What’s Wrong With Finding Bigfoot!

Written by admin on February 10th, 2014

This rant is cross between a rant and an open letter to cast and producers of Finding Bigfoot.

BigfootWhen this show first aired I had such high hopes for it.  But, about halfway through the fist episode I new it was going to total shit.  It wasn’t because Matt and Bobo are constantly convinced that almost everything they don’t understand is evidence of a Bigfoot.  It’s not because Ranae is just about the only one ever to say anything remotely logical or that Cliff Barackman, well, I really don’t even know what purpose he serves other than he claims to be a biologist.  I am sure he has an important role on the show.  All I am saying is that after watching several episodes they all do the same things.  Matt and Bobo’s conclusion is always completely ridiculous and laughable.  “It was a squatch!”  Ranae and Cliff, “We don’t have enough information to say one way or the other.”

What makes the show so ridiculous is it’s complete idiocy in planning and it’s absolutely unscientific and completely illogical plan to ever find a Bigfoot.  There’s also kind of a third reason.  It’s a small reason I will admit but every time I see this show or anyone of the other shows that are out to “Investigate” some creature.  It’s as if they have completely lost their mind.  Let’s take every episode of Finding Bigfoot.  I want you for a minute to put yourselves in the shoes of these people out there looking for Bigfoot.  It’s at night and they are looking for creature that on average stands between 7 and 10 feet tall.  It is known to kill animals for food.  It’s known to to terrorize a great many campers.  It has thrown rocks at them.  Pounded on and shook vehicles.  It is a violent creature.  Now you absolutely believe this creature exists.  And, yet here you are, in the middle of the night, completely unarmed!  No mention of any weapons or even some damn bear spray.  And, your ignorant ass is out there looking for and calling to what could very well be the most dangerous animal known to mankind at this very time.  Only a complete idiot would do that.

So, I have to mention that little third problem with the show and then ignore it because there’s no getting past it and thus would endeth my rant because it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that either none of them believe in Bigfoot or they are all out of their damn minds.  So, we have to just kind acknowledge it and then just try to move on from there and see how the show could go from completely lame to interesting, fascinating and even educational.

Problem number one is their idiot plan to catch a Bigfoot. As of right now they have traveled the world spending a few days in each place hoping that a creature who has apparently kept it’s existence hidden from most of the world for thousands and thousands of years is just going to pop out and fucking say hello just because of a few fake calls and a some slapping of sticks against a tree.  They are ignoring the evidence.  The real evidence.  This would have to be a creature of almost human levels of intelligence.  It’s obviously not just some ape roaming the woods looking for food.

A skeleton has never been found.  A body has never been found.  What does that tell you?  It’s buries it’s dead or does something with it.  So, instead of looking at all those broken over trees that seem to make no sense?  How about grabbing shovel, it’s probably a grave marker.  Any culture advanced enough to bury its dead is probably going to leave behind some kind of marker or remembrance.

You are probably going to never find a Bigfoot jumping from place to place.  This is your biggest flaw in logic.  If it’s smart enough to know to not be seen, it is certain smart enough to stay hidden for a few days while you’re out making all those stupid screams and hitting sticks against trees.  Great way to let it know you’re coming though.

What you need to do is pick an area in the Pacific Northwest right in the middle of where the most sitings are.  Set up a camp and plan to be there for several months.  Set up a perimeter of motion sensor activated cameras every few hundred yards or so.  Do this in multiple directions.  Then set up up a few video cameras in various directions high enough in the trees that they won’t be in the eye line of the Bigfoot.  Then go camping and set up a few more cameras of different kinds all around you and on you.  Set up two or three different camp sites but keep them at least a mile apart so the sound you around aren’t from the other camp sites.  Then have a normal camping trip.  Make noise, have a fire.  Sleep in your tents.  All your bases are covered.  If somethings out there and doesn’t want you there, than you are going to get some footage of it throwing rocks at your tent and snooping around as witness have claimed it does.

Now on to problem number two.  It’s nice that you have the town meetings so you can hear all the probable nutjobs talk about their encounters.  But, this is stupid.  You don’t announce to an entire town that you’re going to be out there running around the woods looking for monsters.  Hell, if I heard you were coming to my town to look and I was bored out of mind I would absolutely pick that for the time I would want to do some hiking and camping in the local mountains.  And, I would be sneaking around making all kinds of squatchy sounds in the night just to mess with you.  And, you have got to know that happens a lot to you.  I am guessing most of those sounds are just sounds from the locals making sure you have a real good time out there.

So, in the future, don’t let people know you’re going to be out in the woods looking for signs.  That’s like posting on Facebook that you and the whole family will be out of a town for a few days and then being surprised when you arrive home to discover that you have been robbed blind!

If you ever want to be respected or save any self respect you think that you still have left.  Listen more to Renae and Cliff.  Let them do the planning.  They are the only ones with any kind of actual training in research and scientific method.  Your so called “knowledge” of Bigfoot is not helping.  The best way to find real evidence is to do your best to prove that what you’re looking at is not sign of a Bigfoot.

You could actually spend the whole season in the Pacific Northwest.  The show would be amazing.  Every season you could actually spend in actual Bigfoot hotspots.  The best part is that few people will even know you were their until the show aired.  Every other season or so take a break and spend some time in Florida and chase the Skunk Ape.  Spend a season in the Himalayans’ looking for the Yeti.  But, for the love of god, stop what you’re doing now.   You’re embarrassing yourselves.  Seriously.  You could make this a great show, you just have to stop coming at it like a 15 searching the world for his first real life look at a boobies.
Or, better yet.  Pay Survivorman to go out into the Pacific Northwest.  If any could find Bigfoot, it would be him.  From what I hear, he’s no joke.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back with one and video of them sitting around the fire telling stories.


Don’t Hate The Atheist For Knowing The Bible Better Than You!

Written by admin on January 26th, 2014

Hypocrissy Detector

Hypocrisy.  We’re all guilty of it at some point and whether I am guilty of it or someone else, I love to point it out.  I had a moment just now that amused me.  A friend of mine makes a post about the stresses of finding something to wear to church.

I find this humorous for a few reasons.  First, “What to wear?”  Seriously?  The only person we should be trying to impress when going to church is our father in heaven.  Not our friends and neighbors or even ourselves.  This is called vanity.  If you’ve read the bible this has always been kind of a no-no.  But look at me, expecting someone going to church to have read the bible.   I expect to much from my religious friends, my bad.

In my response I mention the worrying about what to wear as maybe not being that important.  However, my point of the response is much more serious.  It has to with the word of Jesus.  I have never understood those going to church because it has always been a self serving thing to me.  I have never talked to anyone at church who really wanted to be there.  Not once.  Yet they all blindly go in some blind devotion to God thinking that it’s what he wants.  It’s not.

In fact, his son Jesus called church goers hypocrites .  So, I pointed out this fact to my friend.  I just quoted Mathew 6:5-6.  It reads as follows.

“And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”  And, that’s the polite version, in the King James Version He calls church goers “heathen’s”.

Their response?  To use the lords name in vain and judge me for lumping them with all the other hypocrites.

The hypocrisy of the response was so comically ironic.  I only wish my friend the person who “liked it” could see.  It couldn’t have been any more of hypocritical response if they had tried.  I mean you look hypocrisy in the dictionary and it had their picture next to the definition.

I love this person.  One of my most favorite people in the world.  But, I will never understand those that believe in the big fairytale in the sky.  They will always be right, even when they blatant go against the word of their own god.

So let’s be honest with ourselves on this Beautiful Sunday morning.  I’m not slamming your church day, your own God is.  Don’t hate on me because this atheist has actually read the bible.

It’s easy to tell who has read the bible and who hasn’t.  Those who have read the bible all the way through are called atheists.  Those who haven’t are called Christians.  It’s that simple.

Thus endeth my Sunday morning ranteth.


Why You Shouldn’t Support Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty!

Written by admin on December 23rd, 2013

Phil Robertson bigot and racistAs we all have heard over and over again is that Phil Robertson was “suspended indefinitely” from A&E’s reality show Duck Dynasty.  I hate to rant about this but the amount of stupidity and hypocrisy I am hearing come from the supporters of the lying, ignorant,  hypocrite Phil Robertson is troubling.

First, for all the people claiming 1st Amendments Rights.  This has nothing to with any amendment.  Stop using it as an excuse.  These rights are meant to protect us from the government.  Had Phil been arrested for his comments, it would be a 1st Amendment.  So drop it already.  Duck Dynasty is A&E’s show.  They own it, they can fire and hire whomever they choose!

Religious issues?  There are none.  Now, for you religious people out there I need to try to keep an open mind.  Phil Robertson’s decision to hate homosexuals has nothing to do with his religious beliefs.  I know this is difficult concept to grasp but I will break it down for you.  If you are going to claim that homosexuality is a sin because it says in the bible I can except that, and I could actually say that it is because of your religious beliefs.  However, in Phil Robertson’s case, the two have nothing to do with each other and here’s why.

Phil Robertson, doesn’t believe or practice everything the bible preaches.  There are a great many parts of the Old Testament and probably New Testament that he has chosen to either ignore or not believe.  Let me say it again, hopefully it sinks in.  There are parts of the Old Testament and probably New Testament that he (Phil Robertson) has chosen not to believe.  He chose not to believe them!  He made the decision himself.  The bible says very clearly how we are to act around our children, or wife, our friends and he chooses to ignore most of these laws.

Now keep thinking about those things he chose not to believe in and ask yourself, what does that about the things he chooses to believe in?  He cannot possible claim that he believes it just because it’s in the bible.  If he actually believed that, he would believe in the rest of the bible but he does not.  He chose to believe in what he wants to believe in the bible.  Religion had nothing to with it.  It is his choice to find homosexuality wrong.  Had he believed in all of the good book then and only then could he or anyone could argue it is his religious beliefs.  Once you start to pick and chose what to believe in the bible, it’s not religion anymore, it’s just some stuff you want to believe in.

So please take a minute when you want to support someone like Phil Robertson.  It’s not about god and it’s not about the 1st Amendment.  If you’re honest with yourself, you have to admit that one of two things.  Either you agree with him because you just don’t like gay people or you agree with him because you felt it supporting his religious or 1st Amendment beliefs.  Now you know it’s neither of them.  And, if you don’t hate gay people, and if you really don’t think they are going to hell because of who they chose to love than, maybe you should reconsider the god you chose to believe in and certainly you should stop supporting Phil Robertson.

Now as for the racist Phil Robertson.  Any white guy stupid enough to not only believe that blacks liked being slaves, that blacks like sitting at the back of a bus is just too stupid for words.  And, any white man stupid enough to believe that based on their limited view working with a few black people gives him any right to suggest that an entire culture was happy and better off before the civil rights movement is so shallow, stupid and totally ignorant that they should not be followed, worshiped or supported.  The things that Phil Robertson said are the nothing more than then the ignorant and stupid ramblings of an idiot!


Salmonella Poisoning For Idiots!

Written by admin on October 10th, 2013

CHICKEN-SALMONELLAOk apparently people do not know how to prepare chicken and are getting sick from Salmonella poisoning.   So here is my guide to avoid getting sick.

  1. Don’t be an idiot.
  2. Don’t eat raw chicken.  (The above should be good enough for 90% of you out there.  For the rest of you, please continue.)
  3. Rinse raw chicken off.  (Be careful not to splash onto counter tops. If you do, spray with a good disinfectant and wipe away.)
  4. Cook Chicken fully.  Chicken is not like beef.  There is either cooked or not cooked.  There is no rare, medium rare and so on.
  5. MOST IMPORTANT STEP!  While chicken is cooking.  Place any plate or tray or container that held the raw chicken into the sink.  Wash thoroughly.  Never place cooked chicken back on the same plate that you had the raw chicken on.  This is where most people get Salmonella from.  Always keep things that touched the raw chicken from touching the cooked chicken.

As long as you follow these rules you will never get Salmonella poisoning.  That chicken could be jumping with Salmonella.  It could have fallen off a truck and landed in pool fool of Salmonella and you will not get sick if you follow my rules.

*If somehow you do get it.  You either didn’t follow the rules above or it is proof positive of two things.  One, there is a God.  Two, he does not like you.

Please pass this on as you know you have at least a few friends that are complete idiots.  This is for them.

Your welcome.

How do I know if I’ve been infected?

Symptoms of salmonellosis include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. They develop 12 to 72 hours after infection, and the illness usually lasts 4 to 7 days. Most people recover without treatment. But diarrhea and dehydration may be so severe that it is necessary to go to the hospital. Older adults, infants, and those who have impaired immune systems are at highest risk.

More Info available at WebMD.


Side note.  Some doctors have suggested that it’s pointless to wash the chicken before you cook it.  For example, ABC Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser.  He explains that you don’t need to rinse it because the spray from the rinsing can infect the counter tops.

It is true that the spray can infect the counter tops.  Wiping your counter top down with just a clean dry paper towel will eliminate around 94% of the germs and bacteria on the surface.  Now if you spray the area with a simple ant–bacteria disinfectant with bleach in it, you’re pretty much going to kill 99% of everything including HIV.

So why do I suggest rinsing off your chicken?  Simple, it just came from a butcher.  There’s always little pieces of bone fragments and ligaments that get missed by the butcher.  You cook that, bite it and can chip a tooth, even swallow it, not evening knowing it and that can cause internal damage.  Not to mention you don’t know what the butcher was cutting right before he got to your chicken.  It could have been some steak, pork, almost anything.  Just rinse it off well and get that crap off of your chicken.  No, it’s not necessary but you’ll thank me for it in the long run.


Dear John Boehner Cowards Like You Are Why I am No Longer A Republican!

Written by admin on October 2nd, 2013

The Coward John BoehnerFor once in your life could you please wipe the tears away, man up and stand up to the terrorists in the Tea Party you have decided to hide behind.  Yes, they are terrorist.  They have literally shut down our government and you let them!  Their plan was brilliant.  They have told non-stop lies, been caught in said lies and then pretend it’s okay that they were caught.  They have ignored science, ignored simple math and created a following of simpleton flag wavers who have become so full of hate and ignorance it is overwhelming.  These are actually good people that are being told by the people in their government they chosen to trust that Obama is the devil and secret Muslim.

I do believe that deep down you know these people have an anti-American agenda even if they are too shallow to see it themselves.  This government shutdown is absolute proof of that.  This shut down has nothing to do with budgets.  You have had months to work on this budget and you didn’t?  What did you waste your time on?  There’s only been two things the Republican party has attempted in years.  It has tried 40 times end the ACA and it has tried repeatedly to hold Democrats responsible for Benghazi.

You must have an above average level of intelligence.  At least I hope that you do.  And, if you do, you must see that during a time of the most serious economic crises since the great depression that the goal of the republican party should be to get our economy on track.  That perhaps after failing to the first 5 times to repeal the ACA that maybe you accept it’s what the people want?  That just maybe you should have considered drafting one bill to help reduce unemployment?  That maybe when that traitor Mitch McConnell stood up and said that the only goal of the republican party is to make sure that Obama is one term president.  You realized this isn’t effective governing, this is a witch hunt.  What is so laughable is that you all even failed at making Obama a one term president.

The democrats have put forth at least 20 bills over the past few years to help reduce unemployment and 20 times the republican party has voted against them.  Every single time, while not once putting forth your own bill.  Really?  Not once has the republican party lifted a finger to help the unemployed find jobs.  Shame on you and your once again cowardly actions.  Even a blind man can see that the only thing holding our economy back is the jobs market and you know very well, even if the republicans put forth a bill that somehow helped boost jobs market the republican party fears the president will get all the credit.  So instead, you let the people you have sworn to protect continue to suffer because you do nothing!

Since Obama has taken office every aspect of the economy has greatly improved.  Some aspects are doing so well they are at pre-recession levels.  No thanks to the republicans of course.  Your party has done nothing but try to repeal the ACA and you have failed 40 times!  All you have to do now is pass the budget on the money you have already spent!  That’s all and still you can’t even do that!  You have to once again bring the ACA into it!  You blackmail this country instead.  You are telling us that you have absolutely no problem with the budget all.  You will gladly pass it if Obama says he will defend the ACA?  Are you kidding me?

Not only is what you are doing a blatant blackmail attempt.  You are now threatening not only the incomes but the very lives of millions of Americans.  How many people are suffering because of your actions?  How many people are going to die because they won’t receive the healthcare they need to live.  An estimated 17 million children with pre-existing conditions will die if you de-fund the ACA.  You arrogant, cowardly bastard.  You should be ashamed of yourself for not standing up to these terrorists in the Tea Party.

Please stand up to these Tea Party!.  Al-Qaida must be shaking their heads thinking, “On 9/11 we tried our best to shut down the American Government and failed.  Had we only known that to succeed all we had to do was to support the Republican party.”

Pass the damn budget.  Do your job for once!


Facebook Comments Lead To Phone Call With News Anchor!

Written by admin on September 5th, 2013

Not too long ago I came across a post by a news anchor about a shark attack that happened in Hawaii.  Now there are few people who get more excited about Shark Week then myself.  In fact, I just found out a couple of weeks ago that Netflix has Shark Week episodes and every night with my Droid Bionic plugged in by my bedside I fall (Nicholas Grisaffi/ AP Photo)asleep to past episodes I enjoyed or had forgotten all about using my Netflix App.  I am not saying I have the knowledge of a marine biologist or an ichthyologist but when it comes to sharks, I know more than anyone I know.  So I was all about reading about this terrifying attack in Hawaii.

I read the little article and then I watch the news clip and I can tolerate that the people involved all called this a miracle.  But, as I read the comments.  It was comment after comment of people praising the miracle.  Everyone professing it was a miracle, praise Jesus!

Here’s what happened in the shark attack.  A 20 year old German girl in a bikini is swimming alone about 75 yards out from the shore.  She is attacked by a shark.  A teacher and pastor from southern California is on the shore and hears a scream.  He then sees the girl out there and she is surrounded by blood.  He puts his swim fins on and goes out to save her.  When he gets to the girl she is missing an arm at the shoulder.  He takes her good arm and swings it around his shoulder and swims her back to shore where he is met by a friend and they get her on to the beach.

Read the full story here:http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/California-Man-Credited-Rescues-Maui-Shark-Attack-Victim-219962521.html

Now, I guess if you don’t know anything about shark attacks or miracles this might seem like one.  I can understand one or two uninformed people claiming a miracle.  That’s to be expected.  Throw something sparkly in front of a sheep and it must be a miracle.  However, as I continued to read all the comments to this story on Facebook I was in complete shock at how many people were talking about what a miracle it was!  Everyone praising Jesus as I said.  It made me sick to my stomach at the arrogance of these simple minded people.

These people didn’t offend me because I am an atheist and therefore I do not believe in miracles.  They offended me because they were stupid.  Nothing about this story is miraculous.  Nothing!  Don’t get me wrong the story is compelling.  The pastor showed heroic levels of bravery.  But, was what happened a miracle?  No, it simply wasn’t.  Wasn’t even close.

Here’s the definition of a miracle.  “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

Where in the story do we get miracle?  Let’s break it down shall we.

First, shark attack itself.  If you look at most shark attacks.  Or look at all of them.  Or, just look at a few of them.  I don’t care because it doesn’t matter.  No matter how many you choose to look at, most of them are going to look just like this shark attack we’re talking about.  Here’s what happens.  Someone usually is swimming where they shouldn’t be or at a time of day when they should not be swimming.  They get bit by a shark.  At some point they attract the attention of someone else and that person or those people swim out to help.  Yes, that’s right, in attack after attack good Samaritans risk their lives to swim over to help their friends or strangers being attacked.

So, we know that there’s nothing unusual about a shark attack.  We know now that in most shark attack cases someone will risk their life to swim out and try to save them.  So far, nothing miraculous has happened.  Everything that happened was completely explainable by science and statistical data.  But, what about Judeo-Christian scripture?

Second, scripture.  Does this attack fit the definition of a miracle by scripture.  I know that expecting a Christian to have actually read the bible is a lot to ask.  Oh they may have read some scripture from the New Testament and maybe heard a quote two from the Old.  However, to have read the good book cover to cover.  It just so rarely happens that I don’t know of a Christian who has actually read the bible cover to cover.  There’s a name for those that have read the bible cover to cover, atheists!  I know lots of Christians who have claimed to.  But, if you’ve actually read the bible you can tell whose lying by just asking a couple of questions.

Keeping that in mind then lets look at some historic miracles of the bible.

  1. Moses parted the Red Sea.  Unexplainable by science and nature.  Miracle!
  2. The Ten Plagues of Egypt.  All of those fit the miracle status, specially turning day into night for three days.  Miracle!
  3. Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead.  Well that’s impressive.  Miracle!
  4. Jesus walks on water!  That’s hard to beat.

There are many more miracles in the bible.  I just named a few at random.  But, what do they all have in common?  All of them are unexplained by nature and science.  It’s as simple as that.  There’s no secret to a miracle here.  It’s clearly shown what is a miracle.  There’s even a definition to the word to help the slow folk understand what is miracle and what is not. Let me say it once again…  Nothing in this story is representative of a miracle.  Everything is explainable by either science or nature.

Coincidence is not a criteria for a miracle.  It doesn’t matter if the man that saved her was a pastor.

It’s not a miracle that the pastor prayed to god for help while trying to save the girl.  He’s a pastor, what do you expect him to do?

It’s not a miracle that just after praying the pastor suddenly felt a burst of strength.  This is science and can be explained through the release of adrenaline and dopamine in his system.  It’s nothing different than listening to your favorite loud music when you’re trying to stay awake.  The boost of energy you get, it’s not a miracle.  It’s just chemistry.

So why I am bringing this all up.  Well, because I made the mistake of commenting and trying to explain that it wasn’t a miracle.  I thought for sure some of the folks with an ounce of common sense would back me up.  No one did!  I was called names.  I was asked to leave the thread.  I couldn’t believe it!  I am actually defending these morons and they don’t get it.  To them I am just being a troll, trying to stir up some shit.  It was just pissing me off.

I get mad when people who claim to be Christians no less about the bible than I do.  It’s their damn book, learn it!  I shouldn’t have to explain it to them.  But, that’s the problem.  The bible is just a tool to the average religious person.  Means nothing to them unless they need to quote it to make a point.  It is absolutely silly that same person will quote scripture as law to me and then when I quote another scripture back them?  It doesn’t matter, they completely ignore it because they don’t believe in that part of the bible.  Are you kidding me?!

I was rapidly trying to defend myself.  Responding with huge concise posts as to avoid confusion.  Yes I was sarcastic at times because it’s just hard to fight against a barrage of stupidity without it.  This is when the reporter who posted the story jumped in.  I couldn’t wait to hear her side of the story.  Surly this seasoned reporter would at least see my side.  She’s a real reporter, objectivity is the most important trait of a reporter.  But, to my surprise she belittled me, and suggested that I don’t post to her threads.   I was offended on so many levels and I struggled not to slam back.  Instead, I took my time and once again tried to explain my position.

It turns out I was getting nowhere fast.  But the news anchor did suggest that I call her.  I declined at first.  I felt like it was started here, it should be finished here.  I made my final post in the thread and said that I was Miracle Man Brought Back From The Deadgoing to politely back out of it.  I again explained my original attentions and I left the thread.  A few days later I read this story…

Basically it’s a story of a man that was pronounced dead by doctors.  He had been dead close to an hour while Dr.’s did CPR and could not resuscitate the man.  They noted the time of death and let the family in to say goodbye.  The man’s 17 year son old just won’t accept it.  He says out loud, “Not today, you’re not going to die today dad!”  Then suddenly a doctor notices a heartbeat on one of the monitors.  Miraculously  Anthony Yahle comes back to life!

I think to myself, I am an atheist I don’t believe in miracles.  I don’t believe that just because in our limited knowledge that just because we can’t explain something that it has to be God.  That is just silly and breeds ignorance.  However, had people in this thread being saying it was a miracle, I wouldn’t have said a word about it!  Just because I don’t believe something is a miracle doesn’t mean that others can’t.  This story for the moment fits the definition of a miracle.  It cannot be explained by nature or science.  This fits all definitions of miracles.  I can’t argue that.  Why would I?  It literally fits the very definition of the word.

I send the news anchor a private message and a link to this story.  I try to explain, this is what I was talking about.  This is what a miracle looks like.  The shark attack story was at best mundane compared to what miracles are supposed to be.  This is the point I was trying to make in your post about the shark attack I said to her.  I wasn’t trying to troll, I wasn’t trying to start anything.  I just couldn’t help listening to all these people cry miracle when there was obviously no miracle at all.  To call what happened in the shark attack a miracle is an insult to real miracles.

The news anchor responds briefly and again asks me to call her.  I didn’t respond to her for a few days, my birthday was coming up in a day or two and I had some serious concerns in calling her.  I didn’t understand why should would want to actually talk to me?  She said that she preferred a phone call because it’s better than a the written word as there is less likely to be a misunderstanding more or less.  I am paraphrasing of course. I don’t completely buy it, beautiful TV reporters don’t just ask people who post in their threads to call them and better explain what they mean.  I was sure it was going to be set up.  Like she was working on some story like, “Trolls and Facebook!”

I already don’t have a great past, my present sucks and I am easy target to for someone with means to attack.  And, I just don’t need that kind of attention.  But, I have to call.  She asked to me and I was just going to have to take her at her word.

After a couple of calls back and fourth we finally speak on the phone.  All the headaches and worries.  She was so completely friendly.  I don’t know how long we talked for?  It seemed like hours and at the same time it oddly seemed to go too fast.  It was just a refreshing conversation.  She opened up about some personal things in her life while we talked about religion.  We laughed a bit and really did better understand where each of was coming from.

Now being a good reporter it has got to help to be able to make people feel comfortable and like you’re their best friend in order for them to covertly get the info they want from you.  But, it just wasn’t like, she did just as much talking as I did, maybe more?  So it wasn’t about trolling, or some other story.  It was just about getting things straight.  It was just such a refreshing phone call.

The more I thought about the call, the more I thought, I am glad I am not a huge psycho.  She was so nice and friendly it just made wonder how she is when talking to other unknown people.  I could totally understand a person thinking after that phone call that they are now best friends and thus the stalking would begin.  Being the immature, goofy bastard that I am I almost called her up this after noon after she got done with the news just to leave a message for her in a creepy kinda voice like, “I loved the blouse you wore today! Call me later, I miss you!”  I couldn’t do it, she doesn’t know me well enough for that kinda joke I decided in the end.  Would have been funny though.

Anyways, so I was watching her later on the news and I kept thinking, how cool is that I totally talked to her on the phone with her last night.  So that’s my story.  Thought it was something different to share.


One Nation “Under God”!

Written by admin on August 25th, 2013

I recently had an interesting conversation with a friend.  She is about 10 years older than I am.  I have known her for a few years though our relation is more of a business relationship I consider us to be friends.  She is in sales and I am the customer.

So, there’s this lady I know.  We were sitting at a bar and she knows that I am an atheist, I was always pretty positive she was not.  For some reason she goes into this rant about the Pledge of Allegiance and how since it can’t be said  in schools is why things have gotten so bad.  I asked, “What things?”  She talked about school shootings, kids having no respect, those kinds of things.  She feels that we took God out of schools and things went to Hell.  Not her words, I am paraphrasing there.  But, it was basic idea.

It’s an interesting argument.  It’s simply not true.  But, as she continues talking about all this.  I knew exactly why she felt the way she did.  It’s ignorance.  Now I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I love this person.  I am not saying she’s an idiot.  I think deep down most people probably feel the way she does about it all.  In fact, it’s part of what made me write this rant today.

Here’s the thing.  People are really bad at seeing how easily we get manipulated by everything from TV commercials, Film, TV Shows, our political parties, the church, the media.  There is an insane amount of brain washing going on here.  It’s has always been.  Some will agree and claim it’s all intentional.  These are crazy people.  You can ignore them.  Now of course some of it is.  Most of it is not.  It’s just the way things evolve and change over time that make it hard to remember why they did and sometimes changes happen so well that we don’t even remember that they did change!

My point is that sometimes we forget our history.  It gets forgotten and we for some reason assume, it has always been as it is now.  For example, the Pledge of Allegiance.  I don’t know what it is about the Pledge that has people thinking that this thing is like some government document like the Constitution but it’s not.  It’s just a pledge that was originally composed by Francis Bellamy in 1892.  And it went like this, “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Notice anything about it? There’s no God reference in it?  Well, isn’t that shocking?  So where did God come from?  Why do we say One Nation Under God now?  Well, in 1954 our great congress was terrified of Communism.  And sadly, instead of actually doing things to fight Communism it does as it always it does, it will pass stuff to make us feel better.  It was too difficult go after real communists so instead it attacked Hollywood in an attempt to label some of the biggest actors of the time as communists or at least communist sympathizers.  It also decided to label Russia as a Godless community.  And, what a better way to do that then to label our country as the “One nation under God…”

In 1942 congress had already adopted the Pledge as the official pledge said before all sorts of government meetings.  So, it was pretty easy to just change the lyrics and add in, “under God”.  This made us feel strong, Russia Godless!  America Strong!  But, we never talk about the political reasons for using God in the Pledge.  It had nothing to do with wanting, loving or respecting God.  It had to do with politics and that’s the only reason God’s name is in the Pledge.

The Bellamy SaluteIn fact I need to blow your mind here.  You know how you put your hand over your heart when reciting the Pledge?  That changed in or around 1942, I am too lazy to go look it up.  It used to be called the Bellamy Salute and it looked like the photo to our left here.  Notice anything scary about that? Well, the Salute either started with our hand over our heart and ended with our hands outstretched or Vice Versa.  As a country we had been doing this since Bellamy wrote the damn Pledge in 1892.

Well as World War II raged on in Europe and American’s began to finally give a shit about what Hitler was doing over there we couldn’t very well have our students pledging allegiance like Hitler’s army Saluted to their country.  So we went and changed our salute to the flag by just placing our hand over our heart.

Now what started all this today for me was that I wanted to post Charlie Daniels Band’s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.”  Love that song.  But, I listened to it and he changed the words.  He kept saying Son of Gun, instead of Son of Bitch and that was pissing me off.    It’s what made the song so bold and so great.  It was a screw you to censorship, it was raw.  So while searching for the original version of the song I come across this Pledge of Allegiance story originally read by Red Skelton that Charlie Danial’s re-did.

It’s very powerful and emotional.  In fact let me throw up the link here so you can listen to it.  Very American!  Very Proud!  But, their was something wrong here and I couldn’t let it slide.  But, here’s the link take a listen first…

So, Charlie Daniels mentions God? Makes sense, God is in the Pledge now. But, was it when Red Skelton was in the 7th Grade. The answer to that would be no! So what Red Skelton told as nothing more than made up story of patriotism has now become “A true story” that is now accepted by millions as something that really happened that never did! Now I am sure there was no attempt by Red Skelton to do anything more than to tell a good story for his show.

But, what it does is breed ignorance and hate.  Just look at the comments under this video.  “Liberals hate this.“  Here’s another comment by another dumbass his little fake Nickname is NC Patriot II  “It’s sad that the Pledge has become just a bunch of recited words. Everyone should know the true meaning of the pledge, and what it stands for. I’m glad people like Red Skelton are courageous enough to let people know, and for people like Charlie Daniels to repeat it again. God Bless America!“  I mean this douche even has the Confederate flag as his avatar.

Think about what this dumbass just said. Everyone should know the pledge and what it stands for.  They should know what it stands for.  And, this guy, NC Patriot II, is so fucking clueless.  He’s praising others for their ignorance of the Pledge.

Anyways, I see this video and I have to go watch the original with Red Skelton and sure enough he mentions God in his story.  And, as I have already shown, when Red Skelton was in the 7th grade, god wasn’t in the pledge.  God should have never been in there because of the separation of church and state.  It’s the same reason In God We Trust shouldn’t be on our money.  It was put there not to praise God but for political purposes and that is just wrong.

But look, I am not here saying we need to have it removed.  It’s been on the money and in the pledge my whole life.  I don’t have a huge problem with it.  What I do have a problem with is dumbass people using their ignorance in history to justify their belief in a god or to somehow claim they are more American then I am because they are too stupid to know their own history.

I have no problem with those that believe in a higher power.  I do!  For me it’s science and logic.  For others it’s space aliens and space ships.  Some believe in an invisible old man kinda like Santa Clause that knows everything but does nothing called God.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is knowing our history and trying to understand why we did what we did.

We have got to get back to a place in this country where the truth still stands for something.  Where facts are always respect over mysticism.  Because the simple facts are that this is not a Christian nation. It was never one nation under god and it was never in god we trust.  These are all flat out lies told for political gain and political propaganda.  How quickly we love to turn these un-American events into acts of patriotism.  It’s staggering how the stupid are always preaching their stupidity.

It’s scary how much people don’t know.  And, it’s scary because what most people do when they do not understand or know something is instead of taking the time to learn it, they just make shit up about it.  If you don’t believe me, go back and look at all the ignorant comments under that Charlie Daniel’s video.  All these self proclaimed American’s. So proud of themselves and patting themselves and others on the back and they have no fucking idea that they are completely wrong and know so little about this great countries history, that it’s embarrassing.

We should know better than this.  But, we don’t.  We accept what we’re told and THAT is what is wrong with this country.  Here’s how to tell if you’re an idiot or not.  Every once and a while, just question something you believe in as fact.  You can do this with religion but that’s a pretty big step.  Save that for later or never.  Just take something you think is true.  For example, it could be political.  If your news station of choice said something.  Just try to confirm it.  That’s all.  But, use outside sources.  For some of you that might be tough.  Some of you are being told that your news source is the only one that you can trust.  And, keep in mind any news agency that claims that has no longer become a source for news, they a source for propaganda and can no longer be trusted.  Just keep that in mind is all I am saying.

Never stop learning and asking questions.  And, once you make up your mind, try real hard to keep it open to knew information.  Because as a scientist you always basing your decisions by facts in hand.  And, as we learn more facts our opinions change.  This is what keeps us learning.  Our opinions should never be set in stone.  They should be like water and be able to flow to wherever the truth takes us.

So don’t hate yourself if you thought something wrong.  Learn from it!  Let it be a lesson to you.  The truth can always be verified, until then it’s just an opinion.  I promise you that you will be amazed at all the things you think you know that you really don’t.


The 4th of July Just Isn’t The Same Anymore!

Written by admin on July 5th, 2013

The 4th of JulyI used to love the 4th of July.  The day used to mean celebrating with family and friends, BBQ’s and waiting patiently for night to fall so we could light our fireworks.  The entire neighborhood would be outside, lawn chairs seemed to line both sides of the street.  So many cool fireworks to see.  I couldn’t wait till I was old enough that my parents would let me light one by myself.

July 5th there would be stories of kids that got hurt, houses that caught fire and the occasional field.  But, it was always user error, every single time.  Sure it would get reported as an “Accident” but the news always told the story and made no attempt to protect the stupid people.  It was always someone using illegal fireworks or using legal ones in an unrecommended way that would start a fire or injure someone.

Somewhere over the years it became dangerous, then cities started banning fireworks.  At first they were far communities that didn’t affect us.  But, then one day, it did and that was it.  One of my favorite days of the years was gone.  And it was taken from us all because of stupid people. Instead of punishing the stupid, communities just made a rash decision to take away our rights, another freedom gone.

I am now 43 years old and I think of all the things I could do as a kid that my kids, now all grown never got to do.  I got to ride in the back of truck, used to love that.  Can’t do it anymore.  Used to ride my bike without wearing a helmet.  Can’t do that anymore.  Used to celebrate the 4th in my neighborhood with family and friends by lighting off our own fireworks and watching them glow and shine and watching the neighbors light off theirs.  Not anymore.  And, what amazes me, in all those childhood years I never saw anyone get hurt, from a firework.  I never heard of a kid flying out of the back of a pickup truck and I nobody I know ever got seriously hurt from riding their bike.

Now, if we do anything for the 4th, instead of an all day gathering it’s become just a quick visit.  I quick hello and maybe a lunch or an early dinner because everyone has some fireworks show they have to drive Babe Fireworksto.  That feeling of family and community forever gone because for some dumb reason this country has decided to protect the stupid people at the expense of everyone else. It’s just sad and what bothers me even more is that no one seems to care anymore.  We so easily just lay down as one thing after another is taken from us in the name of “Our own good.”

Sorry about the rant, it just sort of happened.  My kids are coming up this weekend to celebrate the 4th so yesterday, sadly was pretty much just another day, except for when it got dark.  That’s when all the stupid people with their illegal fireworks go out and start lighting their stuff off and it goes on until till at least midnight or later so if you have to sleep you can’t.  So I sit and feel punished, so much taken away from us and the only people not affected by it, are the ones the ban on fireworks was intended to affect.

So I sit here this morning and watch the news of a legal fireworks event, where as sheep we are encouraged to go so that we can watch fireworks safely.  So what happens, dozens of folks injured when something goes wrong.  Really?  Then there’s another story of an idiot with bottle rockets and another with roof made out of wood shingles.  Wood shingles been illegal in California for about 15 or 20 years and this roof catches on fire.  Who do we blame?  The idiot with bottle rocket or the idiot with the wood shingled roof?  My guess it will be neither.  Bottle rockets and wood shingles are illegal.  The thought of actually going after the stupid, the law breakers, it’s never gonna happen.  There’s no money in that.  It will be ignored unless the government can figure out a way to connect something to it and then ban it because the alternative makes them money.  It’s just sad.  So many good memories, so many future memories we will never have.


Man Of Steel Review!

Written by admin on June 17th, 2013

Man Of SteelThe first preview for Man of Steel that I saw had me worried.  It was horrible.  It looked a bad episode of Deadliest Catch.  It had that horrible Gaelic sounding music and a crab boat splashing in the water.  However, since then, each preview has been encouraging.  I had been really looking forward to seeing the movie.  I did have some concerns when the previews started to show these Kryptonian ships and Zod suddenly having an army.  I began to hope they didn’t go all sci-fi with the movie.  You can have all the action you want but Superman is about fantasy you add too much sci-fi to it and you take away what’s fun about the concept of Superman.

So I see the movie and sure enough, they did everything they could, wrong.  I just knew they picked the wrong director and writer for the movie.  First mistake.  They spend way too damn long with the back story of Krypton.  We all know the story, and we don’t need to dwell on it or change it and if we do, we don’t need to spend all day with it, just get to the point and move along.

So you spend what seems like at least the first half hour of the movie just waiting for them shoot little Kal El into space so he can get to earth and be little Superman.  Finally the moment comes and he’s already grown up and all the those childhood scenes from the previews that looked so good are nothing more than just sad flashbacks for Clark Kent. I thought that was interesting it wasn’t good or bad, it was just different.  Maybe a little disappointing but I understand why they did that, they needed to move the story along because they’ve already spent so much time on Krypton.

I’m still in it though.  I still am enjoying the movie, it’s different, I expected that.  So I’m going with it thus far.  But, then Clark is spending forever trying to decide whether or not or to come out. It isn’t until Zod shows up and threatens all of mankind that Clark finally dons the cape.  He takes a “Leap of faith” and turns himself into the government so that they can either use him or turn him over to Zod.  They opt to turn in him over to Zod.

Now what transpires after that is series of scenes that are right out of any sci-fi movie.  There’s time on Zod’s ships, there’s Zod’s ships blowing shit up.  There’s little Zod fighter jets blowing shit up.  There’s the military failing at doing any damage to Zod’s ships.

Superman escapes and then pretty much the rest of the movie is all about superman battling the spaceships, Zod’s people, in a CGI spectacular that is so over done it loses any sense of reality.  The action often happens so fast you’re not even sure what the fuck just happened and this happens until the bitter end of the film.  There’s a cute sort of “epilogue” to the film with Clark and his new job, I really liked that.

Man of Steel- The SuitNow all of this is obviously just my opinion.  But, for me, what makes Superman fun is that he’s a Superman on Earth! I want to see him getting shot at and not getting hurt.  I want to see him lifting cars and shit.  I want to see him doing superhuman stuff that we can relate to.  This new movie doesn’t offer too much of that and when it does, it’s put into this sci-fi context where what he is doing isn’t so special because all of the Kryptonian’s have the same power.  There was too little of getting to know Superman and too much of getting to know Clark Kent.

In nut shell, for some stupid reason they decided to take the Original Superman I & II, merge them into one film cutting out so much of what made those two movies great.  I think the writers think they have to go with sci-fi things because there’s only so much you can do with Superman.  There’s not much the bad guys can do.  That’s just a weak imagination.  The first Superman film dealt with this brilliantly.  The villain was human, he was smart and to build tension they set it up so Superman had to deal with two heavily armed missiles headed in different directions.  Save Louis or save Mrs. Tessmacher’s mom.

I do hope they make another one.  I hope it’s more earth based.  I loved the actors in this.  I think Henry Cavill made a really good Superman.  Loved Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne.  I look forward to the next one if there is one. But, I am guessing that even though this new version is breaking records this weekend, I am sure there is going to be a big drop off next weekend as word gets out that the movie just isn’t any fun.  It has some fun moments but it’s just dark and gloomy the whole damn time and very little of the hope the films previews boasted about.

Should you see it?  Yes.  It’s not a bad movie and they just did some things I didn’t want to see. However, they have set it up so that next one might be more interesting, fun and more earthbound.


Why Do You Believe In A God!

Written by admin on June 1st, 2013

The CrossWhen I was a child I thought the idea of God and Jesus were a wonderful idea. The stories I would here of Jesus were always so heartbreaking and compassionate. How could you not want to believe in such beauty and kindness? I had a great respect for the Bible. I looked at it very simply, the way every church wants you to look at it. It’s book written by man under the divine inspiration of God.

How awesome is that!? Here is this book, a sort of instruction manual for your faith. However, I had never read the Bible as a child or even as a young adult. I just assumed that what priests and preachers told me was true. They obviously must be very learned in the Bible and in faith. They have dedicated their very lives to it. They have got to know what they are talking about. So, not only do we have this great book but we have all these experts we can turn to for guidance.

So where does it all go so horribly wrong? Is it the extremists? The fundamentalists? The everyday believer? I tend to think that it’s all of the above. The best way to explain this is through an example. Let’s start with Muslims for example. If you know nothing about the religion, and I will be the first to admit I know very little about the religion. But, my opinions here are based on what the Muslims I’ve heard speak about things like 9/11 and other extremest activities supported by their faith.

The Muslims I have met have seemed to be extremely, calm, nice and friendly people and to be quite honest, more approachable and considerate than most Christians I have met. However, when you look at what the extremists preach, it all comes from the same book. The extremists aren’t lying when they quote it, that crazy shit about killing the infidels is all true. Now the Muslim community will tell you that what these extremists believe is misunderstood from the actual text and so on. That, though the extremists are quoting word for word from the Koran, the Muslim community is telling us, that’s not what that means. (I am under-simplifying this but more or less this is in fact what they are telling us.)

Basically, what you have is a different interpretation of the same text. Or, to put it matter-of-factly, you have the peace loving Muslims making excuses for the brutality and insanity of their book. A complete denial of what the text says.

Now, I don’t believe this is really intentional. In fact, it’s quite natural and almost all of are guilty of this very same thing. Parents do this all time when their kids screw up. “This isn’t like little Johnny. If he did that he must have been provoked!” A better example would be, have you ever seen a movie that you instantly loved. Then someone comes along and points out every single damn flaw in the film. Everything from problems with the story to the bad acting. How do you react? “They just don’t get it!” Or, you see what they’re saying, but you don’t care about all that. You just like the movie so you’re wiling to overlook all the mistakes.

This is how religion works. It’s a flawed, brutal fairytale, that a great many people just like. No matter what facts are presented they are going to be ignored because the simple fact is that some people just want to believe. As I said, that is completely understandable. It’s human nature even. However, by this logic, it must be okay for everyone else to just believe what they want to believe. That means, the extremists are just as justified as you are to believe in what they want to believe.

What’s worse, is when the religious stop following the book of their faith because the book doesn’t always seemed to agree with the way they think. So now, you’ve got religious people running around claiming to be Catholic, Protestant, Born Again’s just making shit up about what they believe. And, if you don’t think that’s scary, ask yourself, how much of the Bible do you really think you know? Do you agree with all of it? Just some of it? Do you make excuses for the bad stuff in the bible? This is basically what every single religious person I’ve ever taken the time to talk to does. And, if you believe in a god, if you’re honest with yourself, you have to admit that you do the same thing.

So, what makes you right and them wrong.

Christianity and ZombiesNow if you’re a Christian and you read the above part about Muslims and had anything negative to say, stop judging them, you do the exact same things. What’s that? You don’t believe me? Here’s a few examples.

First let’s start with those loons that go around blowing abortion clinics. These crazy ass Christians thinking it’s okay to kill anyone who supports abortion. That is crazy.

How about this? I am sure you’ve heard of the Westboro Baptist Church. Here’s a group of nutjobs who preach exactly what the Bible says. Of course they leave out a lot of the good things in the bible. But, as a Christian how do you condemn them? Do you even grasp the meaning of the word hypocrite? If you’re a Christian, they are probably no different than you are. You know for a fact, what they preach is in the bible. They are not lying about a thing they say. What they are guilty of is ignoring the other parts of the bible that talk about loving your neighbor, turning the other cheek, not judging others and so on. However, aren’t you doing the same thing in reverse? You are picking and choosing what parts of the bible you want to believe and pretty much ignoring the rest. Or, worse, making excuses for the parts you don’t like. Telling yourself things like, “They don’t understand, they’re getting it wrong?”

Well, sorry to tell you but you’re doing the same the WBC is doing and the same thing the Muslim extremists are doing. The level of hypocrisy is staggering. You can try to justify it to yourself as much as you want. But, the truth is the truth whether you want to believe it or not.

Seriously, the Bible condones rape, sexism, slavery, bigotry, child killing, sacrifices and it is filed with lie after lie. This is the reality of the Bible. In fact here’s an interesting story I just read this morning, “Who Wrote The Bible and Why It Matters.

If you don’t want to read it, here’s a summary. A great many of the books in the New Testament, were not written by who it claims wrote them. This is fact, it’s not speculation. It’s a short article, you really should read it.

In my experience, people believe in their god because their parents brought them up to believe in him. Or, because they just want to believe because it’s a beautiful concept and gives them hope at something better. The sad part is that, what it does do, is condemn you to a world that ignores science and fact over faith. There is so much more possible in science than any religion. If you don’t see that or get that, you have no idea what scientist are working on. Things like quantum physics and string theory. The idea of multiple universes, time travel, other realities, immortality, what is love, and yes, even life after death. This is what we can learn from science.

No matter how you try, you will never learn any of that from religion. It’s just that it’s easier to believe that God did everything, and all is possible through him. I get it but it’s not real. It’s a delusion created by man for nothing more than crowd control.

Even beloved Jesus. You have any ideas how many Jesus types came before Jesus?  Below is a list of few that pre-date our current day white Jesus.

Jesus before Jesus