orgasmic glow just waiting for the violence.  I especially loved the group of people outside of the Ferguson police station blasting away NWA’s “Fuck The Police” as the crowd sang along gleefully.

As the prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch did his best to carefully explain the process of how a grand jury works and then relate the actual facts of the case I was saddened to see that within a few moments of the crowd on the outside hearing that no indictments would follow, the crowd seemed to stop listening.  The prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch continued to carefully layout the facts of the case as the majority of protestors had stopped listening by this point.  I was terribly saddened by this.  Because once again, it shows our failure as human beings.

Our failure comes in the fact that as a society, we have made it a habit to ignore the facts.  It is much easier for us to just simply believe what we want to believe.  Our motto as humans apparently is, “Why let a little thing like facts get in the way of a good story.”  We wanted to believe that this shooting of Michael Brown was racially motivated.  We want to believe that Michael Brown was a good kid on his way to college like his parents said.  We wanted to believe that Michael Brown was surrendering with his hands in the air when officer Darren Wilson shot him repeatedly in the back thereby killing him.  We want to believe this!  We’ve been basically told this by the media, by religious leaders and community leaders for months now that is was blatant racism.  But, the simple fact is that there is no evidence that any of it is true except for the fact that Micheal Brown was black and officer Darren Wilson is white.  And, if you think because Michael Brown is black and officer Darren Wilson is white that this is racially motivated, you’re the one being racist.

The reality of the situation is that Michael Brown was not a good kid, he wasn’t even a kid.  I know that is going to hurt the feelings of some.  I don’t think that he deserved to die for being a disrespectful criminal with no respect for authority and the law anymore than someone diagnosed with cancer.  But, it is what it is.  Michael Brown robbed a convenience store, pushed someone out of his way as he left. After committing the crime, he boldly walked down the middle of the street.   To top it all off, when a cop had the poor misfortune of showing up and told Brown and his friend to get of the “fucking” street, Michael Brown attacked the cop.  Even after being shot at, Michael Brown decided to keep coming after the officer.  There is no real evidence that he was surrendering or had his hands in the air. This leaving officer Darren Wilson feeling that he had no choice but to keep shooting at Michael Brown because he feared of his life.  All that we’ve been told about what happened by the media, the community and religious leaders was all miss-information.

Those are the facts of the of the case, everything else that all the outraged people are saying, is nothing but opinion that is based on a lack of understanding of the facts at hand or by biased people trying to push an agenda.

That being said, I absolutely believe that this is a tragedy.  Though I am not terribly saddened for the death of Michael Brown personally.  He attacked a cop, he robbed a liquor store and was high at the time.  However, in the bigger picture, I am saddened at the loss of life.  I am saddened for the family’s loss.  But, what do we think is going to happen to someone who attacks the police?  I don’t care if Michael Brown didn’t have a gun.  He was bigger than the cop and the cop had no other means to safely protect himself.  He did what his inadequate training told him to do.  Sadly, that’s the way it is.  There is no evidence of race being an issue.

One of the main issues here is the lack of training that officer Darren Wilson had as well as the lack of tactical equipment  needed to protect himself and the community.  In my eyes, it is absolutely pathetic that this officer felt that he had no other choice than to shoot Michael Brown.  The fact that he didn’t have a stun gun or feel that he could successfully defend himself with pepper spray or baton is absolutely disgraceful!  Michael Brown didn’t have to die on that day.  But, this officers poor training is just as much at fault in this situation as are Michale Brown’s idiotic and criminal behavior that day.

The outrage over this decision I am sure will go on for a few more days, maybe a week and then die out.  Then it will all start up when the fed’s refuse to file any charges. Or maybe they will kowtow the pressure and file some anyways.  But, it won’t change anything, no jury is going to convict officer Darren Wilson as long as they are forced to base their decision only on the facts of the case.

The only way we are ever going to have a chance at resolving these issues is to focus on the real problems.  And, the real problem here isn’t race.  The real problems in this case are much bigger than a black kid getting shot by a white cop.  The real problems are two things.  First is the absolute and complete disrespect of authority some people have and their inability to simply follow the lawful orders of the police.  Just think, none of this would have happened if when officer Darren Wilson asked Michael Brown and his friend to get off the street and on to the sidewalk, if they had just simply got off the street and walked over to the sidewalk.  The second issue is a matter of training.  Had officer Darren Wilson been better trained and had the proper equipment he would have had the confidence and ability to defend himself without having to resort to lethal force.

These are the real issues.  We can cry all day long and pretend it’s a race issue.   I actually heard a defense attorney complain on CNN that it was ridiculous for prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch to give the grand jury as much information as he did.  I was flabbergasted by this.  What this idiot defense attorney said was that any prosecutor could get a ham sandwich indicted.  It’s that easy.  The sad part of his blatant hypocrisy is how many times he has told this to the juries in an attempt to show how insignificant an indictment is and what little evidence is needed to get an indictment.  So now he is basically complaining that the prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch actually did his job and presented enough evidence for the grand jury to make a reasonable decision based on the facts.  The simple fact that no one wants to hear, is that prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch gave the grand jury all the facts of the case so that they could make a rational decision.  His motivations are irrelevant.  The complaint that he has long ties to law enforcement is ludicrous!  He’s a prosecuting attorney, of course he has long ties to law enforcement?  He is law enforcement!  Blaming him for this is like blaming a fish for swimming too much.

So, if you plan to protest or support those protesting.  Please ask yourself what you are protesting?  Because chances are the reason you’re protesting or feeling compelled to have nothing to do with the facts involving the Michael Brown case.  Most people are sadly just using his name as an excuse protest racial issues that also have nothing to do with this case.



Nov 24

Should Shows That Promote Hate Be Cancelled?

19-kids-and-countingLately, liberals have once again gotten their panties in a wad over something said by a person on a reality show.  And, once again they want the show cancelled.  I am torn here.  You see, I can’t stand the Duggars.  They absolutely disgust me.  They are weird fucking Christians that hide behind the bible to preach their hate and bigotry.  I have the same feelings towards Duck Dynasty, mostly Phil Robertson and his stupid, ignorant, hypocritical, homophobic, teen raping comments he’s made publically.  It disgusts me that both families have a TV show and that they are so popular.  But, should these shows be cancelled?

Here’s my dilemma.  These morons have a right to their thoughts and ideas no matter how fucking stupid they really are.  I hate it, but their speech is protected.  Should hate speech be protected?  What qualifies as hate speech?  It’s hard to say.  The most obvious cases of hate speech are the crap that dumbass Pat Robertson says on the 700 Club everyday.  The Westboro Baptist Church preaches nothing but hate and ignorance and the government won’t even label them as a hate group.

I want these the WBC and the 700 Club labeled as a hate groups.  I want Pat Robertson and every other hate group hiding behind religion to mask their hate, sexism, homophobia, bigotry and racism to be taxed and labeled as a hate group.  But, where do we draw the line?  It’s a slippery slippery slope and I don’t have the answers.

I do have some suggestions though.  I think there should be warning on TV shows.  We already have them but they should be a little more detailed.  I think religious shows should be labeled as “Fiction – Fantasy – Opinion”.  A show like Duck Dynasty should have a label that says, “Contains religious opinion that may be offensive some people.”  The Duggars TV show should have the same warning with the addition, “Also may contain homophobic and or hate speech.”

There needs to be limits on freedom of speech and religion.  If this offends you, you’re an idiot.  There already limits on it.  It’s illegal to incite a riot for example.  You can’t walk into a crowded movie theater and yell, “Fire”.  However, you can walk into a crowded firehouse and yell, “Movie!”  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  My point is that these types of morons have the right to say what they want for the most part and we shouldn’t stop them.   But, what we can do is warn people about the things they are saying.  We have got to teach people the difference between between fact and opinion.

This is the biggest problem this country, let alone, the world is facing.  It’s not global warning or terrorism, it’s ignorance and stupidity.  Religion is an opinion people choose to believe.  It is not a fact.  There are no facts to support it at all.  Until people are taught the difference and can understand it, there will never be peace and there will always be those that are so cowardly they choose to hide their hate behind religion and the 1st Amendment.

I am not saying people can’t say what they want.  I am not saying they can’t believe what they want.  I am just saying that as a society we have got to put a stop those wanting to teach opinion as if it were fact.  We put warnings on Shampoo because people are so stupid that they will eat it unless told not to.  We should at least apply the same warnings to religion, TV and other media sources.

In conclusion, I believe a TV station has the right to cancel it’s shows for whatever reason they choose.  Hell, I stopped watching everything on A&E because they choose to keep airing Duck Dynasty.  Part of me would love to see the show cancelled just because Phil Robertson is so stupid, he doesn’t even know how homophobic, racist and sexist his comments are.  However, just because these idiots usually spend a good part of the show acting like hypocrites and then end the show with a prayer around the dinner table is no reason to cancel it.  I just simply choose not to watch it and I feel so strongly about it that I refuse to watch anything on their network until that show is off the air.  At one time I would have said that it should be canceled.  However, I think I have grown since then.  In fact I think that I even ranted about on this very blog.  But, the more I thought about it, the more I think we have to stop cancelling things because we don’t like them.  What we need are simple warnings to protect the easily influenced.

I don’t even know what station airs the Duggars, sounds like some crap the The Learning Channel would air.  Never watched the show but I’ve known that they are religious nut jobs for years.  The fact that they are homophobic bigots doesn’t really shock me.  What shocks me is that anyone watches The Learning Channel.  Seriously, as I said earlier, just throw a warning up before shows like this air.  “Warning:  May contain religious opinions, acts of hate, bigotry, sexism and racism.”  Problem solved.



Oct 27

How Did Jaylen Fryberg The Marysville Shooter Get The Gun!

Jaylen Fryberg With His Rifle Birthday Present From Mom And DadI heard that Jaylen Fryberg got his gun from his father.  That was it.  Nothing else?  So that made me start asking questions?  Did his father leave the gun out?  Was the gun safely secured and the kid stole the key?  I want to know the details, this is important news and no one seems to be covering.  Now I just read from a gossip site that the Jaylen Fryberg received the gun as birthday present from his parent!  If this is true?  How sad is it, that I had to get this information from from a fucking gossip site and not the actual news!  (Before I actually post this I am going to try and verify the truth behind the birthday present story.  It’s just that I am so pissed off about this I had to start ranting right away.)

I am in shock that this isn’t a bigger story.  It’s another school shooting by another emotionally unstable asshole that got his gun from a dumbass family member. What level of stupid do you have to be to give a child a fucking gun?  Just the other night I tune into the Discovery Channel and they have a paid advertisement from Henry Rifles.  And, they are showing pictures of little kids, 5 and 6 years old with rifles!  They are talking about how great is to get your kid a gun!  Are you fucking kidding me? I realize the mid-west folks aren’t made of the brightest people.  I mean, seriously.  The mid-west has been filled with the shallow and weak from the time when East coast folks left  with horse and buggy, got hallway to the West coast and said, “Fuck it!  Let’s just stop here and build a house!”

I even ranted about that advertisement on Facebook just a few days ago.  But, again, this is coming from the once great station that has sold out to the stupid people.  The people that believe Mermaids really exist and that the Megalodon still exists thanks to their ridiculous fake documentaries and their raping of their once great Shark Week.  I new they were going downhill a couple of years ago when I saw them allowing paid advertisements from Peter Popoff.  He’s a religious scam artist.  He’s a proven scam artist but Discovery has no problem taking his money so that he can keep ripping off people whose only crime is believing in fairytales.

My point is that I was just ranting about this the other day and how stupid it is to give children guns.  But, let me better rephrase that.  I don’t have a problem giving a kid a gun for his birthday.  I honestly don’t.  I don’t have problems teaching children how to shot.  This is of course within reason.  I hand gun, a single shot rifle.  No kid needs to be shooting fucking automatic weapons.  If you’re letting your kid how to shoot them or teaching kids how to shoot them you’re a fucking idiot.  UNLESS, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a fucking zombie apocalypse.  Until then, let’s just leave the automatics to responsible adult gun owners.  What I do have a problem with is allowing children access to those weapons unsupervised .  Guns are not for children, guns are made to kill animals and people.  That has been and always will be their primary function.  To give a child a gun and not lay down some serious ground rules, to not teach that kid how to properly use a gun and most importantly, to keep that gun out of their little hands unless they are under the adult supervision of a trained professional.  Anything else  should be fucking crime end of story!

But, I have to ask, why is the media not talking about this kid and how he got his hands on a gun?  According to Jaylen’s twitter feed he said, “Probably the best Birthday present ever! I just love my parents!” and posted a photo of him with the firearm.  You can check out Jaylen Fryberg’s Twitter feed here while it’s still active.  And, as you scroll down reading, keep in mind, this a 14 year old kid.  He is obviously emotionally disturbed and no one did anything!   And, to top it off his parents got him a fucking gun!  Where is the story on this?  So many questions. Is the Instagram photo of him with the rifle the same one he used in the shooting?  Was it another gun?  Where did he get it?  And, how in the hell can prevent this from happening again.

One last thing, stop using the constitution as a fucking excuse!  It’s not a perfect document?  For the moronic fucking republicans out there, the Constitution has been amended 27 times so far.  Why?  Because they didn’t get right the first time or they left something out.  People using the Constitution as excuse to not change the Constitution should not be allowed the rights afforded them from all the fucking amendments to it.  You know, specially the big ones like the 2nd one that allows those nuts to have guns in the first place and the 1st one that allows them the right fucking publically speak out in defense of the 2nd one!  Their idiocy is so fucking offensive they take stupid to such high levels, they make other stupid people look smart by comparison!

People are dead, a child killed them and then took his own life.  We need to be asking these questions!  But, most of all we have got make it law that people are responsible for their guns!  No more excuses!  If you own a gun and you don’t keep it secured and it is used by someone to murder, to intimidate or to kill themselves or others the gun owner must also be held accountable!  It’s their fucking gun.  We can longer accept dumbshits to keep their weapons where anyone can gain access to them.  If a gun is stolen and it is shown that they owner did not take due diligence in keeping that weapon secured, then should be charged with a serious crime.  If not the same crime as the person who is using that gun.  I don’t care if it’s a family member that stole it or borrowed it.  It’s a fucking gun not a lawnmower!  You don’t loan them out unless you truly trust that person and if they go and do something stupid with it than you should be held accountable for your poor fucking judgment!  And, if your gun is stolen and you can’t show that it was properly secured, you should also be held accountable.  I am so fucking tired of our children and neighbors dying because of gun nuts and their inability to take any responsibility for the guns they own!  The excuses have got to stop!  There are millions of real life responsible owners out there but it’s always thanks to the idiots that these tragedies keep happening.

At this time I unaware of how Jaylen got the gun used to kill himself and his friends.  I have no official report.  No news coverage.  The only information I have about him and firearms are taken from his own posts on Twitter and Instagram.  These accounts have not been verified by the authorities to my knowledge.  But the information I posted about them is as accurate as possible with the information that was available at the time I posted this article.  As with all my posts.  Though I do my best fact check everything.  These are my opinions based on facts available at the time.  I do not want you to take my word for anything.  Look things up, verify everything, even when it’s on whatever news source you trust.  And, if your new source is the only one reporting something, chances are you shouldn’t trust your news source.  You need to watch and read from multiple sources, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.



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